Would you cop a Lego BMW E30 M3?

Article by Christian A., on May 17, 2017

What can Lego not build? I’m serious, the toy building brick touches everything from complex architecture like the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, fictional characters from Star Wars to The Simpsons, and even F1 and race cars - basically everything you can think of in this world.

We are all aware that Lego Ideas have come up with a lot of automotive projects in the past. They have built models including the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, race karts, stunt trucks and bikes and some others. Now, they are crafting the classic BMW E30 M3, and the cool thing is that it really resembles the actual model.

The E30 M3, as we know, was BMW’s homologation special to get into touring car racing. This model also turned out to be a huge success across Europe, especially in Germany’s DTM. It was equipped with an inline six 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine.

So now, Lego Ideas is offering a kit for BMW enthusiasts to build the said model, thinking that it would look great sitting on a shelf beside the Lancia Delta 4 and Peugeot 205 T16. They are even offering different ways to build the kit.

The toy brick seems to be an expert in replicating anything they want to build. From the E30 M3’s chiseled exterior, to the headlights, the wheels, and the spoiler. To make it more realistic, the builder ensures that the hood, the doors, and the trunk open as they do in the actual model. Even the interior comes complete with custom made decals that replicate the M3’s instrument panel and infotainment system, and of course, the steering wheel and the “badge”.

Lego build three versions of the M3, each one with a different colour scheme where the exterior compliments the colour of the interior cabin. As you open the hood of the miniature, you will even fine a Lego version of the M3’s famous S14 engine. The engine can also be removed if you choose to display it next to the kit instead.

For the company to review and consider the production of the kit, Lego Ideas must reach up to 10,000 supporters first. Though this model currently does not have the perfect scale of the actual M3 as it has a slightly shorter roofline, the company is set to accomplish some tweaks to ensure the ratios are accurate compared to a real-life M3.

The second generation E30 has a boxy design which is a reminiscent of the 1980s model. This also has a growing reputation due to its fantastic performance from every engine in the range. And the best part is that they aren’t too pricey, and people could afford them. A miniature Lego version of the E30 seems like quite a cool thing to add to your collection.

Source: ideas.lego.com

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