How to take care of your car windows?

Article by Christian A., on August 17, 2018

Your car windows, including the windshield, are essentially your eyes to the outside world. Just imagine sitting inside your car and the panels stretch up to the roof. You would feel cramped and insecure as you don’t see what is happening outside your car. While allowing occupants to see into the outside world, car windows also protect them from incoming dirt, debris and the elements.

Nonetheless, because of being always exposed to the elements, windows are prone to getting worn out over time. You may start to notice that the outside view from the cabin isn't as clear as before, no thanks to scratches and chips on the your window. If that happens on the windshield, it becomes a safety issue.

Thus, there is an apparent to take care of your car’s windows, including the windshield. Here are some tips on how you can do it.

Regular cleaning. Your window is a magnet to almost everything that it may encounter while the car is being driven or even when parked. Dirt, debris, water spots, bird droppings and even bugs seemingly wanted to be glued to your windows, and in the process causing some damages over time. Failure to completely remove them could eventually take way the clarity of your windows. Thus, make it a habit to regularly and thoroughly clean your windows with a glass cleaner, not just on the outside but also inside. You’ll find that regular cleaning will prove to be of great help in making your windows retain their pristine state.

Repair glass chips immediately. Sometimes during a drive, a stone – whether small or large – may hit your window. The impact could cause glass chips, smashing tiny bits of glass to leave a small crater in the window or windshield. Moreover, the impact can cause small air pockets to form between the layers of glass. While the glass chip may be small at first, it may eventually crack and spread to other sections of the window. Once this happens, a repair would be impossible, the entire window or windshield would need to be repaired. Definitely, a repair would be less costly than a replacement.

Keep distance from the vehicle up front. During any drive on the highway or on dusty roads, the rear tires would kick dirt, small pebbles and gravel rearward. If you are driving too close to the vehicle up front, there is a chance that your car would take punishment from kicked up matter. These dirt, gravel and pebbles could damage the windshield, and you might need to replace it. To prevent this from happening, always keep your distance from the vehicle up front.

Replace defective wiper blades. Defective wiper blades can cause scratches on the windshield. If the wiper seemed to be torn or broken, it is better to replace them. This is better than replacing both the wiper blades and the windshield.

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