2012 Paris Motor Show Preview: Lexus LF-CC Concept

Article by Christian A., on September 17, 2012

Lexus has introduced a new coupe concept as a preview to the next-generation Lexus IS line-up. In addition, the BMW 3-series coupe-sized LF-CC concept will show off the downsized hybrid drivetrain, which will be offered throughout the Lexus lineup. Sources said that the rear-drive LF-CC concept, which is set to make its debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, is meant to start production very soon as part of the new IS range.

The new IS has a close relationship with the recently launched GS as both were developed together and they’re built on the same underpinnings. The new IS line-up is due next year and will initially launch with a saloon.

It’s likely that the coupe and convertible models will follow in the mid-term. It’s expected that the concept’s hybrid drivetrain will begin production in the GS as well as in the IS, marking the first time that a hybrid appeared in the small saloon.

It has an Atkinson cycle, direct-injection 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. It is also fitted with a compact, high-output electric motor and high-performance battery. Lexis is aiming for a CO2 emissions level of lower than 100g/km, which means that the IS has the lowest CO2 emissions in its class.

Lexus hasn’t yet released the power or performance outputs. However, it is aiming for a 2bhp per gram of CO2 and an output that exceeds 200bhp.

The sleek two-door design of the LF-CC is a follow-up to the highly praised LF-LC Concept that came out in early 2012. The LF-CC is sized smaller than the LF-LC, which was a class bigger.

LF-CC is the newest Lexus to have the aggressive ‘L-finesse’ design language, which includes the striking spindle grille that covers most of the car’s nose. Another unique styling feature would be the fins that come out from in front of the rear wheels, which go after lines that drop from the prominent spoiler.

When viewed from the sides, the new Lexus LF-CC Concept reveals a bonnet with a dynamic convex curve, which then flows through the windscreen into a roofline. This roofline reaches its peak on the rear of the cabin, thereby highlighting the traction that can be derived from the concept’s rear-wheel drive powertrain. Meanwhile, the bodywork of the Lexus LF-CC Concept has been stretched tight between its front and rear fenders. The front fender is more pronounced than its rear counterpart, further focusing the weight of the concept on the rear wheels.

The new Lexus LF-CC Concept features an airflow regulating fin, which has a sculpted form inspired by the LF-LC concept and the LFA. This form flows from below the side of the concept then up to the car’s rear wheel arch, resulting to a higher level of downforce on the driven wheels for improved traction. This airflow regulating fin then merges with the car’s roofline on the rear spoiler integrated within the boot lid, thereby giving the Lexus LF-CC Concept its characteristic coupe proportions.

On the rear end, the Lexus LF-CC Concept is given a full width bumper flowing into the rear wheel arches. The rear end of the Lexus LF-CC Concept is also marked by Lexus-exclusive L-shaped combination lamps with a layered, 3D design. Likewise, the Lexus LF-CC Concept comes with full width spoiler integrated into the lower bumper, further helping improve the car’s rear-wheel drive traction. Meanwhile, the rear stop lamp of the concept has been integrated into its shark antenna.

Lexus wrapped the LF-CC Concept in a new, 'Fluid Titanium' exterior color, a high-gloss metallic finish that fuses bright highlighting with shaded surfaces.

Press Release

Lexus LF-CC Concept

Following the unveiling of Lexus' award-winning hybrid 2+2 sports coupe concept, the LF-LC at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show and its European debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, a new, mid-sized coupe concept, the Lexus LF-CC Concept makes its World Premiere at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

The more compact, rear-wheel drive, full hybrid Lexus LF-CC Concept already integrates various design cues from the LF-LC; a first illustration of how concept cars are truly influencing future Lexus models and, in this instance, future D-Segment derivatives.

Announcing the launch of a premium mid-sized coupe in the more accessible D-segment in the near future, the LF-CC reinforces Lexus' commitment to create more engaging, inspirational vehicles through attractive design, a superior driving experience and advanced technologies.


The Lexus LF-CC Concept showcases the latest evolution of the company's unique L-finesse design language, with the boldest yet interpretation of the signature Lexus 'spindle' grille. Framed by the bonnet lip, deep lower spoiler and powerfully projecting front fender tips, the grille mesh is encased in a deep, metal-finish surround and takes on a pronounced, 3D form.

