2015 Range Rover HSE Test Drive In The Dubai Desert

Article by Christian A., on October 20, 2015

No other sport utility vehicle in history can claim that it is as tough as it is luxurious. Only the Range Rover model built by British automaker Land Rover holds a reputation of providing unrivalled off-road capabilities from a four-wheel drive SUV while offering the highest level of comfort and convenience.

The motoring industry has not been the same ever since the first-generation Range Rover was launched in 1970. Unsurprisingly, production of this model only ended in 1996. The second generation arrived 25 years after the first model rolled out.

It came with improved Rover V8 engines as well as with a 2.5 BMW turbo diesel. Upgrades were made just so it could be successful in rising above its competition, which includes several Japan-produced models and the G Klasse.

To achieve smoother handling and response, the model was fitted with air suspension. And for additional control and security, it received anti-lock braking systems. During the development of the third-generation Range Rover, a deal was made between Land Rover and BMW.

That partnership resulted to an innovative building technology that consisted of utilizing the monocoque body. It came with a feature that caught the attention of so many auto fans. The ride stayed smooth whether the vehicle was on the road or off it because it was fitted with the 4-wheel independent air suspension.

It was at the 2012 Paris Motor Show that the fourth-generation model made its debut. Built from the ground up, it was obviously inspired by the original model’s design and love for innovations.

Land Rover built this new Range Rover to be very capable. Its strong well-designed structure means that it can be driven through all kinds of terrain. It can now wade through depths of up to 900mm (from only 200mm). And it is the best in its class when it comes to towing, with a trailer capacity of 3,500kg.

Terrain Response 2 provides input, including advice on when to choose low range and on determining the off-road ride height. Land Rover never puts anything to chance and has subjected the new Range Rover to a series of tests to ensure that its reliability and durability are indisputable.

Land Rover’s road tests and development processes are gruelling, to say the least. Its development vehicles experience the worst climates and road surfaces, as they’re driven over thousands of miles in more than 20 countries.

The vehicles’ movements are monitored by the Adaptive Dynamics system for a minimum of 500 times a second. It certainly helps that it comes with variable dampers that optimize ride, composure, and control.

Handling and comfort are enhanced even more by Dynamic Response, which independently regulates the front and rear suspension units, lessening body lean when driving past corners.

The Range Rover HSE is undoubtedly the perfect vehicle for those who are looking for the most elegant SUV currently available and those who don’t consider price as a factor in making the purchase.

Exterior Design

This new Range Rover boasts a clean shape that’s as elegant as they come with its new set of design cues. Of course, it still looks like a Range Rover; it isn’t that drastic.

However, it stands for a major move towards achieving a brave change in its design. The trademark Range Rover look consists of three classic strokes of the lower accent graphic, a roofline that floats, and an uninterrupted waistline.

It has a subtly tapered silhouette with gentle curves. The roof features near-flush glazing and gloss black pillars, making it appear more streamlined.

Land Rover created the first SUV in the world with a lightweight all-aluminum monocoque body structure – a move that put the spotlight on the brand. To put this pioneering move in perspective, take note that the new model is 39% lighter than the third generation, which used a steel body.

That’s equivalent to a 420kg reduction in weight. In addition, the new model was fitted with the Range Rover full-time intelligent 4WD system, which came with a two-speed transfer box that functioned in conjunction with the advanced electronic traction control systems. This resulted to dynamic stability and excellent traction.

Interior Design

The interior is just as impressive. It has the signature design features of a Range Rover and comes with a new and contemporary finish. The cabin kept the trademark bold architectural shapes but made them more elegant and sleeker with surfaces that came from using top-quality veneers and leather.

Passengers in the front and rear are treated to a complete range of premium elements that are unrivalled in its segment. Land Rover seeks to make sure that occupants are comfortable and convenient and stocked the latest Range Rover with the most advanced technologies, including connectivity.

Let’s start by mentioning its cutting-edge high-resolution displays that have the full digital instrument cluster as well as the central 8-inch touchscreen. Occupants enjoy dual-view functionality, voice control and connectivity.

Furthermore, its climate control systems are the best among the others in its class. Its interior is meticulously appointed, exuding calmness, indulgence, and the ultimate in comfort. The broad center console is designed so that the most important controls are easy to get to.

Its surfaces are clean and classy with wood veneers and soft supple leathers, achieving a top gloss. The sound you hear from inside the car is perfect wherever you sit. That’s because any flaws are corrected by its highly advanced 13-speaker Meridian audio tuning system.

A Soft Door Close option is available for this model – a must-have feature for that noiseless trip. Sound is kept to a minimum because the last 0.23 inches of door closure is controlled.

For optimal convenience, the passengers enjoy premium features such as keyless entry, soft door close with power latching, power upper and lower tailgates, cooler compartments, and electrically deployable towbar. Audio is exceedingly high-end with surround sound systems that ensure the approval of any audiophile –- all from British specialists Meridian.

Only high-resolution displays are used in this Range Rover, featuring a full digital instrument cluster and the central 8-inch touch-screen with Dual-View functionality. It has a premium connectivity package for mobile devices. Voice control is seamless as well.

Furthermore, this Ranger Rover only uses the best climate control systems currently available. Seating is uber-luxurious with the most exciting new features – one of which is multi-mode massage. Land Rover doesn’t scrimp on anything, not even on illumination. It features the most advanced LED illumination for that subtle and elegant ambient lighting.


The Range Rover HSE model that we were able to test had a 5.0-liter V8 supercharged petrol engine, capable of producing a 375 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque.

The manufacturer claims that this V8 engine allows the SUV to accelerate from zero to 62 mph in 7.8 seconds – a feat that’s impressive once you consider that it has an unladen weight of 2580 kg.

Its fuel economy may be a bit of a letdown even if it was already improved and is better than the previous model. This V8 which has a rating of a combined 22 imperial mpg, equivalent to 12.8 l/100 km.

With the exclusive Terrain Response 2 system used in this Range Rover, it has become more convenient and easy to monitor conditions in driving. Different terrains demand for varying responses.

The system works by automatically optimizing traction and driveability as well as by making adjustments on the engine’s response, its gearbox, chassis systems, and center differential. The driver is guided by the system even when it has exited the auto mode.

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