Toyota's lineup at 2016 SEMA Show goes from delightful to extreme

Article by Anita Panait, on November 6, 2016

The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, or SEMA, has long been an event where large automakers like Toyota can display a wide assortment of the wonderful and the odd.

For the 2016 SEMA Show, Toyota has managed to come out with a wide range consisting of 30 vehicles. Each of the vehicles shown either contains an extreme aspect, explores the present, or honors the past. In some vehicles though, it is clear these three qualities come into play.

Six of these so-called extreme builds are the brand’s highlight as 4 them are entered as part of the show’s “Battle Of The Builders” competition.

1. Toyota Corolla Xtreme

While not quite that risky, the brand has managed to use the Corolla and convert it to this version. It has the appearance of a coupe though the doors in the front do not appear to be functional.

The Corolla Xtreme has a two-tone color, specifically a red and gray contrast with the wheels colored red as well. Though no other details are mentioned, Toyota revealed that it will be powered with the turbocharged engine and paired with the manual six-speed transmission.

2. Toyota Extreme Sienna

Unlike the Corolla, this one is Extreme and not Xtreme. The Sienna is known to be family friendly but this version shows that it can function as a WRC. Its body is colored in a combination of blue and gold.

Additional changes include the exterior being made wider with the front fascia redesigned. Fitted are the performance brakes, TRD brakes, dual exhaust, and ground effects.

The goal was to make the appearance mean but with a sense of purpose. Indeed, there is only so much one can add to a minivan shape. Even the interior is remarkable with the air ride system and Learjet interior. There is an iPad that manages the entire vehicle.

3. Toyota GT86 CS-Cup

Speaking of wonderful, the Toyota Motorsport Germany 86 Cup Series model is a good example. This is the first spec racer that the brand has made for a one-make motorsport series abroad.

2016 SEMA Show will mark the first time that this type will be debuting in U.S. soil. It comes in a red and white color combination with a huge wing in the rear. In addition, the aerodynamic add-ons are not placed there for show. The best way to think about this model is that it is the brand’s answer to the MX-5 Cup car from Mazda.

4. Twin-Turbo Toyota Land Speed Cruiser

For many customers, driving a Land Cruiser at 200 mph is bound to be scary. The stock model can barely manage 80 mph. But Toyota equipped the 5.7-liter V8 engine with a tow Garrett turbos to get an increase in power.

Indeed, Toyota revealed that everything inside this model has been redesigned and it had to be, considering that the objective was to allow the Land Cruiser to reach record speeds. The brand had to tweak its aerodynamics as well as its stability features to achieve this.

5. Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Race Truck

With this truck, Toyota hopes that customers can get to areas that other trucks are unable to enter. The brand hopes to have this special truck be a part of the Great American Off-Road Race or the MINT 400. Though it appears to be more like a stock Tacoma, it has been modified to allow for racing in the desert.

6. Toyota Prius G

The Prius is one of the brand’s popular models and it is not surprising that Toyota made sure that it would get the SEMA treatment as well. Unlike the standard version, the Prius G offers more grip on the road. Toyota revealed that this model has managed to get 0.99 Gs on the Willow Springs International Raceway’s skid pad.

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