BMW’s marvelous collection of vehicles is featured in 'Overdrive' movie

Article by Christian A., on June 26, 2017

The Fast and Furious franchise is known to spark various car themed action movies, and one movie is geared to follow in the footsteps of the highly-successful American film franchise. The movie in question is the French action thriller Overdrive that will feature the Hollywood star Scott Eastwood that works alongside cool BMW vehicles on set. Fans had the chance to see an early screening of Overdrive at exclusive movie houses in Paris and Berlin that will be attended by Eastwood and BMW, as the German marque continues to broaden its partnership with the film industry.

A lot of BMW releases have been seen during the movie, including the M3 in a major opening sequence, the 6 Series Gran Coupe as a getaway car, the upgraded 4 Series convertible, the i8, a vintage BMW 327 and the R nineT bike. Eastwood revealed that shooting alongside the BMW vehicles is always “incredible.” He went on to describe the BMW 327 as a truly gorgeous vintage unit that always impresses everyone.

He further commented that riding the M3's hood was another beast and by this you can distinctly experience the car's dynamism, akin to the new BMW 5 Series he worked on. The German marque has previously worked alongside the notable actor on the international Business Athlete campaign that featured the latest 5 Series. Uwe Dreher, BMW head of brand communications, said that reuniting Eastwood with various BMW models in the south of France was an awesome method of showing a genuine story for the BMW Brand.

The German marque has established itself as the partner for various TV and film projects. BMW has produced a vast commitment to the film and entertainment area, from the Mission: Impossible franchise to expensive productions like the Overdrive and even the short series' including The Escape. Produced by the famous action specialist Pierre Morel, Overdrive will bring the viewers fast-paced, dynamite action with a dash of humor. Scott Eastwood and Freddie Thorp will act as 2 cool brothers alongside the female leads Ana de Armas and Gaia Weiss.

The explosive film will also star Simon Abkarian and Clemens Shick. The Overdrive's screenplay was written by Derek Haas and Michael Brandt, who were also in charge of the script of the hit movies like "Wanted" and "2 Fast 2 Furious".

This timely collaboration between the German marque and Overdrive is a perfect fit, based on the movie's solid appeal to both car enthusiasts and young people. The engaging story paired with high-speed car chases added with moments of humor translates well with the German marque's core promise of Sheer Driving Pleasure. The movie plot's significance of performance, dynamism and car aesthetics further magnify the German brand.

Source: BMW

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