Porsche announces ‘Get Race Fit’  training event on 29 January 2011

Article by Christian A., on January 8, 2011

If you’re a fan of motorsport fitness, you won’t want to miss Porsche’s new half-day coaching session on January 29. At this session, which is a part of the Porsche Human Performance 2011 calendar, experts such as F1 star Mark Webber and MotoGP rider Bradley Smith will be handling the training.

Only 40 seats are available, costing £195 ($300) each. The topics include techniques for gaining motorsport specific strength, conditioning training, and vision and reaction abilities using Batak, Saccadic fixator and Wave scan technology.

In some of the activities, those who attend will have to compete with the others and the top performers will get a chance to race with Mark Webber on the Porsche Experience Center tracks.

Andy Blow, Director of the Porsche Human Performance Center, said that the physical preparation needed for competitive motorsport provides “a great foundation for general fitness.”

He also said that the center’s activities will demonstrate the difference between motorsports stars and the average person.

As an example, Blow cited ex-Porsche Carrera Cup GB winner Barry Horne who has the joint world record on the Batak machine of 122 hits in one minute, double what an average person could do. Meanwhile, Formula One star Mark Webber holds the highest grip strength of 67kgf, compared to an average person’s 45-50kgf.

In order to improve their general fitness levels, Robert Koenig and his wife decided to sign up with the Fit to Race camp. The decision was made after the standard Fitness Assessment conducted at the Porsche Human Performance Centre.

With this, Mr. Koenig also hopes to enhance his amateur racing career. According to Mr. Koenig, the course offers a number of benefits. He added that the various techniques and tips he learned over the weekend are expected to result in a change in his training and racing moving forward. For the first-time ever, he will have a more defined pre-race, during race, and post-race strategy that hopefully will prepare him for the mental and physical challenge to follow, Mr. Koenig further added.

The different training disciplines offered at the Fit to Race camp are exceedingly relevant to well-being and general fitness. Mr. Koenig continued that he took a lot of notes and hopes to see an improvement this year especially in his racing performance and fitness levels.

The Porsche Human Performance, Fit to Race camp will again occur in March 2011. This will be after the preview ‘Fit to Race’ day to be held in January at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone. Both the preview day and weekend camp are available to everyone who wants a challenging and diverse training weekend. This could be regardless of having a specific motorsport connection or a fitness goal.

Press Release

Drivers get Fit to Race on Endurance weekend with the Porsche Human Performance Centre

- Fifteen drivers pushed to their limits by Porsche athletes at weekend ‘Fit to Race’ training camp
- Motorsport inspired training programme also great for all-round fitness and well-being
- Next Porsche Human Performance ‘Fit to Race’ camp planned for March 2011

This month a group of professional racing drivers took part in the inaugural ‘Fit to Race’ training camp run by the Porsche Human Performance Centre in preparation for the start of the global 2010 motorsport calendar.

The three-day camp based in the heart of the New Forest between 5th-8th March, was led by three of the sports scientists from the Porsche Human Performance team. Participants ranged from professional drivers including International Formula 3 driver, Riki Christodoulou, and McLaren Autosport Young Driver of the Year 2008, Alexander Sims, with members of the BRDC Superstars Programme, supported by 2008 Porsche Carrera Cup GB champion, Tim Harvey. Customers of the Porsche Human Performance Centre and ex-professional drivers including former British Karting Grand Prix Champion, Stuart Ziemelis also took part.

“The physical preparation required for competitive motorsport can provide a great foundation for general fitness,” said Andy Blow, Manager of the Porsche Human Performance Centre. “Training for motorsport has the advantage of being very holistic. It incorporates elements of aerobic fitness and endurance, strength, agility, core stability and balance, reactions, coordination and mobility but doesn’t favour one area too much. Training for motorsport offers great all round fitness and wellbeing.

The fifteen participants took part in a variety of activities spanning swimming, running, mountain biking and kayaking, designed to assess training technique and provide a fitness boost to drivers of all levels ahead of early season races starting in April. Specific sessions on the camp also offered seminars on nutrition and tips for planning an effective pre and post race training strategy.

“I’ve been pushed to my limits on the Fit to Race camp this weekend – it’s been an awesome training session,” said Riki Christodoulou. “We have all worked hard, with a demanding and tight schedule, but it’s helped to cement all the training I have been doing throughout the winter months. I’ve learned a lot about how my body responds to the different disciplines and improved my basic technique for running and gym work to increase the effectiveness of my current training schedule.”

Following a standard Fitness Assessment at the Porsche Human Performance Centre, Robert Koenig and his wife signed up to the Fit to Race camp with a view to improve their general fitness levels and give Robert’s amateur racing career a boost.

Explaining the benefits of the course, Robert said, “The tips and techniques I have learned this weekend will make a huge difference to my training and racing going forward. For the first time I will have a defined pre, during and post race strategy that will prepare me both physically and mentally for the challenges ahead. The varied training disciplines of the Fit to Race camp are also extremely relevant for general fitness and well being. I’ve taken lots of notes and hope to see a marked improvement in my fitness levels and racing performance this year!”

The Porsche Human Performance, Fit to Race camp will run again in March 2011, following a preview ‘Fit to Race’ day at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone in January. The preview day, and weekend camp will be open to anyone looking for a challenging and varied training weekend – regardless of fitness goal or a specific motorsport connection.


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