Rare Bertone Lancia Stratos watch has just been sold on eBay

Article by Christian A., on June 12, 2017

Renowned Italian coachbuilder Bertone designed the surreal Lancia Stratos Zero Concept that was displayed at the Turin Motor Show. It showcased a different dimension with its futuristic concept, a deviation from the production model that bears the same name, but it was still as eye-catching as ever. Due to its one of a kind aesthetic, it even made a cameo appearance at the 1998 Michael Jackson movie titled Moonwalker.

The fully-functioning prototype was powered by a Lancia V4 engine that belts out a robust 115hp with 2 twin-choke Solex carburetors located under the crazy triangle-shaped engine cover in the center of the concept car. The futuristic design also flaunted a row of headlights across the front with 55 watt bulbs. Its turn signals were consecutive, going from the center to its edges.

Also, the back ribbon of lights has a strip of 84 mini bulbs. Inside, the seats had a near horizontal position, with its windshield extended overhead to provide a great view of the road and of the sky above. The revolutionary instrument panel, positioned to the left, displayed info in green acrylic glass. But the impressive bit that comes with this original concept is that it also generated a range of limited edition watches a few years later after it was displayed.

Bertone only made just a small number of samples of the Stratos watch in 1975 for the Bruler brand, each watch was meticulously hand-crafted by Nuccio Bertone, the former CEO and son of company founder Carrozzeria Bertone. In the present day, it is rare to chance upon a well-cared-for watch model, almost as rare as having a peek of the original car itself.

However, on a lucky note, a stunning prototype variant of the Stratos watch was put up on sale on eBay, bearing an asking price of about €389 (estimated at around $434.80). The strap and watch itself had been finished in steel, in contrast to the more common plastic example. The watch's back has a stamp that reads "Buler Watch LTD Swiss Case". Its exclusive face has a number of striking similarities with the Lancia Stratos Zero Concept vehicle, and its LED screen, although not explicitly modern by today's standards, is now fitted with the usual LCD setup that is seen in most watches now and is powered by a Hughes Aircraft module.

The person who put up the rare watch on eBay claimed that the watch has never been worn, and it actually looks like it just came out of its box apart from some light wear down of the plastic. However, the corresponding box and paper don’t come with the package. This likely means that it is a pre-production prototype. Upon checking the link on eBay, it has already been sold.

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