2016 MINI Convertible has been unveiled

Article by Christian A., on October 23, 2015

The 2016 MINI Convertible was the first premium convertible to enter the small car class. While still the only one of its kind in the small car segment, the MINI Convertible has released a new edition that comes with several remarkable changes.

Though it still has four seats and can still be driven with an open top, a number of features have been optimized, particularly with the quality of work and materials used. These features are typically what customers expect from the MINI such as comfort, efficiency, safety, and sportiness. However, the functionalities and its connectivity have been enhanced as well.

When the MINI Convertible will be officially launched to the market, three engine options will be available though each has basically the same specifications when it comes to efficiency with CO2 emissions at 139 – 100 g/km and fuel consumption measured at 6.0 – 3.8 l/100 km.

All the three engines will be equipped with the MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology. This technology not only allows turbo charging but also enables direct injection with a fully variable valve control and variable camshaft control.

The MINI Cooper Convertible will have the 3-cylinder petrol engine with an output of 100 kW/136 hp while the MINI Cooper D Convertible will also have a 3-cylinder type though it will be a diesel engine and gives an 85 kW/116 hp output.

A 4-cylinder petrol engine will be utilized for the MINI Cooper S Convertible, which can give out 141 kW/192 hp. Power from the engine is transmitted to its front wheels via the standard 6-speed manual transmission though the 6-speed Steptronic transmission is also offered as an option.

For the MINI Cooper S Convertible, there is an additional option of the 6-speed Steptronic sports transmission but with the shift paddles placed on its steering wheel. While MINIMALISM technology has always been part of the package, there will now be driving modes -- one of which is the GREEN mode which makes driving even more efficient.

Drivers of the MINI Convertible will get the feeling of being in a go-kart mainly because of the suspension technology that has been combined with the longer wheelbase and the wider track. The stiffness of the multilink rear axle has been increased while the weight has been reduced. Its single-joint strut front axle received the same treatment.

The MINI Convertible also uses a wide variety of new technologies like the Servotronic steering support. There is also the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) with the Electronic Differential Lock Control (EDLC) and the Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) that comes as standard for any MINI. For the S Convertible, Performance Control has been added.

Other options that support performance are the sports suspension and Dynamic Damper Control. Though the light alloy 15-inch wheels are standard like the 16-inch versions, there is the option to increase this to 18 inches. Safety features have been included as well.

The body structure is rigid and with bracing elements, these not only give effective driving response but also increase protection for the occupants. There are other safety features like the airbags on the front and the head-thorax airbags on the backrests.

3-point automatic belts come as added protection for all the occupants. For those who have children, the MINI Convertible has ISOFIX mountings for child seat which can be placed at the rear seats or the front passenger seat.

The engine compartment lid plus the tire pressure display also offers protection for pedestrians in addition to the occupants. Through the use of centralized safety electronics, it makes it possible to control both the rollover protection and restraint systems.

For those who are interested in high-quality features, the vehicle comes with central locking and soft top activation, which is automatic. The MINI Convertible’s Radio MINI Boost can be connected with either the AUX-IN socket or through an USB.

Air conditioning and Park Distance Control have been included. For the exterior, the model has become striking with its color lines and exterior mirror graphics. Of course it has the John Cooper Works and the MINI Yours.

It also comes with state-of-the-art features that are exclusive on the MINI Convertible. One example is the LED headlamps that have the rear lights and the daytime driving light. It also has a LED fog lamp plus a turning light and an adaptive light distribution.

The MINI Convertible includes a lighting package for the interior with ambient lighting. Then there is the Head-Up Display and Parking Assistant. Other groundbreaking features are the Driving Assistant that has an active cruise control controlled by a camera plus a pedestrian warning and collision warning paired with the initial brake function.

A rear view camera has been installed while Intelligent Emergency Call has been made accessible. Completing this innovative additions are the road sign detection and high beam assistant. For those who want to experience more fun and comfort when driving, there are other options for this.

