Brace yourself for Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on October 7, 2017

Mitsubishi offers a sneak preview its e-Evolution Concept ahead of its world premiere later this month. The e-Evolution is an all-electric concept taking the form of a futuristic CUV. Featuring huge wheels, side view cameras, and slim LED headlights, the unconventional exterior design is so advanced that it has no visible door handles.

An AI (Artificial Intelligence) is said to be featured in this concept, making it quite an interesting vehicle to observe during the exhibit. Aside from the e-Evolution concept, Mitsubishi will be bringing twelve other vehicles at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Among them are the Mitsubishi Outlander plugin hybrid EV and the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV.

The AI system enhances driver capabilities and vehicle performance which means the car will come equipped with a number of sensors including coaching function that will let the driver see the road and traffic situation in advance. The AI should also be able to adjust the vehicle to the driver’s skills while reading changes within the environment. Its program provides feedback to the driver through the vehicle’s infotainment system located within the dashboard with the help of a computer-generated voice assistant.

More like a personal AI companion, the AI System supports several devices for better connectivity including pairing with a drone to “look” over the traffic way ahead. This will also provide a good view of the landscape to everyone on board.

During the exhibit, the company will also offer a section exclusively for showcasing the “Mitsubishi Connect.” This will allow them to demonstrate the use of Google Home VPA wireless speakers (or smart speakers) with the help of Google Assistant and Amazon Echo as well as to show that both home and vehicles can connect wirelessly.

Amazon Echo with Alexa makes use of voice commands when playing music, looking through schedule as well as for controlling smart electrical home appliances. The same goes for Google Home with built-in Google Assistant.

Since there’s a growing trend for smart speakers especially in the United States, the demo section will also showcase how these smart voice assistants can be functional in controlling headlights or adjusting the air conditioning unit’s temperature. Guests at the exhibit stand should be able to try these out for themselves. This will show how owners can ask the AI assistant to lock and unlock the doors.

The e-Evolution will be taking advantage of Mitsubishi’s understanding when it comes to both SUVs and electro mobility. For this concept, the car will be receiving a power-packed battery and high performance electric motor capable of producing high torque outputs. It will come with triple motor four-wheel drive system and two separate motors with AYC (active yaw control unit) including the electronically controlled torque vectoring system.

Press Release

Mitsubishi Motors Lineup at 45th Tokyo Motor Show MITSUBISHI e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT World Premiere SUV + EV + AI Evolution

Advanced onboard AI Personal Assistant
Smart speaker demonstration connected with car

Tokyo, October 5, 2017 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) will celebrate the world debut of the MITSUBISHI e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show. The all-electric concept indicates a direction Mitsubishi Motors can take in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) augments driver and vehicle performance
Triple Motor 4WD system
Dual Motor Active Yaw Control (AYC)
High torque electric drive
Adaptive response characteristics
Coaching function

The MITSUBISHI e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT is a new-generation high-performance all-electric crossover SUV, and it allows a glimpse of MMC's future. For an enhanced driving experience, the MITSUBISHI e-EVOLUTION CONCEPTcombines the very best of Mitsubishi Motors technology with the go-anywhere flexibility of SUVs.

MITSUBISHI e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT expands MMC's SUV knowhow of EV and all-wheel drive expertise and takes it to a new level with Artificial Intelligence (AI). These elements are combined seamlessly to deliver safe and enjoyable performance that mirrors driver intent under all weather conditions, and on all surfaces.

MITSUBISHI e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT is built to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of both driver and passengers, true to the Evolution reputation.

MITSUBISHI e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT uses high-torque and high-performance electric motors, supplied by a high-capacity battery system to deliver the smooth and powerfully responsive performance that distinguishes EVs from ICE-powered vehicles. The triple motor 4WD system employs a single motor to drive the front wheels, and a new Dual Motor AYC*1 system that couples two rear motors through an electronically controlled torque-vectoring Active Yaw Control (AYC) unit. Whether driving around town, on expressways, or winding roads, the system always provides crisp and nimble handling that faithfully mirrors driver intent.
*1…Active Yaw Control
The brain of the MITSUBISHI e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that augments the driver's capabilities. An array of sensors allows the AI system to instantly read changes in road and traffic conditions, as well as the driver's intent. Seamlessly coordinating driver intent with vehicle performance, the system supports drivers of all abilities. By making it easier and safer to control the vehicle, the motoring experience is brought to a new level.
A special coaching function allows the AI system to transfer knowledge to the driver, and to unobtrusively enhance the driving expertise. After building a picture of the driver's skill level, the system constructs a training program that provides advice through voice dialogue and a large dashboard display. As a result, drivers of all abilities quickly experience a vehicle that behaves the way they want it, and soon they find themselves enjoying the driving experience to an even greater degree.

MITSUBISHI e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT will be one of 12 Mitsubishi models on display. It will be joined by the new Eclipse Cross coupe SUV (Japan market model), unveiled in Japan for the first time, and scheduled for its Japan launch early next year. The Outlander PHEV and other leading MMC models sold in Japan will also be part of the lineup.

Technical Exhibitions

AI Personal Assistant

Mitsubishi Motors onboard AI Personal Assistant builds up a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle's occupants and delivers a connected motoring experience by providing the right kind of information to make driving safer and less stressful, and by supporting communications between the driver and their family at home.

Here are AI Personal Assistant's main features:

1) Dialogue System
AI Personal Assistant uses the latest in AI technology including voice recognition and natural-language processing, to correctly understand what occupants are saying, and to converse with them in natural-sounding language, even amid all the road noise.
Voiceprint technology and person recognition allow the system to identify individual passengers, learn about them from their speech and behavior, and to provide services that best match tastes and needs.
The system allows the driver to voice-control functions such as climate control, wipers, headlights and more. It also provides vehicle status information, including any malfunction alerts, should they occur.
AI Personal Assistant's speech recognition uses a hybrid system combining cloud-based with onboard or local processing. The local system provides high speech recognition accuracy, even when there is no network connection, or when network performance is degraded.
Some of the features described will be a demonstrated*2 at this year's Tokyo Motor Show.
*2…Developed jointly by CAPIO Inc. and ichibel co, ltd.

2) Connectivity with Different Devices and Content
AI Personal Assistant supports connectivity with a variety of devices and content. It can, for example, connect with a drone to check traffic conditions ahead, or to give occupants a birds-eye view of the natural scenery they are passing through.

Smart Speaker Demonstration

At MITSUBISHI CONNECT area, there will be a demonstration using Amazon Echo with Alexa and Google Assistant on Google Home VPA-enabled wireless speakers (also known as smart speakers) to show the potential for linking home to car. This is one of the connected car services the company is developing.

Amazon Echo with Alexa use voice commands to play music, access schedules, do online shopping and control smart electrical appliances.

Google Home has the Google Assistant built in and uses voice commands to play music, access schedules and control smart electrical appliances.

The use of smart speakers is growing, particularly in the U.S.

The demonstration will show how assistants on smart speakers can be used to connect with cars and control the headlamps, adjust the interior temperature and lock or unlock the doors. Visitors to the show will be able to try them out for themselves.

Google Home is a trademark of Google Inc.

MMC Lineup at Tokyo Motor Show 2017
No. on display
Press days
Public days
World premiere
Eclipse Cross
Japan market spec. (show models)
Outlander PHEV
1 unit for AI demonstration


Delica D:5



eK Custom


eK Space Custom



Source: Mitsubishi

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