Ford presents custom Focus ST and Fiesta ST at 2015 SEMA Show

Article by Christian A., on November 4, 2015

Ford is gracing the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas with unmatched fervour as it showcases more than 50 vehicles, easily making it the largest stand at the event. Aside from displaying these models, Ford Out Front is also offering attendees of the SEMA Show an opportunity to watch or ride in one of Ford’s performance car or trucks on a closed course.

Of course, some of the special models at Ford’s booth are customized renditions of the Ford Focus ST and the Ford Fiesta ST performance cars. These hot hatches from Ford Performance are modified in SEMA style to show how they could match the preferences as well as needs of their owners.

Ford Performance created a street- and track ready Focus ST, a rally-bound Focus ST, a cyclist’s Focus ST, a well-round Focus ST, a stylish support Fiesta ST, and a track-capable Fiesta ST.

First up is the Ultra Orange Ford Focus ST from CJ Pony Parts. This version of the Focus ST features a heavily tuned powertrain and a modified suspension as well as a new set of wheels and tires.

Its powertrain underwent COBB Tuning and now includes a Stage 3 Performance Pack, ATP upgraded turbo package, a cold air intake, a full exhaust, a downpipe, a front-mount intercooler, a motor mount, and a custom tune via Accessport V3 tuner.

Its suspension system now features an AirLift fully adjustable suspension as well as COBB Tuning anti-roll bars. It also sports Wilwood six-piston 14-inch front brakes and Wilwood 13-inch rear brakes. On the other hand, the Ultra Orange Ford Focus ST is wrapped in House of Kolor Ultra Orange Pearl paint as painted by GCR Auto.

Exterior elements include custom CJ Pony Parts front splitter, Diode Dynamics LED lights and Street Scene side skirt splitters. The exterior looks of the Ultra Orange Ford Focus ST is accentuated by Fifteen52 Tremac R43 (19 inches x 8.5 inches) wheels hugged by Nitto NT01 (235/35R19) tires.

Inside, the Ultra Orange Ford Focus ST fitted with Sparco Chrono Road seats while cabin illumination is provided by Diode Dynamics LED lighting. With these features, the Ultra Orange Ford Focus ST is now track-ready and street-capable.

The second Focus ST model is modified for SEMA by Rally Innovations to become "The Future of Rally." Featuring a Gundam-style body kit as well as liberal use of red accent and imposing 19-inch matte graphite wheels, this Focus ST breaks out with a sexy, race theme.

It also features Anaheim Rod & Custom three-color paint scheme: white pearl with red and graphite gray accents. Wrapping the exterior of this Focus ST is House of Kolor Sno White pearl and Blue Blood red paint with LED RED accents.

Modifications include the installation of three-piece aluminum front splitter, aluminum side splitter, wheel diverters and light plate. Additionally, the Rally Innovations Focus ST sports a vented hood, rear hatch spoiler, metal wide fenders, and side moldings.

It also features graphic die cut vinyl scheme and JDM Aero hood latches. Furthermore, the Rally Innovations Focus ST comes with a 20-inch LED stealth bar from Baja Designs with Rally Innovations light plate as well as 3x3 Squadron Pro LED wide cornering lights, also from Baja Designs. The vehicle also has an antenna from Beat-Sonic Blaid.

Completing the exterior looks of this Focus ST are Rays 57 Xtreme matte graphite wheels (19 inches by 8.5 inches) with 5x114.3 bolt pattern (38mm offset) and 25mm wheel adapters (5x108 to 5x114.3). These wheels are wrapped in Nitto NT555 245/35R19 tires. Just like any rally car, safety is a priority with this Focus ST.

That is why it comes with Rally Innovations’ four-point custom roll cage, Cusco/Bride Euroster II+C adjustable race seats, and Cusco four-point harnesses. However, there are no rear seats for the Rally Innovations Focus ST.

Instead, roll cage panels are installed. Moreover, this Focus ST features a Sony 401A upgraded sound system as well as LED RED lighting accents. Powertrain modifications include the installation of Greddy Airinx intake system, Greddy Supreme SP exhaust system and Greddy 24LS aluminum intercooler and piping kit. Customizing is provided by COBB Tuning Accessport V3.

Its chassis, meanwhile, comes with RS-R Sports-i coilover suspension as well as R1 Concepts custom slotted rotors and pads.

In addition, it is fitted with Whiteline front and rear camber adjustment bushing kits and COBB Tuning adjustable shift. With all these modifications, the Rally Innovations Focus ST is geared up and ready to tackle any rally with a sexy yet strong personality.

Meanwhile, cycling athletes and even enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate with the arrival of the Focus ST by COBB Tuning. This Focus ST version allows these people to be psyched up before a race.

Featuring a Thule ThruRide bike rack system, the Focus ST by COBB Tuning allows riders to haul their bikes from their garage to the races or to places where they want to enjoy the feeling of fresh air while biking.

Aside from the rack system, the exterior of this Focus ST features BASF paint -- COBB race red paint by Continental Collision. It also comes with Triple R Composites front splitter and sideskirt splitters. To demonstrate the bike-carrying feature of the Focus ST by COBB Tuning, the rack comes with Focus Cayo 4.0 bikes.

Completing the exterior appearance of the Focus ST by COBB Tuning are Rotiform forged DUS (18 inches x 9.5 inches) wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires. The comfort of occupants is increased by the vehicle’s use of Accuair TWR air suspension of the chassis system.

