New York Auto Show: Scion iQ Concept

Article by Christian A., on March 29, 2009

When everybody was thinking that Scion will never shine again as once, the producer surprised us at the New York Auto Show with the today's reveal: the new iQ concept. Inspired on the Toyota iQ microcompact, Scion reworked both the interior and the exterior of the iQ with the help of Five Axis design company and obtained spectacular results.

The new model of just 126.9 inch long is fitted out to the corners with 18-inch wheels, making it look more like roller-skate rather than a vehicle.

The exterior points out a wide bodykit and front spoiler, HID driving lights and a central trapezoidal exhaust system. The interior is all about high quality materials and a good looking ten inch LCD screen assures the perfect match for the entertainment system and the navigation controls.

Its capacity is of three adults and one children or, if just for luggage, the rear seats can be folded for more space. The new iQ features a 1.3 L 4-cylinder engine capable of 93HP, updated suspension with coil-over signed by Tein, ABS and Toyota's Vehicle Stability Control (VSC).

It is not confirmed that the car will be available for the US market but there is a high probability for Scion to have success with the new iQ version considering the growing interest for the little smart, compact and fuel saving vehicles.

Interior Design

The interior of the new Scion iQ concept features a harmony of style, entertainment and function. It is laden with a number of modern accents like the illuminated door handle and the rotating spotlight hovering over the dash. Other modern accents include nickel and raw aluminum toned interior panels and an illuminated Scion iQ logo on the passenger-side dash.

Moreover, the door panels and seating areas are wrapped in gleaming green and gray honeycomb upholstery. The seat bolsters and the headliner are wrapped in black matte scuba-like polyurethane, with a bright green topstitch for a more modern finish.

The Scion iQ features an instrument panel housing a speedometer, warning lamps, and a multi-information display, which enables the driver to switch through the odometer, average speed, temperature and eco lamp. Moreover, when the Scion iQ is being driven efficiently, the eco lamp would illuminate, thereby urging the driver to achieve optimum fuel economy.

Serving as the main infotainment and navigation system interface is a 10-inch LCD screen mounted on top of the center cluster. This touchscreen could display the available entertainment features with a simple push of a button as well as play movies while the Scion iQ is parked.

When occupants are not using the screen, it just lays flat on the dash with a translucent cover emitting a colorful display of light patterns. Drivers could control the vehicle's audio system through the steering wheel controls or by using the black panel located below the entertainment hub.

Moreover, Scion iQ's center cluster comes with three control knobs for dual front heating and air conditioning settings. Both the driver and front passenger are provided with a knob that displays their desired temperature. These knobs also allow them to control their temperature and fan settings.

The center knob, meanwhile, takes care of zone control for both the driver and front passenger. Thanks to a new compact air-con unit placed behind the center of the front console, the iQ's front passenger is now provided with more comfortable legroom. Interestingly, the concept employs a glove bag -- wrapped in honeycomb fabric -- that can be easily snapped on and off to provide extra storage or legroom.

The posterior part of the iQ's cabin is large enough to accommodate one adult occupant behind the front passenger seat, plus a child or small package behind the driver. Moreover, the iQ boasts of extra slim front seat backs for more rear legroom.

On the other hand, the concept's 50/50 rear seats can be folded flat to increase cargo space. Furthermore, the rear seat cushion can be lifted up to expose a small flat storage space that occupants could use to store their portable music players, small books or laptops.

Press Release

Scion iQ Concept

At the 2009 New York Auto Show, Scion unveiled a special concept version of the Scion iQ micro-subcompact car designed to meet the transportation needs of young urban trendsetters.

Scion iQ concept is a new urban vehicle with a revolutionary package that is just over 10 feet in length and accommodates three plus luggage. As more and more urban centers are revitalized with a new sense of purpose, energy, and creativity, young people are moving in from the suburbs to embrace new urbanism and are looking for a car that suits their needs and delivers high emotional value.

Scion iQ concept is the intelligent answer to this need for highly emotional and efficient urban transportation. The convenience of having work, entertainment and culture nearby for young city-dwellers is a significant draw to urban centers. The vehicle must be able to navigate narrow, congested streets, park in tight places, have impressive fuel economy, and have compelling design and function.

