BPG unveils 3rd form of UNO at 2011 Consumer Electronics Show

Article by Christian A., on January 12, 2011

BPG Motors will reveal the third form of the UNO at the Consumer Electronics Show. There were previous designs that had caught the attention of the media and they had the self-balancing mode; however, they did not fold out as fully as the Uno III or feature the same styling.

BPG Motors CEO Brad Harkavy said that this design is aimed at urban dwellers, most probably in Europe, where there is a strong culture around motorcycles and scooters.

Harkavy added that the company is targeted at the urban scooter buyer who is looking a vehicle that’s stylish and unique. BPG aims to start production of these electric scooters in limited runs in about a year. It will then enter mass production. Its pricing will range from $4,000 to $7,000.

The UNO utilizes gyroscopic control systems to keep balanced while in Uno mode, while maintaining conventional motorcycle steering and handling. It operates in two stages.

At lower speeds, the wheels are kept parallel giving the rider a small compact and highly maneuverable urban commuting vehicle.

But as it accelerates, the wheels splay apart, realign and transform the UNO into a traditional motorcycle while moving. This means that it will have a more stable and safer platform.

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