Porsche course now free for young members of Guild of Motoring Writers

Article by Anita Panait, on July 28, 2012

Porsche is now offering a free advanced driver training to young members of the Guild of Motoring Writers. Members of the guild who are below the age of 30 are eligible to enrol for free in the YouDrive@Porsche course, which usually costs £165. Members who are aged 30 and up could also participate in the YouDrive@Porsche course by just making a £100 donation to the Guild.

The YouDrive@Porsche course is a half-day programme, held at the Driving Skills Academy at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone, that teaches car-handling exercises on the Ice Hill, Kick Plate and low-friction surfaces. The YouDrive@Porsche course is hosted by race-driving instructor Vicki Butler-Henderson alongside Porsche’s chief driving consultant Gordon Robertson.

The course incorporates an advanced theory session and is completed in part using each participant’s own vehicle. The course also includes a session with the Porsche Human Performance team that tests various motorsport-related fitness activities.

Participants in the YouDrive@Porsche course could look forward to spending 30 minutes on the handling circuit in a new 911. According to Guild chairman Richard Aucock, younger motoring writers usually drive powerful cars without having any advanced driving lessons.

He added that the YouDrive@Porsche course will allow these writers to improve their driving skills in a safe and controlled environment while having a huge amount of fun.

Despite the 911 Carrera having had its fuel economy optimized, Porsche still implemented a downsizing in a way the brand is known for. Instead of the 3.6-liter engine like the one in the previous version, the new 911 Carrera is equipped instead with a 3.4-liter engine which, despite having smaller displacement, is able to offer more power. When paired with the PDK transmission, this makes this model the first sports car from the brand to have CO2 emissions not exceeding 200 g/km.

Meanwhile the addition of the active Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control, or PDCC, which is an active roll-compensation system, helps increase the lateral dynamics to go beyond its limits by a wide margin. What the PDCC does is when the vehicle is cornering and it detects that there is a possibility that a roll will occur, the system immediately avoids that from happening.

As such, it allows for excellent agility no matter what the speed is. It also helps improve cornering while ensuring that any load change behavior is stable. This system therefore is the best symbol of the new thing that the 911 Carrera can offer when it comes to driving dynamics. The PDDC is offered as an option under the Carrera S. Further, Porsche changed the suspension completely and added in a number of redesigned components.

This allows the 911 Carrera to raise the driving dynamics to an entirely new level. Changes include making the wheelbase longer and when combined with the front track being made wider, allows for a new kind of geometry. It results in better roll stability and sure-footed tracking when running at high longitudinal speeds or when cornering.

Since the brand is well-known for its feedback and precision, along with superior consumption, the engineering team was able to come up with a new system with the electro-mechanical steering being part of it.

This latest development also meant that the vehicle, for the first time, could also offer comfort. Since the whole system only needs power with steering, consumption is reduced by as much as 0.1 liter for every 100 kilometers.

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