A unique, 3 LED-projector headlamp design is housed in the narrow gap between the lower and upper fender surfaces, without a conventional, one-piece cover. Independent Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are fully integrated into the upper bumper surface to complete this unique new design.

The broad lower fenders are aerodynamically sculpted to manage the flow of air to the engine bay and front brakes, whilst reinforcing the powerful, dynamic road presence of the new Lexus signature frontal design.

In profile, the powerful convex curve of the bonnet flows seamlessly through a steeply raked windscreen into a roofline which deliberately peaks towards the rear of the cabin to emphasise the traction available from the vehicle's rear-wheel drive powertrain.

The bodywork is stretched tight between the front and rear fenders, and the rear fender is less pronounced than that of the front, reinforcing the concentration of vehicle weight over the driven wheels for maximum traction.

Further developing a design form initiated on the LF-LC concept and the high-performance LFA, the sharply sculpted form of an airflow regulating fin flows from underneath the side of the car and upwards through the rear wheel arch. This aerodynamic detail is designed to increase downforce over the driven wheels, further improving traction.

The airflow regulating fin merges with the falling roofline in a pronounced rear spoiler integrated within the boot lid, seamlessly fusing design and aerodynamic elements to give the vehicle its distinctive, coupe proportions.

To the rear, the full width bumper flows into the rear wheel arches to emphasise the Lexus LF-CC Concept's broad, powerful stance. Lexus-characteristic L-shaped combination lamps feature a layered, strongly three-dimensional design, and the lower, concave bumper section incorporates a full width spoiler to further enhance rear-wheel drive traction. The rear stop lamp is nicely integrated into the shark antenna.

The Lexus LF-CC Concept is finished in a new, 'Fluid Titanium' exterior colour, a metallic finish with exceptionally high brilliance which combines sharp, bright highlighting with dark shaded surfaces to reinforce the powerful forms of the bodywork's sculpted surfaces.


The Lexus LF-CC Concept's interior hints at the progressive luxury of a future Lexus model cabin layout, and represents a further development of the company's HMI (Human Machine Interface) design philosophy.

The dashboard is divided into two distinct zones: an upper, Display Zone, with a multi-display screen located at an ideal distance for at-a-glance viewing, and a lower, Operation Zone, which allows access to the uniquely designed shift lever and an innovative touch tracer display for remote system control.

This clear division of zones creates a unique fusion of an airy, spacious cabin and a sporting cockpit which places the emphasis on a snug, highly focused driving environment. All functional driving components are consolidated in the driver's seat surroundings, combining outstanding ergonomics with advanced HMI technologies.

The driver benefits from a low, highly focused driving position with a sporting, wide grip steering wheel, optimum pedal placement and high-visibility instrument dials. The touch tracer display for remote system control is located directly behind the shift lever for maximum comfort and ease of operation.

Coordinating with the 'Fluid Titanium' exterior colour, the seats, door panels and instrument binnacle hood are trimmed in a warm, elegant amber leather finish. The extensive use of metallic finishes and soft touch materials throughout reinforces the premium quality of the environment. The contrast between the exterior and interior colour schemes gives the car an elegant yet simultaneously sporting image.


Representing a new Lexus powertrain for future production, the Lexus LF-CC Concept is equipped with an all-new, highly efficient, 2.5 litre full hybrid powertrain delivering a combination of the engaging performance appropriate to a sporting, D-segment coupe and low CO2 emissions, targeted below 100 g/km. This powertrain will achieve class-leading energy efficiency, with more than 2 hp produced per gram of CO2.

This Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain features an all-new, ultra-smooth running, 2.5 litre 4-cylinder petrol engine mated to a compact, high-output, water-cooled permanent magnet electric motor.

In addition to the petrol engine and electric motor, the Lexus LF-CC Concept hybrid drive system further comprises a generator, a high-performance battery, a power split device which, via planetary reduction gears, combines and re-allocates power from the engine, electric motor and generator according to operational requirements, and a compact power control unit to govern the high speed interaction of the system components.

Adapted specifically for the hybrid powertrain, the all-new 2.5 litre, DOHC, 4-cylinder petrol engine benefits from several technical improvements. It adopts the Atkinson cycle and D-4S direct injection technology to optimise both the power and fuel-efficiency benefits of Lexus Hybrid Drive.

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