2013 Porsche Cayman to be unveiled on November 28 in Los Angeles

Article by Christian A., on November 9, 2012

By the end of this month the 2012 LA Auto Show will open its doors and manufacturers already started to announce their premieres. Today, Porsche revealed the fact that at the Los Angeles Auto Show it will bring a US premiere but also a world premiere. Although it is not official yet, we now that Porsche is talking about the 2013 Cayman.

Earlier this year the 2013 Boxster was unveiled and the Cayman is currently the only model set to receive an update. The new Cayman will be unveiled on November 28 at the Porsche show booth in the Petree Hall.

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4 will also make its US debut at the show. In the same press release, Porsche also said that the USA continues to be its largest market as in the first ten months of this year, it delivered 28,226 vehicles there.

Among these, 9,764 were Boxster, Cayman and 911. Last month, Porsche delivered 3,211 cars which translates into a 41 percent gain compared to the same month last year.

Porsche implemented two extraordinary sport engines in the Cayman that blends sufficient torque with extreme power in the engine’s higher speed range. This high-rev ideal enables a 0.2 litre lessening in engine displacement compared to the previous model, while producing a higher power output.

With 101.6 hp/L specific power, the Cayman’s 2.7L engine is the first to exceed the magical 100 hp/L displacement barrier for sports cars. These engines now reach their maximal nominal power at 7,400/min; before, it was 7,200/min. Not only were top powers raised in the Cayman by 10 hp to 275 hp (202 kW) and in the S-model by 5 hp to 325 hp (239 kW), but their power curves sit over those found in prior engines, meaning that in total, the six-cylinder engines are more powerful at equivalent engine revs.

The new Caymans offer a standard Sport button that allows drivers the choice between sport-tuned engine and comfort tuned maximised for fuel economy. In Sport mode, the electric engine management system alters the engine’s response, making more direct engine dynamics. For PDK vehicles, the Automatic mode causes upshifts later and downshifts earlier. Also, the start/stop and coasting functions are disabled.

New engines are fed air for combustion from intakes on either side of the body, in front of the rear wheels. In the Cayman S’s 3.4-L six-cylinder engine, a switchable resonance flap enhances the cylinder filling, allowing low revs to create high and uniform curved torque. Both engines come with adjustable valve timing and lift (VarioCam Plus) on the intake for maximal timing when changing charges.

The engines pull in air through a very smooth flowing and efficient air intake system. The main cause of the lower resistance to air flow is that it is brought in from two intakes on either side. Also, a pressure sensor, not a normal hot-film mass air flow one, will monitor pipe pressure at induction, so as not to create an obstacle in the air stream.

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