Mazda Vision Coupe Concept is a larger four-door evolution of the RX Vision

Article by Christian A., on October 31, 2017

Not a few have been expecting Japanese carmaker Mazda to unveil the much-anticipated RX-9 rotary powered car, or even a concept that previews such creation, at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. It would have been based on the elegantly sports RX Vision Concept unwrapped at the same auto show two years ago.

But to the chagrin of many, Mazda didn’t unleash the RX-9 or its preview at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Instead, Mazda is presenting a styling study that closely resembles the RX Vision Concept both in looks and name – the new Mazda Vision Coupe Concept.

From what we see, the new Mazda Vision Coupe Concept is more of a styling exercise than a technology or engineering concept as a whole. This concept essentially embodies Mazda’s pursuit of distinct elegance, as achieved by adopting classic Japanese aesthetics. Overall, the Mazda Vision Coupe Concept employs the Japanese minimalist concept of “less is more,” allowing it to boast of a beauty that while subtle and restrained, is also rich and abundant.

When compared with the Mazda RX Vision Concept, the Vision Coupe Concept exposes a number of similarities. For instance, both concept cars have a well-pronounced overhanging nose, a strikingly long bonnet, a curving roofline as well as a rear-biased stance. The Vision Coupe Concept is also longer and taller than the RX Vision. While the RX Vision Concept has two doors, the Vision Coupe Concept comes with four. Simply said, the Vision Coupe Concept could be considered as the larger four-door version of the RX Vision Concept.

The similarities between the RX Vision and the Vision Coupe could be due to the fact that both are wrapped in the minimalistic KODO - Soul of Motion exterior design language. This allowed the Vision Coupe Concept to feature a simple “one-motion” form that exudes a sense of speed. Mazda described the special shape of the Vision Coupe Concept as derived from the “golden ratio” of classic coupe proportions, as defined by a “less is more” aesthetic.

On the other hand, the interior of the Vision Coupe Concept sees the application of the concept of ma (literally “space”), which is a distinguishing element of traditional Japanese architecture. To achieve an impression of relaxed space with the feeling of motion, Mazda combined three-dimensional depth with a strong longitudinal axis. This three-dimensional framework allows occupants to feel safely seated without any sense of confinement. Furthermore, the Vision Coupe Concept comes with see-through screen that display information only when required. Unlike large screens that could easily block the driver view, this see-through screen enables perfect visibility for the driver’s piloting needs.

As expected, the new Vision Coupe Concept remains faithful to Mazda’s Jinba-ittai design concept, in which the driver and the car becomes one. This resulted to a symmetrical cockpit layout with the steering center in the middle. This design concept also allowed the Vision Coupe Concept to feature human-machine interface controls that intuitively connects the car and the driver.

Source: Mazda

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