"Scion iQ concept turns traditional auto design upside down," said Jack Hollis, Scion vice president. "Traditionally small vehicles have been thought of as being basic. The Scion iQ concept is just the opposite with its innovative features and iconic urban design, and we believe it fits in well within the Scion brand. Our young, trendsetting buyers are creative and innovative forward thinkers, and we think they will appreciate what Scion iQ has to offer."

The production Scion iQ is currently sold in Japan and Europe. Five Axis of Huntington Beach, Calif. took the Scion iQ to the next level with aggressive exterior and interior modifications that show the vehicle's potential for personalization.

With its 78.7-inch wheelbase, the three-door hatchback can deftly maneuver through city traffic. At the same time, its overall length of 126.9-inches, overall width of 71.4-inches, and short front and rear overhangs allow the Scion iQ to fit in virtually any city parking space. The front-mounted differential and repositioned steering rack decrease front end length. In addition, the Scion iQ is equipped with a flat gas tank housed beneath the floor that reduces rear overhang.

Pushing the wheels of the small, bold concept towards the four corners of the body gives the Scion iQ a confident stance. The custom 18-inch wheels with a nickel finish and wide tires fill the wheel well, adding to its surefootedness. The Scion iQ's custom front air dam, aero headlamps and high-intensity LED driving lamps signal urban road readiness.

"We believe the Scion iQ micro-subcompact concept is the future of transportation," said Hollis. "If it should join our future line-up, I think it could reach iconic status like our xB. Its styling will attract attention and if it's a Scion, you know it'll be easy to personalize."

The Scion iQ's profile is defined by a strong and high beltline. Smooth lines glide from the large, dark finish headlamps, up the A-pillar, across the roof and wrap around the rear emphasizing the concept's geometric beauty. Side mirrors with integrated turn signals accent the clean design.

The rear emphasizes the vehicle's modern style. Trapezoidal lines run toward the wheels, from the hatch to the thick rear diffuser, creating a substantial presence. A center-mounted trapezoid exhaust adds to the vehicle's distinctiveness, while large, matte-finished rear taillights help keep the vehicle visible.

The Scion iQ's interior fuses function, style and entertainment. Attention to detail and modern accents can be seen in the illuminated door handle; the swiveling spotlight that hovers over the dash; an illuminated Scion iQ logo on the passenger-side dash and nickel and raw aluminum toned interior panels. Iridescent green and gray honeycomb upholstery covering the door panels and seating areas, combined with the custom exterior paint, provides a balance of freshness and sophistication. Black matte scuba-like polyurethane covers the seat bolsters and is also used on the headliner with a bright green topstitch for a contemporary finish.

The Scion iQ features a 10-inch panel LCD screen on top of the center cluster that serves as the main entertainment console and navigation system interface. With the push of a button, the touch-screen articulates to reveal the entertainment hub. The touch screen can also play movies while the vehicle is parked. When not in use, the screen lays flat on the dash with a translucent cover that emits a colorful display of light patterns to make the interior even more unique.

A few quick strokes to the black panel below the entertainment hub, or steering wheel controls, command the audio system to shuffle through a music library. The center cluster also features three control knobs for dual front heating and air conditioning settings. The driver and front passenger each have a knob that displays their desired temperature and controls their temperature and fan settings. The center knob dictates zone control for both occupants.

The instrument panel has a speedometer, warning lamps, and a multi-information display. The multi-information display allows the driver to toggle through the odometer, average speed, temperature and eco lamp. The eco lamp illuminates during efficient driving to help the driver achieve maximum fuel economy.

Comfortable front passenger legroom was achieved with a newly-engineered, compact air conditioning unit located behind the center of the front console. The Scion iQ employs a glove bag, with the same textured, honeycomb fabric as the front and rear seats, that can be easily snapped on and off for storage or additional legroom.

Rear seating can accommodate one adult behind the front passenger and a child, small package, or pet behind the driver. Extra slim front seat backs provide rear passengers with legroom. The rear seats are 50/50 and fold flat for increased utility. In addition, the rear seat cushion lifts up to reveal a small flat storage space that can be used for pocket-sized portable music players, small books, digital cameras, or slim laptops.

The Scion iQ does not skimp on safety and is equipped with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC); an anti-lock brake system (ABS) with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD); Brake Assist (BA); and nine SRS airbags, which includes the world's first rear window curtain airbag. Other airbags include driver and front passenger front airbags; driver and front passenger seat-mounted side airbags; side curtain airbags; a driver knee airbag; and a front passenger seat cushion airbag.

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