2011 Tokyo Motor Show Preview: Daihatsu D-X Concept

Article by Christian A., on November 13, 2011

Daihatsu will debut the D-X at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. This new concept offers a lot of versatility. It’s easy to transform it from a sportscar to an off-roader simply by swopping out the panels. Aside from transforming into an off-roader, the D-X can also be converted to a roadster, a shooting brake that is reminiscent of the smart roadster coupe as well as into a track machine. The photos that have been released display an unusual van, a toy car and another toy car in the dirt.

What it is fundamentally is a kei car. It comes with a 0.66-liter two-cylinder engine that features direct injection and turbocharging. This is also quite similar to what smart had done.

Daihatsu is planning to showcase four concept cars, eight production models, and an array of technologies at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show. The event will be opened to the general public from December 3 to December 11, 2011 at the Tokyo Big Sight venue in Tokyo, Japan.

With slogan "Big Answer from Small," Daihatsu plans to show in each of its exhibits its chosen roadmap for technological innovations that could be fitted in a compact car. One of these exhibits is the D-X ("d-cross") that features tough and aggressive styling. Just by swapping out parts of the vehicle’s resin-based body, the DX’s specs could be modified into a wide variety of types.

Daihatsu created the D-X not only to unveil a new form of a sports car, but also to show a feeling of oneness between the driver and the vehicle that only compact cars can provide. Serving as the core of the D-X is a two-cylinder engine with direct-injection turbo, thereby achieving a great balance between driving enjoyment and fuel economy.

Another exhibit that will be showcased on the Tokyo Motor Show is the PICO two-seater electric vehicle, which embodies a new category of vehicle slotted between light autos and motorized bicycles. This EV represents the social-environmental appeal that only compact cars can provide to adapt to certain changes like aging population, delivery businesses and regional locations.

Also slated to be exhibited at the biennial event is the FC ShoCase, a next-generation zero-emission mobility solution. Interestingly, the FC ShoCase is equipped with a next-generation unit that features liquid fuel cells containing no precious metals. This concept car embodies new possibilities for compact cars to become zero-emission vehicles leading the way to a free energy future.

"Among these exhibits, the D-X ("d-cross") is characteristic of tough and aggressive styling which exudes a one-of-a-kind presence. Its specifications can be modified into a variety of types by swapping out parts of its resin-based body. With the D-X, Daihatsu offers a driving experience with that sense of oneness between person and vehicle that only a compact car can provide, together with a new form for a sports car." said the press release.

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