Datsun launches GO-cross Concept at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on October 30, 2015

It has only been a year since Datsun made a comeback but it’s already thinking of expanding into new markets that are experiencing high growth. If everything goes as planned, it may soon enter markets in South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, among others.

This development was announced at Nissan Global Headquarters on the night that the company celebrated the first year since sales began in South Africa, which is No. 4 on the brand’s list of launch markets.

At this event, Nissan also took the time to put the spotlight on how Datsun has returned to the global arena with its exhibit at the Tokyo Motor Show. Datsun, a brand that disappeared almost 30 years ago, divulged in 2012 that it was making a return.

In 2014, it did just that with the start of sales in India last year in March. To date, the number of new Datsun units that have been sold in South Africa, Russia, and Indonesia has surpassed the 100,000 mark.

Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun, expressed pride at having completed the first stage of its return, adding that it is a “significant day” for the brand. He also said that the latest sales figure that has reached him about Datsun GO’s progress in India is now at 114,000 vehicles.

He shared that the plan is to increase sales and expand its networks in the four markets where it already has a presence. In addition, it will soon add three new models to its lineup in India. At the start of 2016, Datsun will introduce an entirely new model that would be the first Nissan model to use the new CMF-A structure created by the Renault-Nissan alliance.

Nevertheless, he assured everyone that Datsun’s next steps will still be guided by its core values of `Dream, Access and Trust.’ Also during that fateful night, a new concept car was presented. This is the second concept that made its debut after the launch of the first one 17 months ago.

The company’s vision to enter new markets and expand current ones has the Datsun GO-cross Concept in the middle of it as it makes plans for the potential growth of the Datsun GO/GO+ range. This crossover concept has the brand exploring the market’s need for a model that boasts high spirits and a love for adventure.

While this car is perfect for everyday demands, it also has plenty to offer for those going on vacation. For now, there’s no concrete plan for the Datsun GO-cross Concept to enter production. It is built on the same platform as the Datsun GO+ and shares many features with it too.

However, it is considered to be a step above as it will be a more exciting version and it will be equipped with innovations. In August 2015, a campaign was launched to celebrate the company’s achievement of the 100,000th unit sold.

Customers from all four of its markets were asked to share how the new Datsun has changed their lives. Whoever submitted the best story from every market was asked to be present at the event in Yokohama. There may also soon be a book that contains the most noteworthy stories that resulted from this campaign.

Press Release

Global unveil of new Datsun GO-cross Concept points to possibilities for line-up expansion

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Just a year after its return, the reborn Datsun brand is looking at possible expansion in new high growth markets such as Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and beyond.

The announcement made during a special event at Nissan Global Headquarters coincided with the first anniversary of the start of sales in South Africa, the fourth of the brand's initial launch markets. The event also highlighted Datsun's presentation of the Story of the brand's return to international media visiting the Tokyo Motor Show.

Nearly three decades after the name was last used, Datsun's return was announced in 2012 and its first cars went on sale in India in March 2014. Since then, more than 100,000 new Datsuns have been sold in total in India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa.

"This is a significant day for Datsun," said Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun. "We have successfully completed the first phase of our return, and we feel proud that through our vehicles more than 100,000 customers have been able to make their dream of personal mobility a reality. In fact, the latest figure of cars sold since Datsun GO was launched in India in March 2014 now stands at 114 000 units. Our expansion plans include the continued growth of sales and service networks in our four existing markets, while expanding our offering to three models in India. There, we will launch a totally new model at the beginning of 2016, which will be the first Nissan Motor model based on the new Renault-Nissan Alliance CMF-A architecture. We are also studying further business expansion possibilities in other high-growth markets around the world, including Africa. Whatever happens next, the Datsun core values of 'Dream, Access and Trust' will continue to influence the next phase of our brand's journey."

One of the highlights of the event was the global unveil of a new concept car, the company's second in just 17 months. The Datsun GO-cross Concept showcases the brand's vision for possible expansion of the Datsun GO/GO+ family in high growth markets.

The concept investigates the market potential of a cross-over with spirit and a sense of adventure. It's a car that fully handles the day-to-day routine yet still has plenty left for holidays or weekend fun.

Although a pure concept at the moment, the futuristic Datsun GO-cross Concept – if it is brought to market – could be the perfect car to take its owners on their journey through life, allowing them to GO further.

It shares the same platform as Datsun GO+ and borrows key iconic design features from that vehicle. Yet it is a significant evolution, and underlines Datsun's philosophy of continuously offering something new, exciting and innovative.

To commemorate the 100,000-sales milestone and to express gratitude to Datsun's valued customers, Datsun launched a special campaign in August 2015. New Datsun customers in all four markets were invited to share the stories of how their lives changed with the arrival of their new Datsun.

The author of the best story from each market was invited to attend the event in Yokohama, and Datsun is considering publishing a book of these and other stories from those whose dreams have come true thanks to the reborn Datsun brand.

About Datsun
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced the return of the Datsun brand, Nissan's third global brand alongside Nissan and Infiniti, in March 2012. Datsun provides a sustainable motoring experience to optimistic up-and-coming customers in high-growth markets. Datsun represents 80 years of accumulated Japanese car-making expertise and is an important part of Nissan's DNA. The new Datsun brand stands for Dream, Access and Trust. The overall Datsun customer offer includes a worry-free ownership experience at competitive cost, accessible services, with transparent pricing and dealership proximity. Datsun cars are on sale now in India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa

Datsun History
Datsun originated in Japan as DAT-GO (the DAT-car) almost a century ago in 1914. The word DAT means 'lightning-fast' in Japanese but is also a reference to the first letters of family names of the three financiers who supported the business at the time: Den, Aoyama and Takeuchi. Using the same logic, it was promoted as Durable, Attractive and Trustworthy, or DAT for short.

In 1933, Nissan's founding father Yoshisuke Aikawa took over the business with a vision of "mobility for all." The introduction of a lightweight, economical yet resilient car to meet the aspirations of young Japanese people in the early 1930s was named the "Son of DAT" – Datson – which later changed to Datsun. Local engineering and mass-production made the founder's dream a reality.


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