Chevrolet reveals Blue Line Malibu and Cruze concept versions at SEMA

Article by Christian A., on November 1, 2016

When talking about the Chevrolet, a lot of people are likely to focus on the Corvette, or even the Camaro. Even then, Chevrolet Performance knew that it should also put attention on vehicles that are considered to be more on the mainstream.

Thus the brand has said that at this November’s 2016 SEMA Show to be held in Las Vegas, it will be coming out with a Blue Line concept version for both Malibu and the Cruze hatchback.

In general, the two concept cars will have aftermarket components that can be bought from dealers through the Chevrolet Accessories catalogue.

According to Roger McCormack, who is the Director for Accessories and Performance Parts Marketing, the Chevrolet Blue Line Series comes with accessories that have been integrated in order to deliver customers with more choices for customization.

Each of the vehicles will have concept and production accessories that will be connected under the Blue Line Series line, he added. Through the SEMA Show and even at other venues, he continued, the brand will gauge the reaction of the public.

Chevrolet Malibu Blue Line

The first is the Chevy Malibu Blue Line which makes use of the midsize sedan format. While the brakes have been upgraded and fitted with the 18-inch wheels, these are both considered concepts.

All other parts though will be made available for purchase. One component that has been upgraded is the suspension kit which allows the vehicle to be lowered by 0.4 inch (10 mm).

New as well are the sport pedals, trunklid spoiler, side skirts, and diffuser in the rear. The doorsill plates have been illuminated and different black badges can be seen. Powering this concept version is the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine which is capable of delivering an output of 250 horsepower (186 kW). 

Chevrolet Cruze Blue Line Concept

The second concept car is the Cruze RS hatchback which has been equipped with Blue Line components, some parts of which the brand reveals will later be available in the future at authorized dealers. Like the previous concept car, this version of the Cruze RS hatchback comes with a suspension lowering kit that can lower the car by the same amount, which is 0.4 inch. However, a thicker anti-roll bar has been added on the front.

Components that have been upgraded include the brakes, sport pedals, chrome grille, illuminated doorsills, and the 18-inch wheels. Even the different satin-graphite interior trim components have been upgraded as well. The brand however will be offering a kit by the end of the year not just for the Cruze sedans, but the hatchbacks as well, where 16-inch wheels, or even larger, will be fitted.

Also upgraded are the front rotors which have been made larger, drilled, and then slotted. In addition, the Cruze Blue Line Concept will be powered with the turbocharged 1.4-liter inline-four engine with a new exhaust and new intake. These parts are projected to be available for purchase towards the middle part of next year.

Press Release


Chevrolet previewed the Malibu and Cruze RS hatchback Blue Line concepts today ahead of their Nov. 1 public debut at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Blending equal parts style, performance and function, they demonstrate the lifestyle and personalization possibilities of the brand’s latest vehicles — all with sophisticated aesthetics. Both of the concept vehicles feature Genesis White exteriors accented with blue-tinted windows and 18-inch concept wheels painted slate blue metallic.

“The Chevrolet Blue Line Series concepts integrate accessories that offer greater personalization choices for customers,” said Roger McCormack, director, Accessories and Performance Parts Marketing. “Each vehicle wears production and concept accessories thematically linked under the Blue Line Series banner. We look forward to gauging public reaction at the SEMA Show and other venues.”

The production and concept accessories were developed in Chevrolet’s design studio alongside the vehicles.

“Chevrolet accessories bring a level of value and peace of mind that can only come from parts that are designed, engineered, tested and backed by the same team that developed the vehicles,” said McCormack. “It’s a level of integration that enhances the sporty appearance of the vehicles.”

Malibu Blue Line
The Blue Line concept combines design accents with performance parts, for a more athletic stance and sporty look.

The Genesis White exterior offers a transitional look, appearing bright white in some light and light gray in other conditions. In addition to the slate blue metallic 18-inch concept wheels, Chevrolet Accessories include:

Ground effects kit with a rear diffuser
Black grille insert
Black Chevrolet bow tie emblems
Rear spoiler
Suspension lowering kit
Floor liners with premium metal badging
Illuminated doorsills
Sport pedal kit
The new suspension lowering kit includes springs that lower the ride height 0.4 inch (10 mm) for a sportier stance and more responsive handling. It is designed for models equipped with the available 2.0L turbocharged engine, which is rated 250 horsepower and matched with an all-new, available nine-speed automatic transmission that offers efficiency and refinement enhancements over the previous six-speed automatic transmission.

The concept also features a concept Chevrolet Performance brake kit (painted Harbor Gray Metallic) and additional custom touches that include tinted headlamp and taillamp lenses and polished exhaust tips.

Cruze RS Hatch Blue Line
The Blue Line concept is based on the 2017 Cruze RS hatchback, which adds a functional, sporty and stylish choice to Chevrolet’s lineup.

It also features a Genesis White exterior, blue-tinted windows, 18-inch slate blue metallic concept wheels and the following Chevrolet Accessories:

Chrome grille insert (available now)
Suspension lowering kit (available now)
Performance brake package (available by the end of 2016)
Performance air intake system (available mid-2017)
Performance exhaust system (available mid-2017).
Chevrolet’s new performance brake kit is offered for Cruze sedan and hatchback models originally equipped with available 16-inch or larger wheels. It features larger, 11.8-inch-diameter (300 mm) front Duralife vented and slotted rotors and new calipers versus the stock 10.9-inch (276 mm) rotors.

The suspension kit includes springs to reduce ride height by 0.4 inch (10 mm) and a larger-diameter front stabilizer bar that contributes to more responsive handling.

The concept’s black interior features custom satin graphite accents on the instrument panel, shift knob and door inserts, while the sport pedal kit, illuminated doorsills and an interior trim kit are Chevrolet Accessories.

Under the hood, the Cruze RS Hatchback’s standard 1.4L Turbo engine – rated at 153 horsepower – is accessorized with Chevrolet Performance’s air intake kit and performance exhaust system.

The intake kit includes a high-flow air filter and a secondary inlet duct to decrease air restriction, while the performance exhaust is a high-flow system that reduces backpressure for optimal engine breathing and performance. The intake kit includes a calibration (dealer-installed) exhaust system that is 50-state emissions-compliant.

It’s important to note the new-vehicle warranty remains intact when a Chevy dealer installs the accessories and performance parts.

The Malibu and Cruze Blue Line concepts will join approximately 20 additional Chevrolet models at the SEMA Show, Nov. 1-4. Follow the action at, #CHEVYSEMA, @ChevroletPerformance on Instagram and Chevrolet Performance on Facebook.

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