2010 SEMA Show: 2011 Rhys Millen Racing Signature Edition Equus

Article by Christian A., on November 3, 2010

It appears that Rhys Millen Racing and Hyundai get along just fine, as they partnered for the 2010 SEMA Show, for the third consecutive year. This year, the team brought the RMR Signature Edition Equus, a special edition of Hyundai’s flagship sedan which brings exterior, interior and performance upgrades.

Regarding its exterior design, the car comes with a new carbon fiber front lip spoiler, new rear deck spoiler as well as a new set of carbon fiber mirrors.

The most interesting thing seen on this car is the paint: developed by BASF, the car comes with a two-tone carbon fiber and Red Bull Racing blue satin clear paint.

The new HRE 21-inch P40 wheels wrapped in high performance tires round out the exterior. For those who don’t know, the standard version of the car carries a powerful V8 engine delivering 385 horsepower, but Rhys Millen Racing was not satisfied with this amount of power and decided to install a new bolt-on RMR Signature Edition air intake and stainless exhaust in order to add 30 hp.

This means that the car delivers a total output of 415 hp. In addition, a new 14-inch brake kit designed to tame the added power was installed.

Inside, the car features RMR Signature Edition embroidered headrests and floor mats, and ostrich hide leather seats with suede accents.

Hyundai looks to make it easier for motorists to own a luxury car by launching the all-new 2011 Hyundai Equus flagship. The South Korean carmaker designed the new Equus to compete against the world’s best luxury sedans in terms of performance, design, advanced technologies, amenities as well as ownership experience. The new Equus is set to arrive at select Hyundai dealerships in the late summer 2010.

John Krafcik, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America, remarked that the new Equus is taking the brand’s formula for intelligent luxury to a new level. He quipped that by applying lessons learned from engineering the Genesis and adding a new level of customer experience, Hyundai was able to create a new sedan that offers a take on luxury that is different from other traditional premium brands.

The new Equus essentially broadens the brand’s lineup of premium vehicles. Like the Hyundai Genesis, the Equus is underpinned by Hyundai's rear-wheel-drive architecture. As for power, the new Equus is powered by a 4.6-liter Tau V8 engine that delivers max output of around 385 hp on premium fuel and 378 hp on regular fuel. The Hyundai Equus is also laden with technology at par with more expensive luxury sedans. In fact, it is installed with an electronic air suspension, a lane departure warning system, smart cruise control as well as a Lexicon audio system.

When Hyundai launched the Genesis, made a pledge to create new products in other segments employing its rear-wheel-drive architecture would spawn more products in other segments. The new Equus is the third of these products, as underpinned by a lengthened Genesis architecture. Compared to the Genesis, the Equus is 7.2 inches longer at 203.1 inches. It also offers remarkable handling and more refined steering attributes as made possible by its 52/48 front-to-rear weight distribution.

By employing stiff, yet lightweight body structure, the Hyundai was able to reduce the levels of interior noise in the new Equus while enhancing both ride and handling with. By using high-tensile steel in critical areas in the unibody, the Equus delivers higher dynamic torsional rigidity and a lower body structure weight while still offering a roomy cabin.

Press Release

Rhys Millen Racing Building Signature Edition Equus for SEMA

Visitors to Hyundai's SEMA booth will be treated to the latest customizations from Rhys Millen Racing as his modifications to the company's new flagship sedan will be unveiled. The RMR Signature Edition Equus will include exterior, interior and performance upgrades that will enhance the already luxurious sedan.

"This is the third consecutive year we've partnered with Hyundai to bring a must-see car to the SEMA Show," said Rhys Millen, owner, Rhys Millen Racing. "The intelligent luxury platform of the new rear-wheel drive Equus is a perfect vehicle for tuners who have graduated from other segments and want to work with the best the automotive industry has to offer."

The Equus will showcase exterior RMR Signature Edition components including carbon mirrors, and front chin and rear deck spoilers. A two-tone carbon fiber and Red Bull Racing blue satin clear paint by BASF and HRE 21-inch P40 wheels will appropriately round out the exterior.

Tuners aiming to get even more power from the stock 385 horsepower, V8 engine to the wheels will get a glance at a bolt-on RMR Signature Edition air intake and stainless exhaust that together will add another 30 horsepower. The RMR Signature Equus will also feature a 14-inch brake kit designed to tame the 415 horses.

The interior of the Equus will feature RMR Signature Edition embroidered headrests and floor mats, and ostrich hide leather seats with suede accents.

The RMR Signature Edition Equus will be shown in the Hyundai Booth along with other specially designed cars exclusively built for this year's SEMA Show.

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