Amalgam creates 350 limited edition 1:18 scale models for Ferrari’s 70th anniversary

Article by Christian A., on April 21, 2017

Amalgam Collection, started in 1985 is known for creating perfect scale replicas of modern cars. Owned by England’s leading architects, the company works with the manufacturer and their design team while using original CAD data to perfect the work of the exterior and interior details of the replicas.

Amalgam Collection could easily be compared with the makers of fine watches like Richard Mille, as they put passion into car modelling more than everybody else - and we can see this through the precision and the accuracy of each replica they make. This is the reason why we put an emphasis on the word “perfect”.

The company based in Bristol, England, announced that they have something special for the upcoming 70th anniversary of Ferrari. To be more precise, they don’t have one, but 350 “something specials” instead. So what are these surprises you ask? These limited edition mini-Ferraris with 70 colour combinations and designs from Ferrari’s history are simply to die for. The five modern models that will be replicated are: the 488 GTB, 488 Spider, California T, F12 Berlinetta, and the GTC4 Lusso.

There will only be 350 replicas as each (of the five) models will have 70 liveries. This means that each 1:18 scale replica is a one-of-one edition. For those who would like a bigger version, or a 1:8 scale, they can have one specially made, but the company has not specified how much it would cost to have one custom made. Moreover, they plan to make a complete set of all 70 designs on a carbon fiber wall display.

As mentioned earlier, the liveries are inspired by Ferrari’s history from racing schemes, iconic cars, “The Prototype” from the 1970s, “The Magnum PI” from the 80s, and even “The Schumacher” - or Michael Schumacher’s 2003 F1 car.

According to sources, the details of the replicas really will blow your mind. These miniature cars come with actual leather seats, and every detail that you find in the real version, you’ll see in the miniature too. The same goes for the smaller 1:18 scale designs. Though $695 might seem a bit pricey, you will actually get what you pay for in terms of quality and detail.

Amalgam Collection is now accepting pre-orders of the replicas, but you will have to wait until July to get your hands on the first few models. You only have one chance to get a specific model since each one of them is uniquely designed. Remember, there are only 350 pieces of this 70th anniversary special edition in total, so you better make a pre-order online before someone takes what you want. For those of you who are interested, hurry up and check out Amalgam’s website at

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