SBU V3: self-balancing, eco-friendly, electric unicycle

Article by Anita Panait, on August 13, 2013

Looking for a new to commute from one place to another, with an eye for fun and unique riding experience? Why not try this innovative product of Focus Designs (USA), the SBU V3 self-balancing unicycle. The SBU V3 is sure a portable way to enable to travel distances in your daily routine, as it only weighs around 12.2kg or 27 lbs.

Commuters in the United States have found this self-balancing unicycle a good approach to commute to where they want, as the SBU V3 is portable enough to bring in a bus or a train. The SBU V3 is even small enough to be placed underneath one’s desk at work.

Made from 6061 alloy, the SBU V3 is a hand-crafted unicycle that is strong enough to carry up to 148 kg of loads. True to the unicycle form, the SBU V3 has no handlebars and no steering wheel.

There is no need for those since one could control this unicycle through natural leaning motions. A rider just needs to lean forward to go and lean back to slow down or stop.

Since the SBU V3 is a self-balancing unicycle, one will find it easy and fast to learn how to ride. A person could learn riding the SBU V3 between 20 to 30 minutes and soon enough, he riding it would become natural as walking and talking.

Features like Turn Assist, Push Back and Smart Sense allows the SBU V3 to actively learn a rider’s motions and performs numerous safety calculations while one is riding its. Inertial measurements are done by multiple 3-axis accelerometers and gyros.

The SBU V3’s Focus Designs Pure Sine Wave controller -- its motor control module – boasts of regenerative braking, unparalleled efficiency, very low level of noise, and precise torque control. [source: SBU]

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