Mercedes-Benz and Sony will produce ultra-limited-edition VAIO Z notebook in Japan

Article by Christian A., on May 31, 2017

Imagine booting up your laptop, and an engine sound will roar while your laptop is turning on? Is that something you want to get your hands on? Two famed companies will jointly collaborate to make that happen. Sony and Mercedes-Benz have your back in creating a one of a kind laptop equipped with engine sound effects. Sure beats the boring start-up chime anytime.

We can visualize the perfect car enthusiast collection of memorabilia, including oodles of scale models, expectedly some incredible examples of Lego Technic, eye catching set of stylish thematic furniture. However, if you're still not satisfied with the said thingamajigs, then there's an incoming offer coming from Sony and Mercedes-Benz: a VAIO Z notebook that will be very exclusive, a laptop you’d surely want to bring home with you.

The mentioned companies will be involved in a rare team-up to create an ultra-limited-edition run of the VAIO Z laptops that will flaunt a whole array of Daimler design touches that includes an accompanying start-up sound of a Mercedes-Benz sports car passionately accelerating from a standstill. We can only predict that this will be met with gusto from car enthusiasts and fanboys alike when it will be released in the future.

More of the design touches include a picture of the Vision Tokyo concept or a dapper 300SL displayed on the back of the screen and a number of 3 pointed stars. The most awesome part? You will hear an engine growl when you turn your limited edition laptop on, but it’s not known yet which model’s sports car exhaust sound is featured.

Moreover, the notebook will flaunt an impressive 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD hard disc, Intel i7 processor and Windows 10, all of these are standard novelties on a regular VAIO Z. If you want to opt for i5 version, it will also be offered as well so don't worry. We are incredibly excited about this news, but there’s a major setback. The mentioned rare laptop will only be made available in the Land of The Rising Sun, and only 100 units will be produced. If you opt for a more powerful i7 variant, then Sony will require you to pay up ¥285,000 or more than $2,500 at the current exchange rates.

The lower powered i5 variant will demand less at around ¥250,000 ($2,224). If you’re a car fan in Japan there’s always something exciting waiting for you. In previous reports the German automaker announced that it will be releasing a limited G63 50th Anniversary Edition to mark the German Automaker's 50 years in the automotive biz. The German automaker will only produce 50 units of the 50th Anniversary Edition G63, and it will flaunt an eye catching Mauritius metallic paint finish that will give an exclusive look to the G63. So, any takers?

Source: The Verge via Sony

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