2014 SEMA Show: Chevrolet debuts the Colorado Performance Concept

Article by Christian A., on November 3, 2014

Ricky Carmichael, a legend in motocross, revealed that with the Chevrolet Colorado, he has found the perfect go-anywhere transporter for his motorcycle, his mountain bike, and all the gear that goes with the two. In developing the Colorado Performance concept, Carmichael partnered with Chevrolet in order to show the lifestyle-supporting capability offered by the new midsize pickup truck of the brand.

This new model is expected to make its official debut during the SEMA Show, the largest trade show in the world as it relates to automotive personalization and performance. Working with Chevrolet, Carmichael came up with the unique concept equipment that would help mount the bike to the Colorado crew cab’s 6’2” cargo bed easier.

With the tailgate down, the cargo bed can haul items for a maximum of eight feet long. There is a concept tailgate extender that ensures the bikes are secured. The standard CornerStep on the rear bumper of the Colorado meanwhile ensures that it is easy to step up and then reach to the bed in order to retrieve other gear or even tighten the hold-down straps.

The concept mounting features placed on Carmichael’s Colorado was made with the same focus on integrated functionality made available in production accessories for many Colorado customers of the present, like the GearOn system, whose patent is still pending. This system was designed to keep larger items in place above the bed. Items like bikes, kayaks, or boards.

Even with such items, it still has enough room for other smaller gear like sleeping bags and tents. Above the wheelhouses, it can even house plywood sheet measuring 4x8 feet. Customers are also given the chance to install accessories once they buy their new truck. Thus by the time of the vehicle delivery, everything is ready. Customers can even roll the cost, which can include installation charges, to the monthly payments they make for the Colorado.

They even have a warranty that is backed by no less than General Motors. Since both the motorcycle and mountain bike are now mounted safely, Carmichael and the designers at Chevrolet now focused on the exterior and the interior. The objective was to give it a unique appearance that would reflect Carmichael’s competitive spirit. On the inside, yellow accents were then added with the headrests on the front seats having 4, which is Carmichael’s racing number, embroidered to them.

Similar to the production version, Carmichael’s concept version of the Colorado is connected through Chevy MyLink. It also comes with a built-in LTE 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. A rearview camera is included as standard and is truly beneficial especially when having a tall cargo and there is a need to back up. On the exterior, it has that distinct matte gray color which is accented with yellow and high-gloss silver.

It even has the signature of Carmichael as a graphic. Fitted to it are the aluminum 17-inch Z71 wheels accented with yellow highlights and then wrapped in the off-road Goodyear Duratec tires. The design also shows that added to the vehicle’s bed was a concept sport bar.

As a hall of famer, Carmichael expects power and this Colorado version does not disappoint. It is equipped with the 3.6-liter V6 engine, the most efficient and most powerful in the segment. Output delivered is measured to be 305 hp with peak torque at 269 lb.-ft. EPA estimates that for the 2WD models, it will have fuel efficiency of highway 26 mpg.

This concept model will also come with the concept performance exhaust system. Overall, the power is able to support the Colorado’s already segment-leading capabilities. These include having a maximum payload capacity measured at 1,590 pounds and a maximum railering capacity having the available heavy-duty trailering package, at 7,000 pounds. Carmichael said that Colorado is able to deliver everything he has come to expect in a pickup truck. One big difference, he added, is that it is able to do it in a smaller package that is able to fit the lifestyle of people similar to him.

Press Release

Chevy Colorado Performance Concept Enables Adventure

Motocross legend Ricky Carmichael has the perfect go-anywhere transporter in the all-new Chevrolet Colorado for his motorcycle, mountain bike and the gear that goes with them.

Carmichael teamed with Chevrolet to develop the Colorado Performance concept to illustrate the lifestyle-supporting capability of Chevy’s new midsize pickup truck. It debuts this week at the SEMA Show, the world’s largest trade show of automotive performance and personalization.

Carmichael consulted with Chevrolet on the unique concept equipment to facilitate the bikes’ mounting in the Colorado crew cab’s 6’ 2” cargo bed, which allows hauling of items up to eight feet long with the tailgate down. A concept tailgate extender helps secure the bikes, while the Colorado’s standard CornerStep rear bumper makes it easier to step up and reach into the bed to tighten hold-down straps or retrieve other gear.

The concept mounting features on Carmichael’s Colorado were developed with the same eye on integrated functionality that’s offered in production accessories available today for Colorado customers – including the patent-pending GearOn™ system. It’s designed to hold larger items such as bikes, boards and kayaks above the bed, leaving room for smaller gear such as tents and sleeping bags in the bed. It can even accommodate 4 x 8-foot sheets of plywood above the wheelhouses.

Customers can have the accessories installed when they purchase their new truck, so they are ready at the time of vehicle delivery. In fact, they can even roll their cost, including any installation charges, into the monthly payments for the Colorado, and carry a warranty backed by General Motors.

With his motorcycle and mountain bike safely mounted, Carmichael and Chevrolet designers turned their attention to the Colorado’s exterior and interior to give it a one-of-a-kind appearance reflecting the hall-of-fame racer’s competitive spirit.

The truck was given a unique matte gray exterior color accented with high-gloss silver and yellow accents – and a graphic of Carmichael’s signature. The production 17-inch Z71 aluminum wheels were accented with yellow highlights and wrapped in Goodyear Duratec off-road tires. A concept sport bar was also added to the bed.

Yellow accents were added to the interior, along with Carmichael’s racing number 4 embroidered into the front seat headrests. Like the production Colorado, Carmichael’s concept version is well connected via Chevy MyLink with a built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. There’s also a standard rearview camera system that’s helpful when backing up with tall cargo, such as a motorcycle.

And when it comes to the power Carmichael appreciates, the Colorado delivers the segment’s most powerful and efficient engine: an available 3.6L V-6 rated at 305 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque – and 26 mpg on the highway (2WD models), according to EPA estimates. The concept vehicle features a concept performance exhaust system.

That power supports segment-leading capabilities, too, including a 7,000-pound maximum trailering capacity with available heavy-duty trailering package, and a maximum payload capacity of 1,590 pounds.

“The Colorado does everything I want in a pickup truck,” said Carmichael. “It simply does it in a smaller package that fits the lifestyle of a lot of people like me.”

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