Toyota FT-AC Concept allows livestreaming of adventures

Article by Christian A., on December 3, 2017

Prior to the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, Toyota had promised to unveil an off-road sports utility vehicle concept that has all the ingredients needed to conquer an adventure, and people set their expectations. The Japanese carmaker was referring to its Future Toyota Adventure Concept, or FT-AC. But when the LA Auto Show came, Toyota unveiled more than what people – especially young ones -- expected.

According to Toyota, the FT-AC is a catalyst that invites and allows people to break their daily routines and embrace the unexpected. To achieve this, Toyota designed the new FT-AC to be versatile enough for those living an active lifestyle as well as for those who are active in their social medial life.

The new FT-AC is wrapped in Prospect Green finish with Fortress Gray accents, emphasizing its go-anywhere attitude. This character is further highlighted by its wide, black front grille flanked with bright LED headlights. Its fog lights are removable from their pods, allowing owners to use them as portable lights or even as lighting units on a mountain bike. The new FT-AC is also given a dynamic look and confident stance, as made possible by its long wheelbase, wide track, generous ground clearance, extra wide fender flares and 20-inch wheels shod in beefier all-terrain tires. It also features skid plates that help protect the short front and rear overhangs.

The off-road capability of the new FT-AC is also thanks to features like twin hooks for vehicle recovery, a safari-style cargo roof rack system and an innovative integrated bike rack that could be retracted and securely hidden in only a few seconds.

Astoundingly, the side mirrors of the FT-AC are fitted with infrared cameras that could record any adventure on and off the trail. The captured footed are automatically uploaded to a cloud-based storage thanks to an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot. Using their mobile device, users could edit and post their images or videos to their online social accounts. Furthermore, users could livestream their adventures. This means that active individuals could still be socially active even when on a trip, going far beyond just being connected. More impressive is the fact that the infrared cameras on the side mirrors can be removed and brought away from the FT-AC.

For better looking footages even at a time when daylight is nearly scarce, FT-AC provides the solution. Its front corners have LED marker lights that – aside from illuminating the trail ahead or providing ambient lighting around the SUV – could also serve as a flash for the infrared cameras. In addition, the roof rack has rear-facing LED lights for added brightness.

While imagined as a gasoline engine-powered off-road specialist, the FT-AC could also be powered by a next-generation hybrid powertrain. Its capabilities are further boosted by an advanced torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system with variable terrain-response settings and four-wheel lock functionality.

Press Release

Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC) Takes Outdoor Fun to New Levels at 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show

Long live new adventures! With the Future Toyota Adventure Concept, or FT-AC, comes the ideal versatility for living an active lifestyle, allowing deeper exploration to take life’s journeys even further. FT-AC is a catalyst – it’s both the invitation and the medium for breaking day-to-day routines and embracing the unexpected.

It’s no coincidence then that FT-AC makes its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, in a city where much of the population escapes to the hills, deserts, or beaches for their much-needed weekend recharges after a long week of work.

“FT-AC is perfect for those outdoor enthusiasts who want to dial up the adventure on their weekend getaways,” said Jack Hollis, group vice president and general manager, Toyota division. “No matter the roads, the activities, or the people, FT-AC sparks authentic fun and conversation.”

Representing the next level in Toyota’s adventure-loving lineup of concept vehicles, FT-AC provides the right instrument for a wide mix of excursions, be they on paved roads or not.

Fun on the Journey
FT-AC reminds adventurers of all skill levels how remarkable the trip – not just the destination – can be. Going for a paddle on the river. Climbing a favorite rock face. Hitting a trail on a mountain bike. FT-AC is experience-centric. It compels. Any wheel time in FT-AC brings genuine facetime with the friends aboard.

It puts versatility at the forefront of its ethos and, in doing so, invites passengers to personalize - and accentuate - each trip. Acknowledging that adventures vary in scope and scale, FT-AC’s innate versatility is a strength that caters to various lifestyles, preferences, and even generations.

One-of-a-Kind Adventure
At first glance, it is evident that FT-AC’s bold and daring design reflects the confident spirit of
Toyota’s existing SUVs and trucks.

The pronounced, wide, black front grille is flanked with bright LED headlights. Fog lights brighten
the road ahead during foul weather or poor conditions and can even be taken out from their pods
and used as portable lights. The fog lights can be attached to a mountain bike for occasional night
rides. Below, FT-AC has twin hooks for vehicle recovery. Skid plates help protect the short front
and rear overhangs, so rocks, ruts, and just about anything else will have trouble slowing down
the rig.

FT-AC was designed around a long wheelbase and wide track to help emphasize its powerful stance.
Extra wide fender flares provide body shielding and look as if they float above the 20-inch wheels
and beefier all-terrain tires, both of which help accentuate its commanding look. Its impressive
footwear and generous ground clearance provide drivers with more options as to where FT-AC
can go and play.

The safari-style cargo roof rack system can haul all types of adventure gear. LED marker lights at
its front corners can provide ambient lighting around the vehicle, brighten the trail ahead or, if
desired, act as a flash for the side mirrors’ embedded cameras.

The infrared cameras on the side mirrors can record trail runs and, like the fog lights, can be
removed and mounted off-vehicle so that no fun goes undocumented. An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot
automatically uploads footage to cloud-based storage where real-time editing and posting can be
accessed via mobile device. The Wi-Fi connectivity even gives adventure-goers the ability to
livestream the fun to fans and followers.

The roof rack’s rear-facing LED lights also aid nighttime visibility and can be controlled via mobile
device as well. Also at the rear is an innovative integrated bike rack that retracts, making for a
highly useful feature that can be securely hidden in only a few seconds. Lastly, drivers and
passengers can utilize FT-AC’s geolocation capabilities for directions back to basecamp.
FT-AC’s contrasting colors combine Prospect Green with Fortress Gray accents to highlight its goanywhere brashness.

Envisioned Capabilities
Although currently a design experiment, FT-AC has been imagined as a thoroughly capable
gasoline-powered vehicle with an advanced torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system. This enables
power to be routed, as needed, for excellent controllability and maximum traction. Variable
terrain-response settings and 4-wheel lock functionality build on its capability by managing
traction control and throttle response to maximize grip at each wheel for a more dynamic driving

And who says a hybrid vehicle can only play on pavement? FT-AC could offer a next-generation
hybrid powertrain that blends fuel efficiency with rugged all-wheel-drive grunt, giving drivers
better power, responsiveness, and impressive fuel economy – all without compromise.

Source: Toyota

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