There is the Comfort Access, seat heating and the automatic 2-zone air conditioning with a convertible mode. The Always Open Timer now has new display content while the wind deflector has been improved to make the mounting simple and the weight lessened.

The new rain sensor can now automatically control the driving lights. This MINI Convertible also has the MINI Excitement Package. This package includes the MINI Logo Projection which starts from the exterior mirror and continues on through the region that is located on the front of the door on the driver’s side.

The windscreen has been made heatable, same with the folding exterior mirrors. Furthermore, the exterior mirrors, and even the interior ones, have the automatic dip function. Rounding this up is the MINI navigation system.

There is also the Wired equipment package that has a number of different functions that include the Bluetooth mobile phone preparation, MINI Connected XL Journey Mate, MINI Touch Controller, and Radio MINI Visual Boost.

Its connectivity features are also one of a kind. With the MINI Connected feature, it offers in-car infotainment program and it constantly updates a wide range of apps that can be integrated with the MINI Convertible through a smartphone.

There are other functions that are exclusive to this model like the MINI Streetwise. It even allows for online search and utilization of online-based services like different social media platforms. Entertainment offers include different applications like the AUPEO!, Audible and TuneIn.

It even has Deezer, Stitcher, and Napster/Rhapsody. Rounding it all up are GoPro and Spotify. The features are not limited to entertainment. It has the Force Meter, Sports Instruments, and even a rain warning function. One important connectivity feature is the XL Journey Mate which has real time traffic radar. As mentioned previously, each of the engines is equipped with the MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology.

Exterior Design

The exterior design is impressive as it manages to balance the sporty look with an elegant appearance. Though it initially looks as if every design feature has been reinterpreted, the proportions that have made it unique as well as the distinct silhouette remain.

Some of the changes include the circular headlamps with the chrome surround; the same was done on the rear lights. Changes were also seen in the peripheral body surround in black as well as with the elements of the side turn indicator.

For this generation, there is now a wider range of body finishes for the MINI Convertible which includes the metallic Caribbean Aqua.

The changes do not stop there. Its soft top continues to use high-quality textile but there is now the MINI Yours option which has the Union Jack graphic woven into it.

Furthermore, though the soft top can be automatically closed or open, it now has a sliding roof function and with the addition of a new electric drive, the entire process is quiet.

In fact the soft top, along with the side windows, takes about 18 seconds to either open or close and it is even possible to do it while on the road at a maximum of 30 km/h. As part of the MINI’s safety feature, the rollover protection, while not that visible, has been integrated and has the ability to automatically extend when needed.

Another improvement to the MINI Convertible is that its dimensions have been increased compared to its predecessors. The length for instance was increased by 98 millimeters while it has become wider by 44 millimeters. Even the height was increased by 1 millimeter.

Its track width was also made bigger with the front now 42 millimeters larger while the rear has increased by an 34 millimeters.

Interior Design

Finally its wheelbase was given an extra 28 millimeters. The seats have also been improved by optimizing the space in order to ensure comfort.

The front seats for example now have a wider adjustment range. Its rear seats on the other hand have been extended giving it better seat surfaces and making the entry for the passengers more comfortable.

It is designed with emphasis on the rear having a single-seat feature, given that its lateral support has also been enhanced. Its backrest for the rear seats now has the split fold. The MINI Convertible’s luggage volume has also been increased by around 25%.

When the top is closed, a space of 215 liters becomes available while when the top is opened, 160 liters is made available. Other new enhancements include the through-loading facility as well as the Easy Load function.

The interior was given a makeover as well with the cockpit now in a more horizontal structure with the displays contoured in an elliptical shape or a circular one. The door trims and air vents are made of a combination of high-quality material and color.

New functions have also been incorporated to the central instrument with the instrument panel being placed on the steering column.

While the LED lighting display may be optional, the red start/stop button is not and is strategically located just below the center console and in the middle of its toggle switch bar.


