Toyota reveals 6 extreme vehicles at 2016 SEMA Show [Live Photos]

Article by Anita Panait, on November 6, 2016

When Toyota first revealed that it will be showcasing a total of 30 vehicles for the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association, enthusiasts could hardly contain their excitement. However what is even more thrilling is that six of these have been modified to show just how extreme Toyota’s models can go.

According to the Japanese automaker, each of these six models either honors the brand’s heritage, looks at the current state, or projects what the future will be. There are also models that appear to be a combination of these three. Since the brand will be having what can be considered as the largest exhibit in the history of the SEMA Show, it is not surprising that Toyota went on this path. Below are the six models that Toyota took a chance on and gave a number of improvements.

The first is the Swagger Wagon, which is actually the Sienna in blue. Some would call this as the height of luxury when it comes to transportation, with the best description of the Swagger Wagon being that it is similar to a flying jet. While this minivan is now wider and lower, the brand put a number of enhancements composed of carbon fiber as well as those inspired by racing. However, the interior is what makes it stand out given its use of custom-leather, capacity for wi-fi connectivity, and the inclusion of a high-end theater system. With all these on the inside, customers are likely not to concern themselves with how the exterior actually looks.

Next is the XTREME Corolla which basically takes all of the compact model’s basic principles and takes it to the extreme. Working with Cartel Customs and putting in bespoke but aggressive styling cues, Toyota was able to make the Corolla a rather clumsy two-door. On the inside, it has the JBL sound system and a floating center console.

The third is the Land Speed Cruiser which may initially look like a Land Cruiser that has been somewhat modified but it throws the concept of an SUV out the window. As the name implies, this version was made for speed and its proof is the 5.7-liter 3UR-FE V8 engine with output of 2,000 hp. This amount of power results in maximum speed at 354 km/h, or around 220 mph.

Next two are the Tacoma TRD Pro Race and GT86 CS-Cup which are full performance vehicles and expected to be part of different racing circuits. While the GT86 was made for a one-time series abroad, the Tacoma is planned to be part of the TRD collection and to race during the 2017 MINT 400, which is also known as the “The Great American Off-Road Race”.

Finally there is the Prius G, a model that Toyota hopes will show just how much further hybrids can go. It sticks to the road so much that during the Willow Springs International Raceway, it recorded on the skid pad a rating of 0.99 g. Even if it was indeed based on the Prius GT 300, it is still a standard hybrid.

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