Marine Turbine Technologies showcases MTT 420 RR at 2016 Big Boys Toys expo

Article by Christian A., on November 28, 2016

Marine Turbine Technologies, a design, engineering and manufacturing company based in Southern Louisiana, was at the 2016 Big Boys Toys Luxury, Innovations and Technology Expo at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) to showcase what it claims to be the fastest road-legal production motorbike so far.

Yes, the seventh edition of the Big Boys Expo was definitely a good venue for people in the Middle East to see the fastest motorbike that could be piloted on the road – the new MTT 420 RR (Race Ready). Looking ready to tackle any speed challenges on the road, the MTT 420 RR is not an ordinary bike to begin with. It is a superbike as powered by a turbine engine.

Specifically, the new MTT 420 RR shown at the Big Boys Toys expo (November 23 to 25, 2016), boasts of powerful engine at its core – a Rolls Royce Allison 250-C20 Series Gas Turbine powerplant that is dynamic enough to deliver up to 420 hp of output at 52,000 rpm and up to an estimated 500 ft/lbs of torque 2,000 rpm. With this amount of power, the new MTT 420 RR should be more ready to ascend to the top of the street bike world in terms of speed.

This engine features an N1 speed of 54,000 rpm with power being sent to the wheel through a 2-Speed automatic transmission. Marine Turbine Technologies is offering a lifetime warranty to the original buyer on the super bike’s Rolls-Royce 250 C-20B turbine engine. The MTT 420 RR also comes with 402+ km/h (250+ mph) money back guarantee, which means Marine Turbine Technologies is quite confident of this bike’s ability to speed up. A steering stabilizer has been fitted on the MTT 420 RR to allow it to drive on higher speeds.

Weighing more or less 500 pounds, new MTT 420 RR from Louisiana features an Aluminum alloy frame with fairing made from carbon fiber. Featuring a rake of 27 degrees new MTT 420 RR could be finished in any color as preferred by the customer. Interestingly, the MTT 420 RR turbine machine could be powered by either diesel or kerosene, which is contained in a carbon fiber tank that could hold up to 8.5 gallons or 34 liters of fuel. In addition, the new MTT 420 RR comes fitted with a reserve tank that allows for a stashed fuel capacity of 1.5 gallons or six liters. The super bike itself is underpinned by wheelbase that measures 68 inches.

Marine Turbine Technologies has made the MTT 420 RR ride on 17-inch carbon fiber Dymag wheels fitted with 120 60ZR17 Pirelli tires on the front and 200 50ZR17 Pirelli tires on the rear. Moreover, this superbike is fitted with new Ohlin adjustable shocks as well as ISR brakes and levers.

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