Revisions to the chassis system include Accuair e-Level air management system as well as StopTech ST-40 front big brake kit and StopTech rear rotors and lines.

COBB Tuning also introduces a number of modifications to the Focus ST’s powertrain like the fitment of a turbo kit, a turbo-back exhaust system, a front-mount intercooler and a cold air intake. COBB Tuning also installed a Accessport V3 tuner to customize the sound created by the powertrain system.

On the other hand, the drivetrain of the performance car includes a motor mount, an adjustable shift plate and a shift knob. Furthermore, the cabin of the Focus ST by COBB Tuning features JPM Coachworks Alcantara accents. Not all drivers, however, want their Focus ST to be focused on power.

Some also want a good blend of power and handling. Then, the Focus ST from FSWERKS is for them. Upgrades were not concentrated on one area. Instead, modifications were made on the engine, suspension, brakes and chassis.

The Focus ST by FSWERKS features a clean exterior with some added features like Triple R Composites front splitter and sideskirts while the interior features COBB Tuning Accessport V3 data monitoring and logging device.

To increase the power of the Focus ST by FSWERKS, the vehicle underwent COBB Tuning and FSWERKS custom ECU programming. FSWERKS also installed a Cool-Flo air intake system, a three-inch stainless steel turbo-back exhaust system, and a front-mount intercooler.

A short shift kit was also fitted for a more precise throw. For better stability and handling while on the road, the Focus ST by FSWERKS was provided with H&R Special Springs street coilover suspension as well as FSWERKS lower front stress bar and a COBB Tuning anti-sway bar.

Braking is also upgraded courtesy of a StopTech big brake kit and FSWERKS stainless steel brake lines. For better road traction, the vehicle comes with Continental ExtremeContact DW (235/35R19) tires that wrap Rotiform monoblock LVS (19 inches x 8.5 inches) wheels.

On the other hand, CINEMOTIVE MEDIA has proven that the Ford Fiesta ST has the potential to become a capable support vehicle. Yes, CINEMOTIVE MEDIA transformed the Fiesta ST into one that could support a number of activities like filming or even camping; thus showing how versatile this vehicle can be.

Wrapped in Square 1 Armoring York Castle Green Metallic paint, the Fiesta ST by CINEMOTIVE MEDIA features Ignited HID headlights and Ignited HID fog lights that could illuminate not only the road ahead, but also anything on a site.

Drivers could also mount their bicycles on this Fiesta ST thanks to a SeaSucker Mini Bomber bicycle roof mounted rack with spare wheel. In fact, this model will be shown at SEMA with a mounted Giant Bicycles Propel Advance.

Giving the Fiesta ST by CINEMOTIVE MEDIA a strong road presence are its Fifteen52 front carbon lip, carbon sideskirts, and carbon rear wing. Making sure that the paint is shielded from harsh elements is Xpel Tech paint protection film by @thesignsavers.

The interior, meanwhile, features COBB Tuning shift knob, Recaro OEM seats and SS Tuning steering wheel. A number of revisions were also made to the powertrain of the Fiesta ST including the addition of a Stage 3 power package, front-mount intercooler, cold air intake, rear engine mount, downpipe and turbo-back exhaust.

A smart blow-off valve and Accessport V3 are also included. Accordingly, changes were made to the chassis, as elements like BC Racing BR Type coilover suspension, Baer six-piston brake calipers and Baer two-piece slotted and drilled rotors were added.

The Fiesta ST by CINEMOTIVE MEDIA sits on ADV.1 ADV5 Track Spec (17 inches x 9 inches front and 17 inches x 9.5 inches rear) wheels wrapped in Falken RT-615K (205/40R17 front, 215/40R17 rear) tires.

DSPORT, meanwhile, toyed with the idea that the Ford Fiesta ST and its 1.6-liter EcoBoost could break their normal limits and become as race-ready as possible. Thus, in order to transform the Fiesta ST into a race-capable car, DSPORT implemented a number of upgrades, particularly to its powertrain and chassis.

To take the performance of the Fiesta ST to another level, the powertrain was granted with new elements like SS Turbo manifold, exhaust, front-mount intercooler and aluminum intercooler pipes as well as BorgWarner EFR 6258 Turbo, BOOMBA injector plate and RC Engineering 4 x 320cc/min port fuel injectors.

Also installed were new oil cooler, catch can and radiator hoses as well as COBB Tuning Accessport V3, CP-Carrillo CP pistons, CP-Carrillo Carrillo Pro-H straight beam rods and Club DSPORT Machine Shop engine assembly.

Its chassis, meanwhile, features KW 2-way independent adjustable coilover suspension and Eibach rear anti-roll bar, with the braking function given to Wilwood six-piston, 12.2-inch front brakes and Wilwood 11.8-inch rear brakes.

DSPORT also added some elements on the exterior of the Fiesta ST like Fifteen52 front lip and rocker extensions and Club DSPORT Machine Shop front brake cooling ducts. The Ford Fiesta ST by DSPORT comes with color-sanded and buffed molten lava base color.

Since this Fiesta ST is prepped to compete in the Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car (TC) class, it features Design Craft Fabrication’s World Challenge TC-Spec eight-point roll cage, SPARCO Pro ADV seats and SPARCO steering wheel.

Providing traction for this rendition of the Fiesta ST is a set of Pirelli P-Zero Racing Slicks (245/620R17) tires that wrap around Volk Racing TE37V forged racing wheels. Club DSPORT 4 x 100mm wheel hub conversion is featured on this ST.

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