2018 Paris Motor Show: Peugeot 504 Coupe reincarnated as the autonomous, all-electric e-Legend Concept

Article by Christian A., on September 21, 2018

Quite a number of cars have already reached an iconic status due to many reasons. One of these icons is the Peugeot 504 Coupe that was born in late 1960s. Around half a century forward to this year, the French carmaker is introducing the new Peugeot e-Legend Concept, which will be unveiled in metal at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

According to Peugeot, the new e-Legend Concept represents a future of driving pleasure, in the guise of an iconic vehicle. In its case, the e-Legend Concept is a modern reincarnation of the Peugeot 504 Coupe. In shape and form, it is easy to see that the spirit of the 504 Coupe is living anew in the e-Legend Concept, which features a realistic yet radically modern template.

The new Peugeot e-Legend Concept is both the brand’s technological manifesto and vision into future. After all, Peugeot is seeing future mobility as one that is both electric and autonomous. With the e-Legend Concept, Peugeot is saying that such future won't be boring and can bring stronger sensations.

In terms of dimensions, the Peugeot e-Legend Concept has a length of 4,650 mm, width of 1,930 mm and height of 1,370, with a wheelbase of 2,690. It basically reinterprets the style themes of the 504 Coupe, including a light, athletic, sharp yet sensual silhouette. Its cabin is arched towards the rear suspension and is marked by large glazed parts.

Exterior Design

The exterior of the Peugeot e-Legend Concept is wrapped in a shade of grey tinted with champagne.The color changes from chrome to a polished bronze metal, depending on the outside light.

On the front end, the e-Legend Concept is marked by the brand’s three claw and two double modules. Encased in the front wings, the front section is split in two by a black aluminum beam. The grille and the double headlights – paying tribute to the 504 Coupe – is contained in the concept’s square front fascia.

The flanks of the e-Legend Concept feature three distinct layers, with a sheet metal/glass ratio inspired by the 504 Coupe. The wheel arches are carved in negative, with front ones featuring an air passage. This is highlighted by a metal arch surrounding the side windows. Cleverly concealed in the side window is the touch-opening door control.

At the rear, the three-claw visual signature is also present. Located on top of the rear window is the third brake light that spans its full width with a multi-blade assembly. The concept rides on 19-inch wheels shod with Michelin tires.

Interior Design

Inside, the new Peugeot e-Legend Concept features a digital interpretation of real materials, as broadcasted on 16 screens of different sizes. These include 49 inches of curved screen under the front helm; 29 inches of screen in the doors and 12 inches of screen in each sun visor. The design of the H seats and the vertical padding in the e-Legend Concept takes inspiration from the 504 Coupe.


When in autonomous mode, the steering wheel of the Peugeot e-Legend Concept retracts under the sound bar to clear the 49-inch screen. The front seats recline while the side armrests deploy to free up a large storage area.

The electric powertrain of the Peugeot e-Legend Concept delivers 456 hp (340 kW) of output and 590 lb.-ft. (800 Nm) of instant torque as sent to all four wheels, allowing the concept to sprint from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than four seconds and reach a top speed of 137 mph (220 km/h). The powertrain gets it juice from a 100-kWh battery pack that allows for a range of 600 km, as per WLTP.

Press Release


Because boredom is not part of our DNA, because independence does not rhyme with monotony, because the energy transition will not erase 120 years of automobile history, PEUGEOT reveals e-LEGEND CONCEPT. This exciting vision of the future of driving pleasure takes the form of a desirable and iconic vehicle. By adopting a realistic and radically modern template, this projection into the future of the automobile magnifies the genes and the elegance of the heritage of the PEUGEOT brand.

PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT is presented at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT is not just a technological manifesto. This is the vision of a brand, PEUGEOT, actively focused on an optimistic and ultra-desirable future. For PEUGEOT, autonomous and electric are synonymous with even stronger sensations. Boredom will never be part of our DNA.



A major player in every technological revolution, PEUGEOT calmly approaches that of the energy transition with the conviction that technology is always at the service of automotive pleasure.

An exciting future is a future that gives you the choice over the silhouette, the type of propulsion or driving. New territories to clear, new challenges to face, the adventure of the PEUGEOT brand continues! With the promise to include the Requirement, the Look and the Emotion in each of our cars always upheld and renewed.

