2013 SEMA Preview: Fox Marketing presents custom Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Article by Christian A., on October 23, 2013

The Hyundai Veloster Turbo seems to be very popular among tuners and the latest company that announced that it will unveil a customized version of the sporty hatch at the 2013 SEMA Show is Fox Marketing. The first visual impact with the car shows an aggressive bodykit, which indicates that you see a powerful car.

We find a hand-mixed paint from BASF color lab, which is dubbed R-M Oynx HD Waterborne SkyAqua Pearl, as well as enlarged fenders, a new ImportShark front lip spoiler, custom hood, side sills, a redesigned rear bumper and Takata black tow strap. Moreover, the exterior features custom fog light surrounds, Genesis Coupe fog lights. Inside, we find Takata Street Pro LE reclining racing seats, Takata seat sliders, Takata Drift III 4-point harnesses, custom steel bases and custom Takata rear seats.

The 1.6-lter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine got an 845 Motorsports Turbo Upgrade consisting of a BorgWarner EFR 6258 turbo and an 845 Motorsports stainless steel tubular maniford, as well as SeoulfulRacing factory ECU custom tune. And the things don’t stop here as we also find a front-mounted intercooler, 2.25-in. aluminum hot-side charge pipe, 2.5-in. aluminum cold-side charge pipe, Vband 3-in. 304 stainless downpipe and 845 Motorsports 3-in. aluminum cold air intake.

The customized Veloster Turbo comes with Nitrous Express N-Tercooler sprayer, AEM X-WiFi (EGT-Air Fuel) iPhone mobile gauge solution, AEM water/methanol injection, AEM Tru-Boost, RK Performance 2.5-in. cat-back exhaust and VP Racing VP101 performance fuel.

The chassis received ARK Performance 35-way adjustable coil-overs, UNIQ Performance strut tower brace, ImportShark mid-brace, chassis brake, lower tie bar and cross-bracing, sway bars. As expected, the braking system was improved too and on the front we find WP Pro EX6 6-piston calipers with carbon-fiber ducting, 13.6-in. wavy-cut rotors and stainless steel braided brake lines.

The inside of Hyundai’s new Veloster Turbo has all of the seats covered in full leather with the seatbacks having the “turbo” lettering stitched to them. These allow them to have a more distinct appearance in addition to being able to deliver comfort and support that are incomparable. One interesting feature, which is also an exclusive one, is the Supervision Cluster which provides driver information in a format that is indeed more interactive while being clearer and larger. This is due to a pair of thin film transistor (TFT) screens positioned between the speedometer and tachometer.

Included as standard on the Turbo are the front seats having heating functions. When it comes to the controls and the center stack, it has the look similar to a bike fuel tank and the motorcycle inspiration is highlighted further with the alloy pedals and push-button starter. The brand did reveal that all Veloster models will come with electric power steering, one that immediately modifies the assistance in response to the current and ever-changing driving situations. Further, compared to a usual steering system, the version fitted in the Veloster enhances fuel economy.

Turning diameter of the Veloster is at 34.1 feet. This is better compared to the Mini Clubman which is at 36.1 feet and the Mini at 35.1 feet. While the Veloster does have an aggressive look, Hyundai made sure to match this with a suspension configuration that has been finely tuned. For the Turbo version, the upgrades on the steering were mainly for the key elements.

Thus, aside from having a giving the steering rack a quicker ratio, this is paired with the revised steering calibration. These two modifications allow the driver precise cornering as well as better control and feedback. All Turbo versions will have the Kumho Solus KH25 215/40R18 85V tires that have been designed to make sure that the new models are able to deliver the best performance but not at the expense of the ride. Hyundai revealed as well that all Veloster models will not only have the strut suspension in the front but also gas shcok absorbers, coil springs, and front stabilizer having a diameter of 24 mm.

