2010 Paris Motor Show: Citroen Lacoste Concept

Article by Christian A., on September 30, 2010

Citroen seems to always make it a point to offer new weird concepts at every occasion but for this year's Paris Motor Show, it cooked up a car with a "back to essentials" theme. Dubbed the Lacoste Concept, this car is a product of a collaboration with the apparel company Lacoste. This car is nearly the same size as a C1, measuring 3.45m long, 1.80 m wide, 1.52m (135.8x70.8x59.8 inches) high. It has a wheelbase of 2.30m.

Like other Citroen cars, this concept has a peculiar design. It has special features and some of them are inspired by Lacoste's products.

For example, the car features golf ball-style alloy wheels and it also has some parts of its body that resemble sections of a tennis net. This car also doesn’t have a roof. It has a T-shaped structure that extends all the way back to the boot and has numerous purposes, including protecting the passengers using the auto-inflatable hood function.

Hence, it forms a soft-top roof. In addition, the dashboard is used as both a traditional dash and an integrated display, which displays vital information such as speed and directional messages in an oversized manner, which is reminiscent of the old video games.

Power comes from a three-cylinder petrol engine; however, Citroen has yet to reveal its official output. The company did say that the car gives a high level of performance, is light, and has a “flexible, economical and ecological powerplant.”

Citroën Lacoste is emphasizing that there is another way to move forward. This model sweeps away any predetermined ideas when it comes to compact cars like being short on character for example. Laid back and having a minimalist style, the Citroën Lacoste is able to attract attention with its off-beat sporty appearance.

There is a high waistline and it has more textured wings that protrude. The front and rear have minimum overhangs. Finally, the alloy golf ball-style wheels have been positioned in the far corners of its body. A closer look shows that the appeal is due to the "open" physique.

It shows the promise of a fulfilling drive yet conveying elegance and a variety of inventiveness. Passengers of the Citroën Lacoste get to enjoy the feeling of open-air due to the broad cut-outs that have replaced its front doors as well as the lack of a hard-top roof.

Thus driving in the Citroën Lacoste intensifies the senses compared to something like a protective bubble that cuts passengers from the rest of the world. It does not stop there. Its windscreen can be lowered giving it a more balanced waistline on the whole cabin, the front, back, and even the sides.

That the Citroën Lacoste is an elegant car is highlighted by the choice of drivetrain. Instead of enhancing the sensation of driving flat-out speed, a 3-cylinder petrol engine was chosen, giving it a better performance despite its weight and size.

Its ecological, economical, light, and flexible powerplant complement its "back to essentials" character. What this all means is that the Citroën Lacoste Concept gives proper respect to the environment due to the design choices and engine. Despite the large wheels for example, it still has its way of embracing instead of confronting nature.

The reason for this is the subtle shape of the wheel which suggests that the drivers may be playing with the different elements for fun.

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