2015 COPO Camaro arrives at 2014 SEMA Show

Article by Christian A., on November 4, 2014

Chevrolet formally presented during the SEMA Show the new 2015 COPO Camaro. This will be the fourth edition of this factory-built and limited-production race car. It will also be the final version for the brand’s Gen 5 Camaro. Similar to what Chevrolet did with the prior three model years, only 69 models will be manufactured. The model to be displayed during the SEMA Show will have its exterior colored in Abalone White with orange and gray accents.

It will even have the new COPO graphics. Powering this new model is the 350 “LSX” V8 engine and a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger. Chevrolet disclosed that each of the COPO Camaro race cars will be put together by hand. Manufacturing will begin with production hardware and this includes the same body in white that has been utilized for the brand’s production models.

The production race cars are equipped with both racing chassis as well as suspension parts. It also has the NHRA-approved roll cage along with different safety equipment. While the standard-production Camaro has an independent axle in the rear, the 2015 COPO Camaro has a distinct solid rear axle system. The brand will allow customers to choose from a wide range of naturally aspirated and supercharged LS-family engines.

These are also based on the proposed NHRA Stock and Super Stock classes like the naturally aspirated 250, 396, and 427 engines and the 350 supercharged engines. Chevrolet Performance will be offering the COPO crate racing engines along with other specialty parts utilized in production race cars. This will allow racers to create their very own race cars utilizing the factory-engineered and proven parts of the real COPO Camaros.

Overall, a total of six crate engines will be made available. For the naturally aspirated engines, these are the COPO 350, COPO 427, and COPO 396. For the supercharged versions, these are the COPO 350 (2.9L SC), the COPO 327 (4.0L SC), and COPO 327 (2.9L SC).

The brand added that a wide range of extra COPO Camaro service parts will also be offered. These include the alternator mounting kits and factory-engineered injector harnesses and all the way to the body in white that the brand makes use in creating the official COPO Camaro race cars. A complete description of all the engines and parts can be viewed in the newest 2015 Chevrolet Performance Parts catalog.

Customers can request this from the Chevrolet dealers or download it online at www.chevrolet.com/performance. Those who get the catalog can also get details of the Chevrolet Performance’s “COPO Camaro Build Book,” with part number 88958767. This allows customers to get an insider look at the production race cars assembly by going through hundreds of photos, all in color.

Detailed specifications for the NHRA classification are included as well as descriptions of the aftermarket parts. Manufacturers of parts used for the production versions are also included. Included as well are the start-up, warm-up and pre-/post-race procedures. Details of the fluid and maintenance recommendations are also incorporated.

The brand revealed that these new race cars will be participating in the 2015 racing season. They will be building on the momentum of the same COPO Camaro driven by Bruno Massel. This is the same race car that delivered a historic win for the brand during Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals, held in Indianapolis last summer. This was the first ever NHRA national event win for the 5th generation COPO Camaro.

In addition, it also topped a roster composed of seven additional class wins by race car drivers in COPO-powered race cars or even COPO Camaros. In total, there are around 36 COPO-powered race cars and COPO Camaros going for victories at U.S. Nationals. This will be the largest even assembly of COPO models to date.

Racing fans who want to learn more about the COPO program can look at the latest COPO information available at theblock.com, which is an online automotive community that is supported by none other than Chevrolet Performance. Meanwhile those who want to purchase one of the 69 units available must register at www.chevrolet.com/performance/copo-camaro. An independent third-party will then choose at random which customers will get a chance to purchase a new 2015 COPO Camaro.

Press Release

Chevrolet Introduces 2015 COPO Camaro

Chevrolet introduced the 2015 COPO Camaro today at the SEMA Show. It’s the fourth edition of the limited-production, factory-built race car – and the final version for the Gen 5 Camaro. As with the previous three model years, only 69 will be built.

The new race cars will enter the 2015 racing season building on the momentum of COPO Camaro racer Bruno Massel’s historic win at last summer’s Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals, in Indianapolis. It was the first NHRA national event victory for a fifth-generation COPO Camaro and topped a roster of seven additional class wins by drivers in COPO Camaros or COPO-powered race cars.

In all, about three dozen COPO Camaros and COPO-powered race cars vied for wins at the U.S. Nationals, making it the largest assembly of COPOs to date.

The 2015 COPO Camaro on display this week at the SEMA Show features an Abalone White exterior with gray and orange accents and all-new COPO graphics – and is powered by a 350 “LSX” V-8 with a 2.9L Whipple supercharger.

Each COPO Camaro race car is built by hand starting with production hardware, including the same body in white used for production models.

The production race cars are fitted with an NHRA-approved roll cage and other safety equipment, along with racing chassis and suspension components – including a unique solid rear axle system in place of a regular-production Camaro’s independent rear axle.

Customers can select from a variety of supercharged and naturally aspirated LS-family engines based on their intended NHRA Stock and Super Stock classes, including 350, 396 and 427 naturally aspirated engines and a supercharged 350.

Racers interested in purchasing one of the 69 2015 COPO Camaro race cars must register at www.chevrolet.com/performance/copo-camaro. An independent third-party will randomly select purchasers from the pool of interested customers.

COPO crate engines and parts

Chevrolet Performance offers COPO crate racing engines and many of the specialty parts used in the production race cars, enabling racers to construct their own race cars using the proven, factory-engineered components of the genuine COPO Camaros. Six crate engines are offered:

  • COPO 427 naturally aspirated
  • COPO 396 naturally aspirated
  • COPO 350 supercharged (2.9L SC)
  • COPO 350 naturally aspirated
  • COPO 327 supercharged (4.0L SC)
  • COPO 327 supercharged (2.9L SC)

The range of additional COPO Camaro service parts includes everything from factory-engineered injector harnesses and alternator mounting kits to the body in white that Chevrolet uses to build the official COPO Camaro race cars.

Complete descriptions of the engines and parts are available in the all-new, 2015 Chevrolet Performance Parts catalog, which is available from Chevrolet dealers and can be downloaded online at www.chevrolet.com/performance.

Also available through the catalog is Chevrolet Performance’s “COPO Camaro Build Book” (part number 88958767), which provides an insider’s look at the assembly of the production race cars through hundreds of color photos. It also includes detailed specifications for NHRA classification and descriptions of the aftermarket parts and their manufacturers used for the production vehicles. Important start-up, warm-up and pre-/post-race procedures are also included as well as fluid and maintenance recommendations.

Racing enthusiasts interested in more information on the COPO program can follow the latest COPO information at theblock.com – the online automotive community powered by Chevrolet Performance.

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