2012 New York Auto Show Preview: Shelby 1000

Article by Christian A., on April 2, 2012

The introduction of the most powerful Shelby ever built is an occasion that you shouldn’t miss if you’re a truly a fan. The date is April 5, 2012; the event is the New York International Auto Show; and the presentation will be made by Shelby American, Inc., a division of Carroll Shelby International. The Shelby 1000 was made by Carroll Shelby and his team.

They first took a 2012 Ford Shelby GT500 and tweaked its handling, horsepower and braking to get to the highest performance level. The Shelby 1000 is available in a street version as well as a Shelby 1000 S/C "off-road" track version. The street legal, pump gas version dyno can produce about 950hp while the track-oriented S/C edition has a rating of more than 1,100hp. John Luft, president of Shelby American, referred to Carroll Shelby as a visionary who was able to push the limits of performance throughout his life.

He had given the Shelby American team a challenge to create the Shelby 1000 in time for the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first Shelby Cobra that changed the standards of high performance. At the Shelby American booth in New York, this first car – the Cobra #1 (CSX2000) – will be displayed beside the Shelby 1000. To make the car fit the vision of Carroll Shelby, Shelby American got Ford's 5.4 liter V8 and added new rods, crank and pistons. This team instantly got busy with flowing the heads, upgrading the cooling and exhaust, replacing the supercharger, tuning it, and then making it distinctly Shelby.

To match this new power, the Shelby 1000 improved the handling and stopping capabilities by adding 6 pistons in front and 4 pistons in the rear, while the suspension has been fitted with new struts, sway bars and bushings.

This new solid driveshaft is attached to a new 9-inch rear end. Aerodynamics is enhanced with several exterior cues that also enable it to keep a stealthy look. Shelby also made sure that the hood, rear panel and splitter are functional. There will be a limited production of Shelby 1000s, each to be documented and numbered. The Shelby 1000’s post-title package has a starting price of $149,995 (excluding the base GT500). But for a completed Shelby 1000, you’re going to have to shell out about $200,000.

Ford’s 2013 Mustang Shelby GT500 breaks boundaries and offers what no Mustang has ever provided before with its total package for drivers and track-day enthusiasts, its 662 horsepower, and its more than 200-mph top track speed.

According to Hermann Salenbauch, Advanced Product Creation director for Ford, the carmaker’s special vehicle team or SVT takes muscle car performance up to greater heights and keeps the Mustang Shelby GT500 updated when it comes to cutting edge technology. He said that they “encapsulated” each performance aspect in this car, whether it is 0-60 mph, racetrack, top speed, or quarter-mile times. The daily driver will also find that the Shelby GT500 fits his/her needs perfectly.

The car’s 5.8-liter V8 aluminum-block engine generates 662 hp and a torque of 631 lb.-ft. This makes it the engine with the highest horsepower to be produced in North America. Moreover, almost every portion of the powertrain had been optimized for delivering additional horsepower, including its new supercharger, all-forged engine rotating assembly, carbon fiber driveshaft, cross-drilled block and heads, upgraded head gaskets, updated camshaft profiles, and upgraded transmission, axle and clutch.

The car’s larger, more efficient supercharger helps more air flow through the engine and is also the key to generating the 662 horsepower. What’s more, the new blower – Twin Vortices Series 2300 – is a unique design for the engine and produces 2.3 liters of displacement.

Additionally, the whole cooling system has been updated significantly on the new engine, so as to include a high-capacity cooling fan, efficient charge air cooler, higher-flow intercooler pump, fan shroud featuring high-speed pressure-relief doors, and intercooler heat exchanger with 36% increased volume. All of these components harmonize in order to consistently dissipate heat in extreme-use conditions.

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