Below are the full engine specifications for each of the variants. The MINI Cooper S Convertible carries the 4-cylinder petrol engine. It has a 1998 cc capacity with a 141 kW/192 hp output between 5,000 and 6,000 rpm. Maximum torque is at 280 Nm between 1,250 and 4,000 rpm and can be increased to 300 Nm with the overboost. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds when in manual transmission while in automatic transmission it takes 7.1 seconds. Maximum speed is 230 km/h for the manual transmission while it’s 228 km/h for the automatic. Average fuel consumption is measured at 6.1–6.0 liters/100 kilometers for manual and 5.8 – 5.6 liters/100 kilometers for automatic. CO2 emissions meanwhile are at 142 – 139 g/km (134 – 131 g/km), respectively. Exhaust emission standard is at EU6.

The MINI Cooper Convertible meanwhile has a 3-cylinder petrol engine under the hood. Capacity is at 1,499 cc with an output of 100 kW/136 hp at 4,400 rpm. Peak torque is 220 Nm at 1,250 rpm with overboost increasing it to 230 Nm. Acceleration from 0–100 km/h is 8.8 seconds for the manual transmission while it only takes 8.7seconds for the automatic. Top speed is at 208 km/h for manual and 206 km/h for automatic. Average fuel consumption is 5.1–4.9 liters (5.3 – 5.1 litres)/100 kilometers while CO2 emissions are at 118–114 g/km (123 – 119 g/km). Like the S Convertible, it carries the EU6 exhaust emission standard.

Finally there is the MINI Cooper D Convertible with its 3-cylinder diesel engine. With a capacity of 1,496 cc, it provides an 85 kW/116 hp output at 4,000 rpm. Maximum torque is 270 Nm in rpm from 1,750 to 2,250 with the ability to increase to 300 Nm when overboosted. Under manual or automatic transmission, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is possible in just 9.9 seconds. Maximum speed of the D Convertible is 195 km/h. It has an average fuel consumption of 4.0–3.8 liters (4.1–3.9 liters)/100 kilometers with CO2 emissions at 105–100 g/km (109–104 g/km). Like the other two models, it has an exhaust emission standard of EU6.

Press Release

The new MINI Convertible

New edition of the first and still the only premium convertible in the small car segment; change of generation in the model range of the tradition-steeped British brand is continued with the new MINI Convertible; open-top driving fun on four seats combined with optimised qualities in terms of sportiness, efficiency, comfort, functionality, safety, connectivity and quality of both materials and workmanship.

Unmistakable exterior design; precise balance between top-class elegance and sporty flair; characteristic proportions with powerfully sculpted surfaces and a dynamically elongated silhouette; up-to-date interpretation of classic MINI design features: circular headlamps and rear lights with chrome surrounds, hexagonal radiator grille, black peripheral body surround, side turn indicator elements; large selection of body finishes including the variant Caribbean Aqua metallic presented here for the first time.

High-quality textile soft top with fully automatic opening and closing mechanism as well as sliding roof function; new drive, fully electric and therefore very quiet for the first time; also available as MINI Yours soft top with unique woven Union Jack graphic; opening and closing of the soft top and side windows in 18 seconds, also possible during travel at speeds of up to 30km/h; invisibly integrated rollover protection which extends automatically when required as a convertible-specific component of the integrated MINI safety concept.

Increased dimensions of the new MINI Convertible as compared to predecessor model by 98 millimetres in length, 44 millimetres in width and 1 millimetre in height; longer wheelbase (+ 28 millimetres); larger track width (+ 42 millimetres at the front, + 34 millimetres at the rear); optimised space comfort on all four seats; new front seats with larger adjustment range; more comfortable entry and longer seat surface for rear passengers; also more clearly emphasised single-seat character with optimised lateral support at the rear; luggage volume expanded by approx. 25 per cent to 215 litres with closed top and 160 litres with open top; standard trim includes rear backrest with split fold, enlarged through-loading facility and Easy Load function.

