Vorsteiner unveils Ferrari 458 VX program at 2016 SEMA Show

Article by Christian A., on November 4, 2016

Those who got the chance to go to Las Vegas and attend the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (2016 SEMA Show) are clearly in for a treat as Vorsteiner has revealed its McLaren 570-VX program. However it doesn’t seem to be enough for this celebrated California-based tuner as they went ahead and unveiled the Ferrari 458-VX program.

Although the actual Ferrari 458 Italia is no longer manufactured as it was replaced by the 488 GTB, the modifications being implemented by Vorsteiner gives this model a more modern day look. The upgrades also help enhance this vehicle’s road presence while making sure that the design of the exterior gets that extra ruthlessness and aggression.

Starting on the rear section, one can see that there is now a trunk lip spoiler. Since it is composed of carbon fiber, a lightweight material, it helps enhance the downforce and ensures that the rear wheels remain on the ground. Still on the rear, there is a bespoke bumper where a diffuser has been integrated as well as a set of tailpipes with blue tips. While it is clear that the modifications done on the rear are indeed extensive, the same is true for the front end.

There is for instance the newly installed bespoke bumper, made of carbon fiber, which comes with a protruding splitter and air intake surrounds. As what can be expected from Vorsteiner’s products, the bumper in the front is not just for show but has a function as well. By having a splitter, the air is fed to the new intakes allowing the downforce to be improved. Rounding off this program are the brake calipers in yellow and the gold wheels. It is clear as well that the paint scheme used takes its inspiration from the 458 MM Speciale.

As mentioned earlier, Vorsteiner will be displaying as well the 570-VX program which offers styling packages for both the McLaren 570S and the McLaren 570GT. What this does it make an entry-level supercar become a monster that is sure to turn head and make jaws drop.

Changes include putting in a bespoke bumper in the front which is integrated with carbon flics and front splitter made of carbon fiber. It even has modified air intakes, made of carbon as well. However what makes the package truly stand out are the upgrades done at the rear section. Much like the P1 GTR, there is now a carbon fiber wing with the uprights no longer connected to the decklid but rather to its rear bumpers.

A customized diffuser, having six vertical elements, has been placed in the rear as well. Meanwhile the bootlid lip, composed of carbon fiber, has been made more pronounced compared to the GT or even the standard 570S. Carbon splitters have been placed on the side too. Though the package comes with the forged wheels from Vorsteiner, the company is offering a wide range of choices for the customers.

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