2012 Paris Motor Show: Bentley unveils the Continental GT3 race car

Article by Christian A., on September 26, 2012

An exciting new period in the history of Bentley was unlocked when the Bentley Continental GT3 Concept was launched at the 2012 Motor Show in Paris.

For over ten years, Bentley repeats the same accomplishment with a Continental-based GT3 race car. As of now, it is being worked-on by a dedicated motorsport team inside the company’s factory in Crewe.

Indicating Bentley’s come-back to the racetrack since the victory of sixth Le Mans in 2003; Bentley Continental GT3 stays faithful to its motorsport philosophy of creating racecars from their road-going counterparts.

Bentley's Chairman and Chief Executive, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber said it is clear that the customers wanted Bentley on the racetrack. The Continental GT3 is the fulfillment of the company’s vision since the debut of the Continental GT. At this point, the company’s effort has shown that the car has a huge potential as a racer with its new GT Speed. The latest Continental GT3 is made to show its capabilities in its most extreme form. This institutes a solid ground for the company’s long-term motorsport plans.

The latest Continental GT Speed is polished, luxury-grand tourer. But if the driver so demands, it has a unique tough sporting character. With its extraordinary accessible performance, the Bentley is considered to be a supercar that can be driven on a daily basis, whatever the road and weather conditions may be.

Continental GT3 model makes use of the exceptional high-speed stability, phenomenal performance and renowned resilience of Bentley's iconic coupe.

The use of a comprehensive aerodynamic package, rear-wheel drive chassis in accordance with the regulations and a state-of-the-art motorsport hardware is tailored to the car’s specification for track. The substantial livery of the automobile boosts the muscular form of the Continental GT Speed. The inclusion of Union flags shows its persistent patriotism.

Continental GT3 concept earned so much support from the FIA. Hence, Bentley will make its return to the motorsport field to compete with the very best before 2013 ends.

Well-equipped and with impressive speed and endurance, the latest Bentley participant will be able to compete in a variety of race series, including 24-hour marathons.

Bentley's Director of Chassis, Motorsport and Powertrain, Brian Gush led the advancement of the Continental GT3. Being the head of the program, he oversaw Bentley Speed 8 prototype racers take a dramatic one/two at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2003. Needless to say, Brian is fit to lead Bentley's come-back to the racetrack.

Press Release

Bentley Continental GT3 Concept

At the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the unveiling of the Bentley Continental GT3 Concept opened an exciting new chapter in Bentley's history. Now, ten years on, Bentley is repeating the same feat with a Continental-based GT3 race car currently being developed by a dedicated motorsport team at the company's factory in Crewe.

Signalling Bentley's return to the racetrack for the first time since its historic sixth Le Mans victory in 2003, Bentley Continental GT3 remains faithful to the company's founding motorsport philosophy of developing racing cars from their road-going counterparts.

Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Bentley's Chairman and Chief Executive, comments: "The clear message from our customers is that Bentley belongs on the racetrack, and the Continental GT3 is the realisation of a dream we've had ever since the launch of the Continental GT. The new GT Speed is the perfect car for us to develop into a racer, and our work so far has shown huge potential. The Bentley Continental GT3 is set to show the world what the Continental GT is capable of in its most extreme form, and establishes a solid foundation for Bentley's long-term motorsport plans."

The new Bentley Continental GT Speed is a refined, luxury grand tourer but which, if the driver demands, has a distinctly hard-edged sporting character. With exceptional levels of instantly accessible performance, the GT Speed, the fastest road-going Bentley ever, is a supercar that can be used every day, whatever the weather and road conditions. The Continental GT3 concept capitalises on the prodigious performance, outstanding high-speed stability and renowned durability of Bentley's iconic coupe, while tailoring its specification for the track with the adoption of a rear-wheel drive chassis in accordance with the regulations, state-of-the-art motorsport hardware and a comprehensive aerodynamic package. The dramatic livery of the car enhances the muscular, sculpted form of the Continental GT Speed while remaining proudly patriotic with the inclusion of Union flags.

With the Bentley Continental GT3 concept receiving the full support of the FIA, Bentley is returning to the motorsport arena towards the end of 2013 with a GT race car capable of competing with the very best, in the true Bentley tradition.

Equipped for endurance as well as outright speed, the new Bentley competitor will be eligible to race in a range of race series and events, up to and including 24-hour marathons.

Heading the development of the Continental GT3 is Bentley's Director of Chassis, Powertrain and Motorsport, Brian Gush. Having led the programme that famously saw a brace of Bentley Speed 8 prototype racers take a dominant and dramatic one/two at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2003, Brian is well placed to lead Bentley's return to competitive racing.

Development of the Bentley Continental GT3 will continue over the coming months in the build-up to the start of a test programme in 2013.

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