2017 Toyota 86 arrives at 2016 New York Auto Show, replaces the Scion FR-S

Article by Christian A., on March 31, 2016

Toyota revealed the 2017 Toyota 86 during the 2016 New York International Auto Show. Formerly known as the Scion FR-S, the powertrain and suspension have been upgraded with changes being made on the exterior and interior.

Aside from the Toyota 86, two additional Scion vehicles will also have name changes for 2017. These are the Toyota Corolla iM and the Toyota Yaris iA, part of the company’s small car product line.

Sales of the Toyota 86 are expected to begin this fall at official Toyota dealerships. With the shift to Toyota, the 86 now has a more aggressive style like the large center intake that highlights the car’s wide and low stance.

The front has been redesigned with the revised bumper and the reconfigured turn signals and LED front headlamps. The rear portion meanwhile has a new design for its bumper and has the sports LED tail lamps.

86 logo has been integrated both inside the front headlamps and the badge located on its front fender. The alloy wheels meanwhile carry the twisted spoke design.

For the interior, the “Grandlux” material on its instrument panel surround carries the 86 logo. The use of this same material on the door trim gives it a soft feel. The seating material will also be a treat for the drivers especially with the solver stitching.

Its audio controls meanwhile have been placed in the steering wheel while the center hub also sports the 86 logo. The spring rate was changed while the shock tuning was revised, resulting in improved agility and control.

For the version that has the manual transmission, extra performance is achieved through a gear ratio change with a 5-horsepower boost to 205 hp and higher torque to 156 lb.-ft. Helping prevent the car from rolling down especially on steep hills is the Hill Start Assist Control.

The 2017 Toyota 86 will be driven by Ryan Tuerck and Ken Gushi at the Formula Drift. These two drivers and Series Champion Frederic Aasbo, will be tasked with defending the SR of the Toyota race team during the 2015 Manufacturers’ Championship.

However during the New York auto show, the Toyota 86 will be displayed alongside the Toyota C-HR Concept. The company disclosed that the C-HR’s production version will be displayed later in the year and is expected to go on sale during the spring of 2017 as a 2018 model.

According to Fay, the company is excited to display the C-HR Concept as part of Toyota as it will be including this model in its production line-up for 2017. Fay added that the substance and style of the C-HR’s production version will ensure that it will make a mark in the hottest segment of the auto industry.

The C-HR Concept stands for Compact size and High Ride height. It has four doors and has a hatch that offers the best functionality, making it the best vehicle for “yuccies.” These are the young urban creatives who have inspired how the C-HR was designed.

While the design of the C-HR is indeed appealing, underneath it all is a platform that displays Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA). The TNGA is an integrated and innovative method when it comes to the development of powertrains and platforms for Toyota.

This approach has resulted in having increased body rigidity and a lower center of gravity, giving it better ride comfort and a more responsive handling. Additional information on the C-HR’s technical specifications will be available later this year once the production version is launched.

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With its new home comes a new name and more. The former Scion FR-S will debut as the 2017 Toyota 86 at the New York International Auto Show with interior and exterior changes, as well as suspension and powertrain upgrades. The new Toyota 86 will go on sale at all Toyota dealerships this fall.

“When we announced the transition of the Scion models to Toyota we hadn’t planned on changing the names of our cars, but by popular demand, for our sports car, we decided to adopt the global name of 86,” said Toyota Division Group Vice President, Bill Fay. “Enthusiasts have a strong association with the front-engine, rear-drive heritage of the ‘hachi-roku’ and the dynamic performance it offers.”

In addition to the Toyota 86 name change, two other Scion vehicles will have new designations for 2017. The Toyota Corolla iM and Toyota Yaris iA will join Toyota’s small car line-up.

For its move to Toyota, the 86 sports car adopts more aggressive styling with a larger center intake emphasizing the low, wide stance of the car. The front of the car has a new design with re-configured LED front headlamps and turn signals, and revised bumper. The rear now sports LED tail lamps and a new bumper design. The alloy wheels feature a twisted spoke design and 86 logos have been incorporated into a badge on the front fender, as well as inside the front headlamps.

The interior also features the 86 logo on the new “Grandlux” material used on the instrument panel surround. The same material adds a new, soft feel to the door trim. Drivers also will enjoy new seating material with silver stitching and a sporty steering wheel with integrated audio controls and an 86 logo on the center hub.

Enhanced control and agile performance are achieved through revised shock tuning and a spring rate change. On the manual version of the car, additional performance comes from a gear ratio change and a torque increase to 156 lb.-ft, as well as a five-horsepower increase to 205 hp. Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) helps prevent the car from rolling back on steep hills.

The new Toyota 86 also will be featured in Formula Drift with racers Ken Gushi and Ryan Tuerck. The drivers, along with Series Champion Frederic Aasbo, will be defending the SR by Toyota race team’s 2015 Manufacturers’ Championship.

Joining the Toyota 86 on the show floor will be the Toyota C-HR Concept. The U.S. production version of the C-HR will be shown later this year and the vehicle will go on sale in spring 2017 as a 2018 model.

“We’re very excited to be showing the C-HR Concept as a Toyota and adding it to our line-up next year,” said Fay. “The style and substance of the production C-HR will make it a winner in the hottest segment in the industry.”

The C-HR Concept is named for its Compact size and High Ride height. With four doors and a hatch for supreme functionality, it’s the perfect vehicle for “yuccies,” the young urban creatives who inspired the design.

Underneath the captivating design of the C-HR is a platform featuring Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA). TNGA is an innovative and integrated approach to developing new platforms and powertrains for Toyota. It creates a lower center of gravity, increased body rigidity, more responsive handling and improved ride comfort.

“Even though the C-HR has a high ride height, our focus was on creating a fantastic urban driving car,” said C-HR Chief Engineer Hiro Koba. “My favorite place to be on a weekend is at a race track and I wanted to build a car that I would have just as much fun driving in the city during the week with refined driving comfort and responsive, precise steering.”

More information about the technical specifications for the C-HR will be available when the production version debuts later this year.

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