2010 Paris Motor Show: Venturi America Concept

Article by Christian A., on September 29, 2010

As expected, Venturi unveiled today at the Paris Motor Show the America Concept, a new car that combines the values of traditional America with those resulting from new awareness of ecological issues. The electric car is powered nu the same engine found on the Venturi Fetish and delivering a 300 hp (+220 kW) and 380 Nm of torque.

The car has a new 54 kWh battery pack (with LIV-10 Lithium Ion Polymer batteries) whose electronics (Battery Management System) have been entrusted to Ventec, the leader in the field.

Venturi America has a total range of up to 300 km, and can be recharged via any standard socket or fast charge terminals. According to the manufacturer, the car has the first chassis specifically designed to house a large volume of batteries, while the carbon monocoque provides exceptional protection for its occupants.

The body is completed by two deformable cells positioned at the front and the rear of the car. This means that the battery pack is secured in case of an accident.

Venturi America is described by the manufacturer as being both an sports car and an all-terrain leisure vehicle, a so-called mix between the mentioned segments. Apparently, electric buggy is the perfect term that describes the vehicle.

People will always want a car that is comfortable to drive whether it is through the narrow mountain roads of Europe, the secondary highway network in the U.S, or on the fast tracks. The Venturi ADN offers a different type of driving pleasure with its acceleration, gliding, and precision.

Driving behind the wheel of this refined and hi-tech sports car is indeed a treat as there is the absence of noise and it provides a panoramic field of vision resulting in total freedom.

The AMERICA concept meanwhile shows a modern sculpture when it comes to movement considering that it shows sophistication while still being simple and charged with emotion. Each of the curves has the main purpose of giving not just visual pleasure but a tactile kind of impact as well.

Press Release

The VENTURI AMERICA combines both the values of traditional America and those resulting from new awareness of ecological issues.

This new American dream is embodied by this new model from VENTURI : a high-riding electric sports car that one can see oneself driving, one's hair in the wind, through the fantastic scenery offered by this vast continent.

Equipped with the same motor of over 300 hp as the VENTURI FÉTISH, this new-era "buggy" is, in fact, a high-powered lightweight vehicle with a chassis specially designed to suit its particularly high body. The AMERICA is nevertheless an acceleration car that symbolizes "cool green attitude" while being a luxury technological product.

In fact, there is nothing today that is anything like this fantastic vehicle, half sports car, half buggy, but it is well worth betting that VENTURI has once again come up with a model that will enter the annals of history.

The AMERICA also marks a new milestone for VENTURI which has just launched VENTURI NORTH AMERICA in Columbus, Ohio. In parallel to its sites in MONACO and FRANCE, this new unit will enable VENTURI to pursue its technical and commercial development in the United States.

Extreme Versatility
A real synthesis of two exclusive automobile worlds, the AMERICA is both an electric sports car and an all-terrain leisure vehicle. This "mix" approach ensures extreme versatility in use.

Its performance, balance and sports car road-holding, combined with its particularly high body and specific tyre mounting, ensure that it is equally at ease on steep paths as on the highway.

This electric "Buggy" offers the possibility of venturing off the beaten track while respecting the environment in terms of both noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The America's design, by Sacha Lakic
"Design of the America," signed Sacha Lakic

Some dreams stay with us forever, and become clearer over time.

That of driving a fast, modern and silent sports car through amazing scenery is one of them.

The AMERICA was born for the great outdoors.

Just as comfortable on the secondary highway network in the USA as on narrow mountain roads in Europe, or even fast earth tracks, this car of a new kind offers unique driving pleasure comprised of precision, acceleration and gliding.

It has the Venturi ADN. This is indeed an innovative sports car, hi-tech and refined. Behind the wheel, the absence of any noise and a panoramic field of vision give an impression of total freedom.

The AMERICA is a contemporary sculpture in movement, both simple and sophisticated, and charged with emotion : the purpose of each one of its curves is to give both visual and tactile pleasure ."

VM300 : a new-generation electric motor
The AMERICA has borrowed its motor from the new FÉtish, the VM300, which, with over 300 hp (+220 kW) and torque of 380 Nm, is the most advanced electric motor ever designed for an automobile.

To get the very best out of such a motor, a new 54 kWh battery pack has been developed (LIV-10 Lithium Ion Polymer batteries) whose electronics (Battery Management System) have been entrusted to Ventec, the leader in the field.

The AMERICA offers a real range of up to 300 km. Thanks to its on-board charger, it can recharge using a standard electrical socket or fast charge terminals (see Specs).

Type :
2-seater roadster
Rear wheel drive

Electric motor :
Max power: 220 kW, central rear mounted
Max torque: 380 Nm from 0 to 6000 rpm
Max rating: 12,500 rpm
Liquid cooling

Transmission :
Differential gear reduction with limited slide, direct hold
Ratio: 1/8.5

Batteries :
Technology: Lithium Ion polymer
Energy: 54 kWh
Weight of battery system: 450 kg
Liquid cooling
Battery life-span: over 1,800 cycles
Regeneration system via deceleration
BMS (Battery Management System) developed by VENTEC

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