Honda reveals five cool concepts at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on October 29, 2017

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show is one event that a lot of car enthusiasts look forward to, and perhaps not just those people, because automakers like Toyota and Honda bring out some other interesting concepts in these shows. For instance, Japanese automaker Honda took off the covers off a couple of small mobility concepts that most, if not all of us, have never seen before.

So they didn’t just come to Tokyo to reveal show-stopping Sports EV and Urban EV concepts, but Honda also brought with its five other concepts that will blow your minds. Honda is known for dependable and reliable people movers, and these concepts can definitely make them even bigger.

The first one is called the Honda RoboCas concept. It is a compact vehicle that runs on electric power, which has different types of carrying space with a canopy. It actually looks cute at first glance, as it sort of looks like a golf cart. It was created to make people’s dreams come true, so they can turn this into a poolside valet, a lemonade stand, a drinks cabinet or whatever you can think of.

Next up would be Honda’s Ie-Mobi concept, which is Japanese for “home”. It may look like the first concept, with the cute face and all, but is a lot bigger. This can act as a generator by supplying electricity from the car to the home and vice versa, and it can also be converted into a five-metre square room. This could actually go on Top Gear if you ask us.

The third concept is the Honda Fure-Mobi concept. “Fureai” in Japanese means interact, contact or touch. Unlike the other concepts, this was developed for those who have special needs, because it is actually a wheelchair. It was made to fit two people and was developed under the theme of human to human interaction. This concept is meant to be used indoors and on walkways instead of public roads. The automaker also made this to encourage people to go out together, instead of taking a car our - it is much more compact too!

The Honda Chair-Mobi concept, on the other hand, is similar to the Fure-Mobi. It can also be used in and outdoors. The difference with this one is that the seat’s height can be adjusted, and it maintains level even while its driven up or downhill. Another thing that makes it different is that it can only sit one person.

Honda’s last concept is the Ai-Miimo concept. This one does cannot accommodate any passengers, because it is an electric robot lawn mower that does the job on its own. It was developed to communicate with the user to assist them in their everyday life. Honda’s goal is to put smile onto people’s faces, just like how friends and family do.

Source: Honda

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