Mercedes-AMG GT Bobby-Cars are built for toddlers

Article by Christian A., on October 14, 2016

Who are the world’s bravest test drivers? They may be those testing high-speed racing prototypes on a circuit. Or they may be those assessing the agility of test cars on high-speed corners deep in the mountains.

But for German premium carmaker Mercedes-Benz, the bravest test drivers in the world don’t even have a driving license. In fact, they are more than a decade away from the age when they could get their driving license.

The world’s bravest test drivers are toddlers, and Mercedes-Benz got the perfect test car for them, recently unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. For Mercedes-Benz, a small child is never too young is experience a bit of luxury and sportiness. The brand proved this point literally by introducing the new Mercedes-AMG GT Bobby-Car -- a new, single-seater sports car designed particularly for small kids.

The first Bobby-Car was launched in 1972, produced by German toy maker BIG. By forging several partnerships with carmakers, BIG has produced over 100 versions over the years. Its collaboration with Mercedes alone has led to the creation of three generations of SLK and the SLS AMG Bobby-Cars. To date, around 17 million Bobby-Cars have been the first cars of the world’s bravest test drivers.

Now, Mercedes is offering two versions of the new Mercedes-AMG GT Bobby-Car, both boasting of a “powerful drive system” and “superb maneuverability” – well at least enough for toddlers to move around the living room or around the lawn.

The classic silver version of the new Mercedes-AMG GT Bobby-Car is modeled after the standard Mercedes-AMG GT. It is specified with detailed lights and cross-spoke wheels wrapped in “whisper” tires that allow for “outstanding grip” and “agile dynamics.” The silver Mercedes-AMG GT Bobby-Car also features a red seat cushion and silver inserts on the steering wheel.

On the other hand, the Mercedes-AMG GT Bobby-Car is also available in a Solarbeam yellow version that is modeled after the sporty Mercedes-AMG GT S. This version features black wheels and LED headlights with daytime running lights and low-beam functions. It also features a detailed instrument cluster, a flat-bottomed steering wheel and a black seat cushion.

Also available is a special edition version that pays tribute to the German national football team while raising money for children's charities. As a special edition, only 1,000 units are available.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT Bobby-Car is suitable for children 18 months and above and can be availed at select toy retailers and Mercedes dealers. While assembly is required, this allows the stickers to be placed anywhere the kid prefers.

Press Release

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary - the new Bobby-Car from Mercedes-Benz: For the world's bravest test drivers

At the Paris Motor Show (1st until 16th of October 2016), the new Bobby-Car in form of Bobby-AMG GT will roll into the limelight. The open-top single seater features a powerful drive system powered by two little human feet, whisper tyres for outstanding grip even on slick indoor surfaces and direct steering for superior manoeuvrability when tackling those living room slaloms. The new Bobby-AMG GT is available in classic silver, while the Bobby-AMG GT S variant with standard-fit LED headlamps is comes in the cool colour AMG Solarbeam.

"Many years of experience from family life as well as the passion of the designers and product managers at Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH form the basis for the new Bobby-AMG GT", explains Andrea Finkbeiner-Müller, CEO of the company. "After all, the target audience includes some of the world's bravest test drivers".

The Bobby-AMG GT is a high-quality fifth-generation children's car: the agile longitudinal and lateral dynamics come courtesy of the profiled whisper tyres which are fitted to rims featuring a cross-spoke design which is true to the original AMG forged wheels. And while the steering wheel in AMG GT design with silver insert provides for safe manoeuvring, the detailed headlamps and tail lights in clear glass help to round off the accomplished look of the ride-on toy car. Optimum seating comfort is assured thanks to a seat cushion made of foam material and finished in the colour red pepper. The new Bobby-Cars come with a set of stickers as well as assembly instructions. Additional features of the Bobby-AMG GT include the infinitely adjustable, precision double-pivot steering and a small turning circle. As an option, the silver Bobby can also be equipped with LED headlights and thus be called Bobby-AMG GT S.

In addition to functional headlamps, as standard the sporty Bobby-AMG GT S boasts the exclusive colour AMG solarbeam. Just like the prototype, this AMG GT S features a steering wheel with flattened bottom section, two-tube instrument cluster and black wheels in the cross-spoke design of the AMG forged wheels and fitted with whisper tyres. The detailed headlamps and tail lights in clear glass and with LED light function round off the successful combination of equipment of the ride-on toy car. To enable daytime running lamps and low-beam headlamps to be activated quickly, there is a headlamp switch on the dashboard. Other items of equipment include the foam seat cushion in the colour black. This model also comes with a sticker set as well as assembly instructions.

Now available is also the special limited edition Bobby-AMG GT "Tribute to Bambi" with an exclusive sticker pack highlighting the German national football team. The proceeds will go to the homonymous Foundation for disadvantaged children. The vehicle is limited to 1,000 units. It has a black body, black rims and a red seat.

All three vehicles made from robust plastic, are suitable for children aged 18 months and above. The Bobby-AMG GT is manufactured by the creator of the Bobby Car, the BIG toy factory in Burghaslach/Bavaria. The new Bobby-AMG GT are marketed by Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH and are available[1][2] in toy stores and from all authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers.

Did you know that...

... the first Bobby Benz rolled into nurseries more than 20 years ago? As a reference to the yellow SLK of the R 170 series, the new Bobby-AMG GT S is available in the colour AMG solarbeam.

... BIG has been producing the Bobby Car since 1972? To date more than 17 million Bobby Cars have been built. As such it is the world's best-selling ride-on toy car. And it is not only in Germany that the term "Bobby Car" has become the generic name for the ride-on toy cars produced by all manufacturers.

... official Bobby Car races have been held since the start of the 1990s? The race series is organised under licence by the Bobby-Car-Sport-Verband ( At the individual races, children, youngsters, amateurs and professionals take to what in some cases are tuned-up ride-on toy vehicles to battle it out for regional championship titles as well as world championship points.

...the speed record for a professional racing Bobby Car is 115 km/h? Marcel Paul from the Bobby-Car-Club in Altenhain set the record according to the official rules on 7 September 2012 at the test drive for the Festival of Speed 2012 in Gedern.

... to date more than 100 different Bobby Car variants have gone on sale? These have included for example three generations of the Mercedes-Benz SLK, and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. All vehicles have been exclusively "Made in Germany", produced at the BIG plant located in Burghaslach on the A3 between Würzburg and Nuremberg.

... Mercedes-Benz has been building a Bobby Car circuit for celebrities at the BAMBI Awards since 2012? For every lap of the circuit that the celebrity drivers complete, Mercedes-Benz donates 100 euros to the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation for disadvantaged children. In addition, Bobby Benz cars autographed by celebrities are also auctioned off for a good cause. A special edition series limited to 1,000 examples has been issued on numerous occasions, the proceeds from which also go to the Bambi Foundation. In 2015, proceeds from the Mercedes-Benz campaign totalled around 100,000 euros.

... there is a specific website for buyers of ride-on toy vehicles, with buying guides and tests? Parents can find comprehensive information at

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