Engraved Subaru WRX STI on display at 2016 SEMA

Article by Christian A., on November 6, 2016

Held every year in Las Vegas in Nevada, the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA Show) is one where customers and enthusiasts alike are bound to see some of the most wonderful creations in the automotive industry. Indeed, there have been a lot of exciting new models. However when it comes to odd offerings, this year is no different.

ACE Alloy Wheels has included in its display an engraved version of the Subaru WRX STI. This customized sterling silver STI was the work of Japanese tuning company Corazon, which created the body kit that included a deep chin spoiler and large fender flares. The kit also allows for changes on the rear diffuser, side skirts, and front bumper. After that, the swan-neck wing is added together with the titanium exhaust system. While this may appear to be unusual on a sedan, it appears such practices are common, if not popular, where Corazon hails from.

For this customized STI though, it was not all about Corazon as the Japanese company collaborated with ACE Flowform, which was responsible for putting in a drift car spoke design and the blue alloy that had an overlip design.

If this seems familiar, it is because a similar one was displayed by Kuhl Racing during the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon. The only difference is that Kuhl used a Nissan GT-R. It is no wonder then that some are saying that Artis Japan may have been a part of this project considering this company is known to have the skills needed to make this happen.

Since the steering wheel is on the other side, there is no question that this model is geared for the Japanese Domestic Market. In addition to the engraving, another difference it has with the standard STI is that it is equipped with the 2.0-liter boxer engine instead of the usual 2.5-liter unit in the U.S. version.

Speaking of Kuhl, the engraved gold GT-R is not its first as it had already done something similar but in chrome. While the gold version uses chrome paint below with a gold spray finish above it, the look continues to be remarkable. Aside from being engraved, the body kit is in fact one rarely seen in a GT-R.

The sporting wheel flares are now wider with a customize wing installed. Meanwhile the bumpers in the rear come with a large diffuser and huge air ducts, both of which hide the exhaust system in a way that can be described as artwork.

But having been created for the Tokyo Auto Salon, this means that this version of the GT-R is more about fashion than about performance despite the 3.8-liter V8 engine under the hood. Kuhl had revealed that it was putting up this model for sale but he did not reveal yet how much.

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