Daylesford reveals perfect menu for luxurious picnic on the Bentley Bentayga

Article by Christian A., on November 21, 2016

Many are now likely acquainted with the Linley hamper that can easily be slotted to the trunk of the Bentley Bentayga. As if to highlight a good use for this hamper, organic farm Daylesford created a picnic menu which, according to Bentley, highlights the fall produce that comes from Daylesford’s farm located in Gloucestershire, England.

The menu itself has a number of really delicious offerings that include a carved pumpkin that has been stuffed with green kale, crispy bacon, apples, and toasted seed, with honey mustard dressing added to it. Other offerings include the buckwheat tabbouleh; chocolate praline slices, and lemon and raspberry gateau; raspberry macaroons with buttercream filling; red kuri squash, chilli, and chickpea cakes; roasted squash and balsamic red onion tartlets; and wild mushroom, truffle, and gruyere arancini. Indeed, looking at all of these, delicious may not be enough of a word to describe it.

According to Chef Fuller, late autumn is always a good period for Daylesford as it becomes teemed with a number of produce. Since it is during this period that the weather starts to grow cold, Fuller revealed that they wanted to focus on the strong and earthy flavors of the farm’s many types of beetroot, squash, and pumpkin. Each of which has been grown during the summer months using rich organic soil. Through the use of careful slow cooking methods, he added, the subtle sweetness of these produce is brought out. Combined with game, wild mushrooms, or even grass pastured beef, the end result is an excellent way to celebrate the season.

The brand has not revealed how much the picnic actually costs. However for those who want it for their Bentaygas, they can inquire at the nearest Daylesford store, of which there are only 3 in the London area. Given that this is meant for a Bentayga, just expect it to be in the high range.

For those not familiar, the Linley hamper was the product of a collaboration between Mulliner and David Linley. The former being the accessories and in-house personalization division of the brand while the latter is the celebrated British designer and the Queen’s nephew no less.

The hamper is composed of three compartments, with each having been specifically designed in order to fit perfectly in the trunk of the Bentayga. One of the compartments is where one can likely see a Mulliner cashmere rug and is a good place to store dry goods. The second compartment is the one where the illuminated chiller is placed. Finally the third is where one can store crystal glass, silver cutlery, and even fine china tableware. Given all of these, it would not be a stretch to the imagination that this add-on is expensive. You would probably be not mistaken as it costs $27,500, more expensive than Volkswagen’s Golf GTI.

Admittedly this seems to be a rather costly add-on. Considering however that the Bentayga has a price tag of at least $230,000, an add-on at that price is probably next to nothing especially if one can afford a Bentayga. The reality though is that it is not even the most expensive option there is. That record in fact belongs to the Breitling tourbillon clock that can be mounted on the dashboard. The price? Almost the same as the Bentayga. If that is all too expensive and you still want to have an add-on, a good option is to have a bespoke fishing set in the trunk.

Press Release


The culinary team at Daylesford Organic, the award-winning farm and farm-shop collective, has created an organic British picnic to complement the flavours of the season and the Linley Hamper by Mulliner for the Bentley Bentayga.

When devising the menu, Executive Chef at Daylesford Organic, Gaven Fuller, was inspired by the flavours and colours of the best organic seasonal produce. His skill as a chef mirrors the craftsmanship and attention to detail that go into the creation of each and every Bentley.

The bespoke feast includes a carved Daylesford pumpkin filled with green kale, heritage apples, crispy bacon, toasted seeds and a honey mustard dressing. This is complimented by an autumnal buckwheat tabbouleh; wild mushroom, truffle and gruyere arancini; roasted squash and balsamic red onion tartlets and red kuri squash, chilli and chickpea cakes. To finish, there are raspberry macaroons with a buttercream filling; chocolate praline slices and lemon and raspberry gateau.

Fuller explains: "Late autumn is a time of great abundance at Daylesford. As the weather grows colder, we look to the earthy, intense flavours of our many varieties of pumpkin, squash and beetroot – each nurtured over the summer months in our rich organic soil. Careful slow-cooking techniques bring out their subtle sweetness and, carefully paired with our tender grass pastured beef, game or foraged wild mushrooms, offer a true celebration of the season.

"Our orchards and hedgerows offer an opportunity to recreate our favourite sweet dishes, each with innovative twists, layers of subtle spices and that optimal balance of sweet and sour,” Fuller continued.

This delicious, seasonal banquet is served from the Linley Hamper by Mulliner, which is equipped with the finest tableware and cutlery. Plates, cups and saucers are sourced from the Sublime Collection of Haviland – the renowned French porcelain maker. Four sets of award winning Alta Robbe and Berking silver cutlery are joined by a beautifully crafted chrome-finished Bentley ‘Flying B’ bottle stopper.

The team of craftspeople at Mulliner – Bentley’s personal commissioning division – created the hamper set to enhance the experience of Bentayga customers wishing to enjoy luxury dining in the great outdoors.

The set comprises three separate compartments, each hand-trimmed by Mulliner’s experienced craftspeople in a choice of Camel, Hotspur, Linen, Magnolia, Beluga or New Market Tan exterior leather. To add an additional personal touch, Mulliner can embroider a name, logo or family crest into the leather.

The Linley Hamper by Mulliner is secured into the Bentayga on a custom-engineered docking mechanism. This allows all three compartments to be pulled forward to the edge of the tailgate, for effortless access and removal from the vehicle to maximise luggage space.

The hamper can be utilised with or without the Bentayga’s unique Event Seat option, providing a variety of ways to enjoy al fresco dining. For added comfort in the great outdoors, the hamper boxes can be removed and used as seats.

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