The embodiment of this vision is e-LEGEND CONCEPT! A real object of desire that promotes the freedom of movement and offers the choice between a never-ending choice of pleasures: #UNBORING THE FUTURE.

Finding time

With PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT, for us it's about intensifying and refining the experience of 100% autonomous, electric and connected. The Responsive i-Cockpit is enhanced to offer its guests immersive driving specifically customized for each of the four driving modes available.

Aude BRILLE, head of PEUGEOT strategy

In today's environment where we are constantly over-stimulated, having time for yourself is probably the most valuable thing. Autonomous driving will help you find that time for yourself and create new experiences to live within your vehicle.

Depending on the type of road traffic or the state of mind of the driver, PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT offers four modes of driving.

Two autonomous modes:

SOFT: favours the comfort of the occupants. Projection on digital material screens and information display reduced to a minimum,
SHARP: accurate and dynamic vehicle typing. Maximum connection to digital activities possible (social networks, schedule, etc...).
In autonomous mode, the PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT interior configuration adapts:

thanks to the by wire steering technology, the steering wheel retracts under the sound bar in order to fully clear the 49-inch screen,
the front seats recline,
the side armrests deploy automatically, freeing up a large storage area and an induction charging area for smartphones,
the main controls remain accessible via the centre console integrated in the driver's seat.
The occupants can then enjoy their favourite hobbies: play the integrated video game or watch a film either in the curved central screen or in each screen built into the sun visors.

Two manual modes:

LEGEND: cruising mode with recall of the three 504 Coupé dials and display of digitally-processed wood on the different screens,
BOOST: dynamic and stimulating driving thanks to the powerful electric motor. 180° immersion with projection of the road on a single large screen.

Connected and sound immersion

We are thrilled to bring our world class Houndify technology to PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT. The modern and attractive Coupé is a perfect complement to our voice-enabled AI and conversation intelligence technologies. The driving experience has never been so intuitive.

Keyvan MOHAJER, co-founder and CEO, SoundHound Inc.®

In partnership with SOUNDHOUND Inc.®, a leader in artificial intelligence technologies, PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT offers a voice-activated personal assistant suitable for autonomous driving. In a simple sentence, the driver can change their driving style, listen to their favourite playlist or even open or close the electrified doors of the vehicle. The system responds with Gilles Vidal’s digitized voice (Style director PEUGEOT) and it includes 17 languages! A version adapted to our production vehicles will be available on PEUGEOT brand products within 2 years.

PEUGEOT and FOCAL are preparing tomorrow's listening together, mixing demand and innovation, for a unique sound experience.

Whatever the source, a FOCAL® acoustic architecture ensures optimal sound diffusion. Heralding the future of embedded sound, the system implemented in PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT is specifically designed to offer two new unprecedented sound functions:

the "mapping", which makes it possible to send the navigation messages to the driver only for example, while the other occupants listen to music,
the "zoning", which allows for the total individualization of the contents, placing each passenger in their sound bubble without mutual nuisance.

Straightforward heritage

A modern, sharper Coupé, this ultra-technological archetype of automotive pleasure finds its deep strength in the DNA of the PEUGEOT 504 Coupé. PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT projects us in the near future without any nostalgia. It formalizes our approach to a PEUGEOT design that addresses the new technological challenges of the automotive industry.

Gilles VIDAL, Style Director PEUGEOT

Offering such an aesthetic, technological and immersive experience in such a compact coupé guided us throughout the project. It is this realism in terms of volume and proportion that gives PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT its strength and enables it to embody our ambition with this much modernity and energy.

Matthias HOSSANN, Head of PEUGEOT concept cars

PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT magnifies the DNA of the brand by combining its heritage with the most advanced technologies in the automotive world. PEUGEOT proves that a hyper-technological vehicle can encompass the traits of a desirable vehicle. The choice of the silhouette of a Coupé for an autonomous vehicle elevates the driving experiences by using very modern codes, a template and realistic and pragmatic proportions. The emergence of new electric platforms opens the scope of possibilities to designers by removing the technical constraints related to combustion propulsion.

An athletic and sensual look

To frame its technological vision, PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT draws on the heritage of the brand. Wink, reinterpreting the great style themes of a fun vehicle, the 504 Coupé:

a light, athletic, sharp and sensual silhouette,
a cabin, arched towards the rear suspension, with large glazed parts.
At the front, the look of the vehicle is identifiable thanks to a visual signature with three claws and two double modules. The technical area is located under the projectors, it includes all the functions of driving aids. The entire front mask is encased in the front wings and split in two by a black aluminium beam, a legacy of chrome-plated stainless steel bumpers.