Characteristic interior design with horizontally structured cockpit, circular or elliptical contours for displays, air vents and door trim elements as well as high-quality colour and material combinations; display and operating concept including instrument panel on the steering column, central instrument with new functions, optional LED lighting display and red start/stop button at the centre of the toggle switch bar in the lower section of the centre console.

Market launch of the new MINI Convertible with three engine variants (combined fuel consumption; 6.0 – 3.8 l/100 km; combined CO2emissions: 139 – 100 g/km); new engine generation with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology; 3-cylinder petrol engine with 100 kW/136 hp in the MINI Cooper Convertible, 4-cylinder petrol engine with 141 kW/192 hp in the MINI Cooper S Convertible, 3-cylinder diesel engine with 85 kW/116 hp in the MINI Cooper D Convertible.

Power transmission to the front wheels; 6-speed manual transmission as standard; 6-speed Steptronic transmission as an option; 6-speed Steptronic sports transmission with shift paddles at the steering wheel also available for MINI Cooper S Convertible; extensive range of MINIMALISM technology as standard; optional MINI Driving Modes including GREEN mode for efficiency-optimised motoring.

Typical MINI go-kart feeling due to suspension technology with model-specific set-up combined with wide track and long wheelbase; single-joint strut front axle and multilink rear axle with increased stiffness and reduced weight; speed-related Servotronic steering support and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) including Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and Electronic Differential Lock Control (EDLC) as standard; MINICooper S Convertible additionally with Performance Control; optionally available: Dynamic Damper Control, sports suspension: 15-inch or 16-inch light alloy wheels as standard, or sized up to 18-inch as an option.

Highly rigid body structure with model-specific bracing elements for an agile driving response with maximum occupant protection; complete set of standard safety features with front airbags, head-thorax airbags integrated in the backrests, 3-point automatic belts on all seats, ISOFIX child seat mountings for the passenger seat and at the rear, tyre pressure display and partially active engine compartment lid for optimum pedestrian protection; needs-based control of the restraint systems and rollover protection by means of centralised safety electronics.

High-quality standard features including automatic soft top activation, central locking, Radio MINI Boost with USB and AUX-IN socket, Park Distance Control and air conditioning; customisation with a large selection of exterior mirror graphics, bonnet stripes, seat upholsteries, interior surfaces and Colour Lines as well as MINI Yours and John Cooper Works features.

Innovative features available for the MINI Convertible for the first time: LED headlamps with LED daytime driving light and LED rear lights; adaptive light distribution and LED turning light; LED fog lamp; lighting package with LED interior and ambient lighting; MINI Head-Up Display, Parking Assistant, Driving Assistant with camera-based active cruise control, collision and pedestrian warning with initial brake function, high beam assistant and road sign detection; rear view camera; Intelligent Emergency Call.

Additional options to enhance driving fun, comfort and individual style include 2-zone automatic air conditioning with convertible mode, seat heating, Comfort Access, Always Open Timer with new display content, new wind deflector with reduced weight and simplified mounting, rain sensor with automatic driving lights control, MINI Excitement Package including MINI Logo Projection from the exterior mirror onto the area in front of the door on the driver's side, heatable windscreen, heatable and folding exterior mirrors, interior and exterior mirrors with automatic dip function, MINI navigation system and Wired equipment package including navigation system Professional with MINI Touch Controller, Radio MINI Visual Boost, MINI Connected XL Journey Mate and Bluetooth mobile phone preparation.

Complete MINI Connected in-car infotainment program; constantly updated selection of apps for integration in the car via smartphone; exclusive MINI functions such as MINI Streetwise, online search, Sports Instruments, Force Meter and rain warning function; MINI Connected XL Journey Mate with real time traffic radar; online-based services for the use of social networks as well as entertainment offers such as Spotify, AUPEO!, Stitcher, Deezer, Audible, Napster/Rhapsody, TuneIn and GoPro.

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