New Honda Civic Type R Prototype finally reaches US shores at 2016 SEMA Show

Article by Christian A., on November 4, 2016

Car enthusiasts and customers alike in the U.S. finally got the chance to take a closer look at the new Civic Type R Prototype from Honda as the automaker has included it in the lineup for the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association, or 2016 SEMA Show, held in Las Vegas.

This latest offering from the brand was first shown to the public during the 2016 Paris Motor Show held last October. It was also on this same auto show in Paris that Honda revealed it would be bringing the Civic Type R to the U.S. Created by the brand’s Research and Development divisions of both Japan and Europe working together, the Type R is based on the 10th generation of the Civic and comes out just after the official launching of the 2017 Civic Hatchback.

As such, the new Type R has the same wide and low proportions seen on the Hatchback. Some of the differences include the body style being more muscular plus a host of other modifications that are intended to boost aerodynamic performance.

The front section has a more aggressive fascia and this is highlighted by having the accent line in red and placing a winged splitter made of carbon fiber. As part of the Type R range, the well-known “H” badge of the brand can be seen on the vehicle’s nose, specifically the front grille.

Helping display the aggressiveness of the new Type R are the indicator lights, side indicator repeater lights, and LED headlights having smoked lenses. Looking at the side, one can see the carbon fiber side skirts which go across the side sills. At each end are the alloy 20-inch wheels having a piano black color with red accents and fitted with the high-performance 245-section tires.

While Honda calls it as a prototype, many are saying that it is likely that the production version, which is the 2018 Civic Type R, will not be that different from what is displayed. There is the possibility though that the 20-inch wheels may be offered more as an option rather than standard. It is possible as well that the brand may remove the center exhaust tip, which has been colored in red. However, the fact that it was fitted with parking sensors, which one typically would not place on a concept version, means that this is what customers are likely to see.

Though the exterior features are indeed bound to excite, there is no word yet on the interior as the one on display has the doors locked and the windows tinted. In terms of power, the production version is expected to have an inline-four turbocharged 2.0-liter which can deliver output of 223 kW, or around 300 hp.

The production version or the 2018 Civic Type R, will be officially unveiled in 2017 and will be manufactured exclusively at Honda’s U.K. facility located in Swindon.

Press Release

2017 Honda Civic Type R Prototype

The radical Honda Civic Type R Prototype builds on the low and wide proportion of the new Civic Hatchback and is enhanced by muscular body styling and modifications to aid aerodynamic performance. The exterior is wrapped in a highly reflective, finely-grained brushed aluminum-effect finish, which is unique to the prototype car. At the front, the aggressive fascia is accentuated with a winged carbon fiber splitter and sporty red accent line. Additional slatted ducts add width to the fascia, and diamond-mesh inserts fill the sculpted air intakes.

Honda's iconic red "H" badge, which adorns all Type R models, sits prominently on the front grille at the nose of the car. There is a new intake on the hood, with an air scoop sited centrally in a trapezoidal recess. Smoked lenses for the LED headlights, indicators and side indicator repeater lights reflect the Type R Prototype's more aggressive character. Carbon fiber side skirts run the length of the side sills, between 20-inch piano black alloy wheels with red accents and 245-section high-performance tires. A beefy carbon fiber diffuser runs below the wider rear fascia, which frames three fully-functional tailpipes flanked by a pair of directional strakes. The smaller diameter central tailpipe is highlighted in bright metallic red. Model-exclusive vortex generators at the rear edges of the roof point backward toward a visually striking rear wing.

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