At the back, the iconic visual signature of the PEUGEOT range is also three claws and treated in a very technological way. The third brake light, located at the top of the rear window, covers its full width with a multi-blade assembly that reflects itself.

The flanks are treated in three distinct layers with, in particular, an extension of the technical platform in the lower part and a large glazed area, inspired by the sheet metal/glass ratio of the PEUGEOT 504 Coupé. These large glazed surfaces flood the interior of PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT with a beautiful light. The wheel arches are carved in negative and the one at the front includes an air passage. It is emphasized by a metal arch surrounding the side windows and magnifying a rear windscreen encased and faceted. Visible from the outside under the rear quarter windscreen, a screen displays a personalized greeting and the charge level to its user before departure. It also warns people outside that the car is driving in autonomous mode. The touch-opening door control is skilfully concealed in the side window.

The body is a shade of grey subtly tinted with champagne, extremely tense. Depending on the outside light, the colour changes from a chrome reflecting its entire environment to a polished bronze metal look. The process used is similar to that applied to the bottles of the largest perfumers.

The PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT’s dimensions are (in mm):

length: 4650,
width: 1930,
height: 1370,
wheelbase: 2690.
The wheels are made of 19-inch diameter rims and mass production-sized MICHELIN® tyres. Realism and credibility.

High standards for the materials

With a view to offering an elegant and luminous interior, the choice of the designers focused on warm materials, counterbalancing the cold digital material: a contract to the frenzied race to all-digital.

Velvet is making a comeback! Chosen in the noblest of uses for its silky and pleasant touch, silk velvet is cleverly mixed with a modern technical mesh that offers more freedom in terms of decoration. This weft is woven digitally and especially for PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT from a shiny thread reminiscent of the hue of velvet. This material can be found in PEUGEOT 3008 or 5008.

The upper parts and doorways are made from Paldao wood by our partner HERVET MANUFACTURIER®. Made from renewable forests, this exotic wood is very reminiscent of the furniture of the 60s in rosewood or ebony. The dark veins of this variety bring out the turquoise blue on the seats and the floor. This modern interpretation of the wood is reminiscent of the GT finished dashboards in PEUGEOT 3008, 5008 and 508.

To complete the immersion and personalization of its interior, a fragrance diffuser scents the vehicle. EX-NIHILO® has created two perfumes specific to PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT.

Immersive and warm sensation

One goal: to feel good about your vehicle whatever the driving style, just like your environment. A subtle juxtaposition of highly technological elements and noble materials.

Spread throughout the interior, the digital material (or digital interpretation of real materials) is divided into two major themes: bronze-like line networks or networks of lines imitating cabinetmaking wood. It’s broadcast on 16 screens of different sizes, for example: 49 inches curved under the front helm to the occupants, 29 inches in the doors or 12 inches in each sun visor. Digital materials have been the subject of in-depth reflection to fit perfectly and blend into the passenger compartment. The centre console provides access to the main driving controls through a rotary control and a 6-inch touch screen. To the left of the steering wheel, a digital toggle bar is composed of contextual and configurable commands depending on the driving mode.

The design of the H seats and the vertical padding are inspired by the PEUGEOT 504 Coupé: more volume with the most compact dimensions possible, comfort fit combining ease and stimulating support thanks to the use of shape memory foams (like a tailored suit). The headrests are crossing, adjustable or fully retractable and integrated into the seat.

The PEUGEOT Responsive i-Cockpit® capitalizes on the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® that characterizes the models of the brand. It includes a headset with three dials and an ultra compact steering wheel.

100% electric power chain

Perfectly incorporated into a realistic vision of the brand's energy transition, PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT is powered by a 100% electric power train. With 100 kWh batteries, the engine reaches 800 Nm torque and 340 Kw power distributed to the four-wheel drive. This level of performance makes it possible to travel 0/100 km/h in less than 4s and reach a maximum speed of 220Km/h. The range is 600 km according to the WLTP protocol of which 500 km are accessible in 25 minutes thanks to a fast recharge. PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT cultivates the zero technological constraint mindset by offering induction charging.

Source: Peugeot

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