Fresh brand design seen as Bugatti dealerships open in New York and Miami

Article by Christian A., on November 11, 2015

Bugatti, the French super sports car, now has 27 dealers in 13 countries and has become one of the most important global players in the automotive industry.

North America is one of Bugatti’s most important markets. It has sold out a quarter of its Veyron series alone with customers constantly anticipating the next “big thing.”

And to celebrate Bugatti’s success over the years, it has opened its first showrooms in New York alongside its dealer partner Manhattan Motorcars and in Miami with dealer partner Braman Motors.

Simultaneously, Manhattan Motorcars moved to its new home at 711 Eleventh Avenue, a few blocks away from Central Park on Manhattan’s West Side, with a showroom area of 92 m2 or approximately 1,000 square feet.

Bugatti Miami at 2060 Biscayne Boulevard on the other hand now has a floor area of about 240 m2 or around 2,600 square feet. The new showrooms have been conceptualized to provide visitors with an interactive and informative experience similar to what’s offered at the Bugatti headquarters in Molsheim, France.

With its contemporary presentation and sophisticated design that focus on “distinctive lines and clear surfaces,” it’s clearly a Bugatti. This is aside of course from its trademark blue brand color.

There’s no doubt that these showrooms will draw the attention of automobile experts, enthusiasts and the general public. So far, we’ve learned that the showrooms have a heritage section meant to demonstrate the brand values.

It is composed of three wall-mounted steles, each of which highlights one of the three aspects of the brand. Animations and films are presented on the respective monitors. The digital concepts are also exhibited in the presentation area to emphasize the values from where Bugatti was built.

Moreover, product information and presentations that highlight Bugatti’s history can also be found on a horizontal communication strip along the wall. Customer interaction has also been incorporated in these showrooms.

Now, customers can configure their new Bugatti while enjoying what the showrooms can offer. What’s also interesting is that the whole system has been configured for everyone to view the specs from an iPad or tablet while making themselves comfortable at the lounge area.

The showroom’s customized lounge furniture, particularly the armchairs, was specially designed for its showrooms by Bugatti Brand Lifestyle. Built with the same craftsmanship found in the interior of a Bugatti super sports car, the armchairs were made of first-class materials.

Specifically, it uses the best leather and blue exposed carbon fiber made with top-grade material. Each side of these arm chairs is elegantly embellished with the EB logo.

As homage to the brand and the star of each showroom, the “macaron” – which is Bugatti’s red oval logo -- is embellished on a casual but sophisticatedly lit white brand wall – a gesture of pride as the world’s most powerful production super sports car. More showrooms are expected to open in the next few months. Munich, Monaco and Tokyo, you’re next!

Press Release


  • The two US dealers are the first in the world to have French super sports car manufacturer’s new showroom design
  • New York dealer also moves to new address in Manhattan
  • Other global showroom locations with the new brand design are to follow

Bugatti Board of Management Member Stefan Brungs: “The new showroom concept is a fundamental investment in the future of our brand.”
Molsheim/New York City/Miami, November 6, 2015. Thursday night, Bugatti celebrated two premieres: The dealer partners of the French super sports car brand in New York City and Miami, Manhattan Motorcars and Braman Motors, opened the first showrooms in the world with the new brand design developed by Bugatti for its dealers. At the same time, Manhattan Motorcars moved to an attractive new location on Manhattan’s West Side, only a few blocks south of Central Park. In the near future, other locations around the world will present the new brand design as well. Currently, Bugatti has 27 dealers in 13 countries.

“North America is a very important market for Bugatti. About a quarter of our Veyron series, which is sold out, is located in North America and customers here are showing phenomenal interest in the next Bugatti super sports car. Its development is running at full speed,” said Dr. Stefan Brungs, Member of the Board of Management of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. responsible for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Brand Lifestyle, at the inauguration of the new showroom in Manhattan. “Our new showroom design impressively demonstrates the success of our brand at our dealer locations. This is a fundamental investment in the future of the brand.”

Maurizio Parlato, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Bugatti of The Americas, honored the commitment of the dealers in his region: “Bugatti is the world’s most exclusive super sports car brand. Our partners are proud to be the first to have implemented our new showroom design. They have demonstrated tremendous passion and enthusiasm for Bugatti as well as strong confidence in the brand.”

Bugatti Manhattan has a showroom area of 92 m² (almost 1,000 sq ft) at 711 Eleventh Avenue. Bugatti Miami now has a showroom with an area of 240 m² (almost 2,600 sq ft) at its well-known address at 2060 Biscayne Boulevard.

The new showroom concept was developed to provide visitors to dealerships throughout the world with the special brand experience that customers and guests enjoy at Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim, France. The newly designed Bugatti showrooms are easy to recognize; the contemporary presentation is dominated by blue, Bugatti’s brand color, with distinctive lines and clear surfaces reminiscent of Bugatti super sports cars.

“Our showroom concept allows people to experience our brand values Art, Forme, Technique and projects the flair of Molsheim into the world,” Stefan Brungs explains. “We have created an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere for customers, focusing on the technical fascination of our brand and on its long and impressive tradition.”

There is a heritage section devoted to the brand values of Bugatti. In Manhattan and Miami, three wall-mounted steles each highlight one of the three facets. Each stele has a monitor with films and animations presenting the brand value concerned. The digital content is underscored by impressive exhibits in a presentation area.

Product information and presentations as well as highlights from the history of the Bugatti marque can be called up on a horizontal communication strip running along the wall. In addition, customers can configure their new Bugatti here. The whole system can be controlled intuitively from an iPad or tablet after customers have taken a seat in the comfortable lounge area. The lounge features furniture from Bugatti Brand Lifestyle designed especially for the brand’s new showrooms. The customized, authentically-shaped armchairs are made from the finest leather and blue exposed carbon fiber with high-grade materials and workmanship like those used for a Bugatti super sports car. The sides are decorated by the EB logo.

A white brand wall with sweeping curves and adaptable background lighting with Bugatti’s red oval logo, the so-called macaron, forms the backdrop for the star of each showroom – the world’s most powerful production super sports car.

Further showrooms are due to open in Munich, Monaco and Tokyo over the next few months. With 27 dealers in 13 countries, Bugatti is now a global player.

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