For the rear suspension, it comes with the lightweight V-torsion beam, a first for the brand. Integrated to this beam is a stabilizer bar which a 23-mm diameter. What this means is that the arms are braced resulting in greater stiffness and allowing better control body roll. Helping enhance the ride comfort are the mono-tube shock absorbers, which is also in the rear suspension.

Press Release


Hyundai has joined forces with Fox Marketing Cars to create the most powerful street-focused Veloster Turbo ever. The car will be showcased at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas, November 5-8.

Fox Marketing leveraged the outstanding reliability and performance potential of Hyundai's 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder direct-injected, turbocharged Gamma powerplant as the core of its SEMA concept. A comprehensive package of advanced engine components, including a new 845 Motorsports turbo upgrade, BorgWarner EFR turbo, front-mounted intercooler, AEM water/methanol injection system, VP Racing 101-octane performance fuel and an ECU tune from SeoulfulRacing, boosts output to an impressive 370 horsepower.

The addition of a UNIQ Performance strut brace, ImportShark chassis bracing and fully-adjustable ARK Performance coil-over suspension ensure the Fox Marketing Veloster Turbo puts all that power to the tarmac and keeps it flat in high-speed cornering, while new Street Pro LE seats and Takata Drift III 4-point harnesses hold the driver firmly in place. Braking performance has been improved with WP Pro EX6 6-piston front calipers with carbon fiber ducting and 13.6-inch wavy-cut rotors for neck-wrenching stopping power.

Exterior modifications give the Veloster Turbo an aggressive demeanor that perfectly complements the engine and chassis upgrades. A hand-mixed paint from BASF color lab dubbed R-M Oynx HD Waterborne SkyAqua Pearl is the most striking exterior component, while the addition of Hyundai Genesis fog lights, an ImportShark front lip spoiler, custom rear fascia mesh and custom front fascia round-out the bold exterior modifications.

"The Veloster Turbo was designed with affordable performance in mind," said Scott Margason, director, product planning, Hyundai Motor America. "Fox Marketing's unique concept showcases the versatility of our turbocharged 4-cylinder Gamma engine family while expanding the overall performance envelope for the Veloster line."


  • 1.6-liter turbocharged, direct-injected Gamma 4-cylinder engine
  • SeoulfulRacing factory ECU custom tune
  • 845 Motorsports Turbo Upgrade
  • BorgWarner EFR 6258 turbo
  • 845 Motorsports stainless steel tubular manifold
  • 1.5-in. primaries with ½-in. flanges
  • Vband 3-in. 304 stainless downpipe
  • 845 Motorsports 3-in. aluminum cold air intake
  • Front-mounted intercooler
  • 2.25-in. aluminum hot-side charge pipe
  • 2.5-in. aluminum cold-side charge pipe
  • Custom oil and coolant lines
  • Nitrous Express N-Tercooler sprayer
  • AEM X-WiFi (EGT-Air Fuel) iPhone mobile gauge solution
  • AEM water/methanol injection
  • AEM Tru-Boost
  • ARK Performance 2.5-in. cat-back exhaust
  • VP Racing VP101 performance fuel


  • ARK Performance 35-way adjustable coil-overs
  • UNIQ Performance strut tower brace
  • ImportShark mid-brace, chassis brake, lower tie bar, cross-bracing, sway bars


  • BASF R-M Oynx HD Waterborne SkyAqua paint
  • BASF R-M Oynx HD Black D403 paint
  • Custom Hyundai Genesis Coupe fog light surrounds
  • Genesis Coupe fog lights
  • ImportShark front lip spoiler
  • Custom rear fascia mesh
  • Takata black tow strap


  • Takata Street Pro LE reclining racing seats
  • Takata seat sliders
  • Takata Drift III 4-point harnesses
  • Custom steel bases
  • Custom Takata rear seats


  • Front:
  • WP Pro EX6 6-piston calipers with carbon-fiber ducting
  • 13.6-in. wavy-cut rotors
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines

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