Aston Martin Fascenario.3 is a super lightweight bike with a very big price

Article by Christian A., on November 9, 2017

Automakers sometimes want to have fun and experiment on building other toys too, such as bikes. And now is not the first time you’ve heard of this, and it definitely won’t be the last too. Aston Martin has recently launched a limited edition bicycle of its own.

This was made possible by their partnership with German bicycle manufacturer Storck. Together, the British automaker and the German firm came up with a bike they call the Fascenario.3. Of course, expect this bike to be a limited edition model, with only 107 examples worldwide. And the automaker boasts that the bike is a perfect combination of “aerodynamics, stiffness, and comfort”.

The bicycle is mostly made out of a lightweight “Nanocarbon Technology”, which only weighs a total of 1.7 pounds (770 grams) - that’s just the frame though. But overall, with the other components including the brakes, wheels, tires, gearing, and the rest of the parts needed to complete a bike, it only weighs 13 pounds (5.9 kilograms). How cool is that, just imagine carrying a kettle bell, but instead, you’re carrying a bike.

Because it is light in weight does not mean it isn’t sturdy or powerful, so do not be deceived. Both companies made sure that the extremely lightweight bike exceeded people’s expectations when it comes to the frame’s durability. In fact, the bike has been given SRAM’s wireless gear shifting technology that is also advanced. When riding a bike, you would be reminded of any Aston Martin sports car, because the left and right levers operate the same way as the paddle shifters in the cars do.

Aston Martin will not just settle for a lightweight bicycle frame, and this is why they added a number of unique Q design elements to give it a signature look. For instance, it had been given a unique one-off Argentum Nero shade, which pays homage to Aston Martin’s signature racing green. What makes this paint special would be its colour changing properties, as the hue changes from lustrous grey, to green or silver, depending on the lighting. Watch out as you will soon see the same paint job on a future vehicle collaboration between the Aston Martin and Storck.

If you are interested to pick one of these bikes up, or at least see one in person, it will make its very first appearance at the 2017 Ruler Classic in Victoria House, London. Markus Storck, the bike manufacturer, is even proud to say that this is probably the best bicycle they have built that carries an automotive name.

Source: Aston Martin

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