Build your own Ferrari LaFerrari and 488 Spider with Meccano toy set

Article by Christian A., on December 6, 2016

Do you want to build a LaFerrari or a 488 Spider with your own hands? Well, Meccano, the toy maker has partnered with Ferrari to make it happen. So kids and grown ups, get your hands ready for the hottest toy in town!

Ferrari car enthusiasts can finally experience building their dream cars that are highly attuned to STEM initiatives. Even kids can start tinkering with Meccano’s creative building sets to enhance their learning.

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The STEM platform is essential because these are basically what we encounter everyday. The toy company that has been around for over a hundred years is certainly aware of the significance of educational toys.

The LaFerrari model kit consists of 772 pieces and is complete with instruction, stickers, 2 ergonomic tools, real and working flip-up doors as well as coil spring suspension. The instructions are fairly easy to follow and the car does not require any battery to function. And best of all, this kit would cost you not more than $75 unlike the real Ferrari.

Lego as we know has offered its own amazing toy building kits which includes a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a Mercedes Arocs dumper truck, a Caterham 620R and a BMW GS Adventure bike.

The Meccano 488 Spider model set on the other hand includes 306 pieces of durable metal parts, tools and instruction guide. It also comes with sticker sheet, custom wheels, rubber tyres as well as pose-able steering. What’s more, you can buy it for less than $60.

Other than the 2 new Ferraris, the Meccano has other vehicles available including aircraft, ships, heavy equipment, rescue vehicles, scooters and bikes. It seems that every giant toy maker wants a piece of the spotlight. But Meccano is a little different. Their products have been widely used in schools and universities, namely the Robotics Research Lab and the USC Engineering.

The Meccano Maker line encourages children (or adults) to learn about their skills while enjoying at the same time. Their products are designed under STEM guidelines and use real metal or plastic materials for their model kits.

Also, the Meccano building set comes with real motors and parts that actually work including structures, frames, gears, pulleys and levers. Aside from these, the Maker System also offers products for robotics and programming which include simple machines and mechanisms.

This is probably why the Meccano Maker system line is considered to be “more than just a toy”. They have helped develop the minds of all ages to become the best in their chosen fields whether he or she happens to be a designer, an engineer or an architect. It also makes a better alibi for big guys should they want to have one of these new Ferrari toy models for themselves, don’t you think?

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