Meet the Dodge SRT Demon's Ultimate Challenger: The Trans AM 1,000 HP Super Duty

Article by Christian A., on April 18, 2017

With the recently concluded 2017 New York Auto Show displaying hordes of muscle and sports cars, we are in awe at how many new vehicles will be soon swooping in and out of our roads. The newly unveiled high powered American muscle - 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon also graced the halls of the Auto Show with its 2.7 L supercharger that produces up to 808 hp. But hoping to steal the spotlight from the Dodge Challenger SRT is the latest vehicle of the Trans Am: the 2017 Trans Am Super Duty.

The Pontiac label was put to its shallow grave after General Motors axed the brand in 2010 as a result of financial dilemma. But now the Pontiac's classic muscle car is given a second life in the form of the 2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty. The previous Trans Am vehicles were modelled from the 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro and General Motor's Zeta chassis, now the newly unveiled Trans Am 455 Super Duty is probably the first unit ever produced that is molded around the sixth gen Chevy Camaro and the lightweight Alpha chassis.

The biggest asset of this beast of a vehicle is its 455 cubic inch (7.4 L) variant of the GM's recent generation V LT1 V8 engine equipped with a Magnuson TVS2300 supercharger that produces up to 14 psi of boost- which has 0.5 less psi compared to the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Trans Am Worldwide further revealed that the engine of the 455 Super Duty was made in partnership with a still unnamed premier NASCAR engine builder hailing from Martinsville, Virginia. Turns out, our guesses would directly point to the Arrington Performance by the very own NASCAR racer and team owner Joey Arrington. A cold air intake and purely ceramic coated headers, with 3.0 inch of exhaust powers contribute to an impressive 1,000 hp and 1,046 lb-ft of torque: a 160 hp and 276 lb-ft more than the Demon's performance on gas and 192 hp and 329 lb-ft more than the Demon's execution on 91 octane.

Tod Warmack, co-founder of Trans Am Worldwide, exclaimed in a press release that the new sports car is a full overhaul that wholly displays lustrous body lines paired with manly proportions and retro design. Trans Am Worldwide is also offering alternative glass T-tops within this year, however the most groundbreaking thing that they have done is that they have a new reputation to be proud of- offering a 1,000 hp performance set in a production automobile joining a few company that has the same feat.

The vehicle also boasts of 1.0inch lowering springs, an anti roll bar set and 3 piece 10-spoke Crawler Race Wheels that measure 20.0 x 10 inches for the front and 20.0 x 11 inches for the back. Trans AM is also building an Outlaw Edition Trans Am that utilizes an identical looking body package but the materials are not made out of carbon fiber. The Outlaw has a 6.2 L LT1 V8 with a 2.3L Magnuson supercharger that is equally as good. Fancy a 455 Super Duty? Trans Am will only be producing 50 units of these mean machines so you better contact the company before these things sell out.

Press Release

The 1000HP, 2017 Trans Am Super Duty, Unleashed at the NY AUTO Show

Trans Am Worldwide unveils the all-new 2017 Trans Am and Trans Am Super Duty
April 14th at the New York Auto Show

Trans Am Worldwide of Tallahassee, Florida, the exclusive manufacturer of the
Trans Am brand through its distribution arm, Trans Am Depot, has completed their
first new model on the Alpha platform. After a very successful and sold-out Bandit
Edition, signed by the Bandit himself, Burt Reynolds, Trans Am Worldwide takes off
the bridle and unleashes the all-new 2017 Trans Am (Outlaw Series) and the
premier limited edition 1000hp Trans Am Super Duty.


This year’s model is led by in-house chief designer and engineer Tom Sawyer.
Sawyer, just like his namesake, brought a spirit of adventure and imagination to the
project while engineering all aspects of the Alpha platform Trans Am. For graphical
renderings, Tom collaborated with internationally acclaimed Automotive designer,
Bo Zolland of Sweden , an award-winning designer of cars and boats who has
worked with everyone from Detroit auto makers to Jay Leno.

“ The new model is a complete re-design that features sleek body lines with masculine
proportions and traditional retro styling. We are also offering optional glass t-tops
this year but perhaps the most notable of this historical accomplishment is that we
now join the ranks of only an exclusive few who offer a 1,000hp performance package
in a production vehicle” Tod Warmack, Co-Founder


For those with an affinity for power and speed, the 2017 premier model is the Trans
Am Super Duty boasting 1000hp and 1046’lb tq. In tribute to this iconic muscle
car legend, Trans Am Worldwide will limit this series to a strict edition of 50
supercars. The development of this performance collaboration is a three-way
partnership with Magnuson Superchargers, Ventura, CA Trans Am Worldwide and a
premier NASCAR engine builder from Charlotte, North Carolina.

To inquire about the Trans Am models including the Super Duty Trans Am, please
visit the company website Please visit us at the unveiling at
the NY Auto Show, April 14-24, Crystal Palace CP-2

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