BMW Motorrad sales in 2011 hit a new record

Article by Christian A., on January 19, 2012

The motorcycles sold by BMW Motorrad in 2011 are at its highest sales ever in its nearly 90-year history with 104,286 units sold. In 2010, it sold 98,047 units. This means that it sold 6.4% more motorcycles this year than in the past year. For the 12 months in 2011, it sold more motorcycles than had been sold in 2010. Its 2011 sales figure is much higher than the previous record set of 102,467 units in 2007.

BMW’s world market share in the relevant market segment of capacity classes over 500 cc has expanded to more than 12%, basically doubling in size within only four years.

Sales of BMW Motorrad in the various markets around the globe varied, depending on the economic situation of the particular market. Germany is the biggest market and is believed to be the likeliest to have the most intense sales growth. Sales reached 20,002 vehicles in 2011. This is 16%, or 2,846 motorcycles, higher than 2010 sales.

This means that BMW Motorrad is clearly the market leader in the segment over 500 cc. The market share of recently registered motorcycles had grown by 1.7 % to 24.9%. This means that in Germany, one in four newly registered motorcycles over 500 cc had been bought from the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin.

Like the prior year, Italy is the No. 2 strongest market, whose sales reached 13,600 motorcycles – about 4.5% higher than the previous year with 14,234 units. Amid the overall decline in the Italian motorcycle market, BMW Motorrad’s sales dropped by 634 units when compared to the previous year. However, it was still able to considerably extend its market position and take over volume leadership. BMW Motorrad’s market share in the segment over 500 cc widened from 18.4% in the previous year to 19.9%.

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