VW's new Media Control app allows any connected passenger to access infotainment system

Article by Christian A., on May 8, 2017

German carmaker Volkswagen has launched a new media control application that should allow all occupants of certain VW vehicles to operate the installed media system.

Controlling media inside the vehicle usually lies in the hands of the driver, or with the front passenger. Those who are sitting in the rear cabin can’t help but be in the mercy of the front occupants when dealing with in-vehicle entertainment. Rear occupants usually have to adjust to the media preferences of the driver or the front passengers.

This isn’t the case with new VW cars ordered from May 3, 2017 and feature – as standard or as an option – the latest Discover Navigation or Discover Navigation Pro infotainment systems. These infotainment systems include, as standard, the carmaker’s new Media Control app. This new app extends the control of the media to all passengers inside the cabin of compatible VW vehicles, as long as their smartphones are linked to the Discover Navigation or Discover Navigation Pro infotainment systems through a WLAN connection. Volkswagen’s new Media Control app is compatible with smartphones and tablets powered by iOS or Android operating systems.

Now, all passengers would be empowered to operate and even manipulate a number of functions on the infotainment system. For instance, any connected passenger could use his or her tablet or smartphone to select from their own music track and play it on the infotainment system. Moreover, any connected passenger could now adjust the volume of the system or pump up the bass. In addition, any connected passenger could now choose from the available radio stations.

Of course, VW’s new Media Control app isn’t limited to just playing music, adjusting media volume or changing radio stations. Through VW’s new Media Control app, any connected passenger could access the navigation system and enter a new destination or monitor the journey’s progress. Furthermore, any connected passenger could make a phone call through the vehicle’s on-board speakers and microphone.

However, there are some possible downsides for allowing any passenger to have access to the infotainment system. For instance, one occupant may like country music while another prefers rock. The differences in music preferences may lead to constant changes in played tracks. The same situation may happen when dealing with system volume or when making a phone call. Likewise, imagine what may happen when connected passengers issue different commands to the infotainment. It could be hilarious, but it could also be frustrating.

Good thing is that the driver remains as the captain of the ship – he or she could disable the WLAN connection and unlink all erstwhile connected passengers to the infotainment system. This way, only the driver could settle any in-vehicle squabbles. Likewise, the driver is given the final say on how the vehicle’s infotainment system should be used.

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‘Flipper’, ‘zapper’, ‘doo-dad’ or just plain ‘remote’ – whatever you choose to call your remote control, passengers in many new Volkswagen cars can now use their smartphone to switch between music tracks being played in the car, turn the volume up and do a host of other things.

Cars factory ordered from today (3 May) that have the latest Discover Navigation or Discover Navigation Pro infotainment systems included as standard, or as an option, will be compatible with Volkswagen’s innovative Media Control app.

The app gives passengers the power to choose the music that accompanies their journey, including playing tracks stored on their own smartphone through the car’s infotainment system. Whether they are sitting in the front or the back of the car they can adjust the system volume, as well as the speaker balance and fade, via a WLAN connection.

An end to ‘are we there yet?’
Media Control gives passengers access to many of the infotainment system’s features. From viewing the current position of the car to seeing how long the remaining journey will be, plus entering a destination into the navigation program, it is all covered.

Flicking between radio stations via the smartphone screen is now possible, and dialling a contact from the passenger’s smartphone will result, if selected, in the call being made via the speakers and microphone built-in to the car.

Putting control in the palm of front- or rear-seat passengers’ hands is another example of how Volkswagen is developing a suite of user-friendly systems via its Car-Net infotainment offering.

Ease of use of all elements of Car-Net is a cornerstone of Volkswagen’s connected car programme and Media Control opens up the power of the Discover Navigation and Discover Navigation Pro infotainment systems to everyone in the car.

Volkswagen’s Media Control app is compatible with smartphones and tablets that have Apple or Android operating systems¹ and the WLAN connection to the car can be switched on or off at any time.

Latest generation infotainment rolled out
The 2018 Model Year enhancements to Volkswagen’s infotainment systems continue with an increase in screen size for the Golf SV, Touran and Passat Saloon and Estate models, factory ordered from today, too. In these models, the Composition Media and Discover Navigation systems are upgraded to the latest generation units with an eight-inch display screen, up from 6.5 inches previously. And the latest range-topping Discover Navigation Pro unit now boasts a 9.2-inch display, increased from eight inches. All of these screens are colour and feature touchscreen technology, bringing them in line with the systems first seen recently in the updated Golf range.

Continuing the theme, the entry-level Volkswagen Beetle trim will now include the Composition Media system as standard, rather than Composition Colour. Composition Media, previously available from the Beetle Design trim upwards, adds the ability to pair two smartphones, via Bluetooth, to the Beetle. It includes an AUX-in socket for an external media source such as an iPod or an MP3 player, and two extra speakers to bring the total of sound sources in the car to eight.

A new range of vibrant colours is debuting on a selection of Volkswagen’s models from today. The Tiguan, Volkswagen’s third-best seller in the UK, has a new Crimson Red option. The Golf SV benefits from the colours that were first seen on the updated Golf: Peacock Green, White Silver, Black Rubin and Turmeric Yellow. The sporty Scirocco now has the choice of Atlantic Blue and White Silver, too.

The Golf range has just been comprehensively updated with new bodywork and enhanced technology coming to Volkswagen’s best-seller. The enhancements keep on coming though: the iconic Golf GTI is now available with 18-inch ‘Seville’ alloy wheels that feature an eye-catching red pinstripe finish. The Golf and Golf Estate in SE and SE Navigation trims can now be ordered with the smart 17-inch ‘Madrid’ alloy wheel, previously only available on the GT trim.

Further technological updates have also arrived. The entry-level Golf S now has Front Assist fitted as standard for no extra cost to the customer.

Meanwhile the latest petrol-electric hybrid Golf GTE has extra driving modes in the form of ‘Battery Hold’ and ‘Battery Charge’. Battery Hold maintains the level of charge in the battery, for example so that the driver can use all-electric drive through a town to their final destination. Battery Charge increases the level of regenerative braking to more quickly replenish the car’s batteries on the move.

For more details on the complete Volkswagen range – together with brochures and pricing – and to use Volkswagen’s online configurator, please visit www.volkswagen.co.uk.

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