2017 Fireball 900 Camaro is a badass muscle car, comes with 990 hp

Article by Christian A., on November 8, 2016

Fireball recently unveiled their latest racing monster at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. As far as we can tell, this 990 hp Camaro can put the Roush Mustangs and Hellcats to shame. The creators of the Fireball Chevy surely know how to do their thing. They set the bar, win the game, break the records and guess what? They can even offer the first ever 990hp Camaro for as low as $100 per horse or $90,000. Not bad.

The Fireball 900’s racing powers come from its 990 hp at the flywheel. Obviously, the 900 on its billing does not necessarily imply its powerful output. Dubbed as the fastest track-capable and street legal Camaro, the 990 hp Fireball can also speed off more quickly than the previous Chevy muscle cars. True enough, nothing even comes close to this definitive challenger.

Earlier this year, Fireball made a record breaking 9.83 second run with its very own rendition of 6th generation Camaro SS. Talking about pushing things to the limits, the Fireball 900 boasts up to 485 more hp than the Camaro Z28 and 340 more hp than the ZL1.

At first glance, the Fireball 900 Camaro being showcased at the SEMA show doesn’t look any different from the 2016 Camaro, until you see what’s under the hood. Nonetheless, the modification team behind Fireball’s impressive line-ups have probably mastered the art of fine-tuning to a tee. So this what makes the Fireball 900 so unique, apart from the tattooed badge, rims and custom hood design you won’t find on any other cars.

As they always do, the Fireball 900’s hood is specially painted in black while the wheels come in red and black combination. You won’t likely see any Fireball 900 lookalike. At least not one looking the same as its ”inferior counterparts” as the company puts it.

Of course, the Chevrolet Camaro just got faster with the help of the most advanced racing technologies. This includes Chromoly pushrods, high-performance axles, ported heads, long-tube headers and supercharger among many others. According to the dyno reading, the Fireball 900 Camaro can blow as much as 827hp and 677lb.-ft of torque. Let’s say about 10% to 20% drivetrain loss is taken into account; the Fireball 900 would still inevitably end up with 990hp figure.

If you’re seriously looking to have your very own 990 hp Camaro, you can find the Fireball 900 in select dealerships, which includes one in Eskridge Chevrolet in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Since the tuning company charge per horses, you can also avail the 720hp version. But why settle for anything less?

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