Here’s our first look at Mitsubishi's Emirai 4 Concept

Article by Christian A., on October 19, 2017

Not so long ago, Mitsubishi mentioned that they will be revealing a futuristic concept car at this month’s 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Dubbed the Emirai 4, the study will give us a sneak peek of the company’s electric, connected, and autonomous technologies for the future. According to the automaker, it was designed to “help reduce traffic accidents”, while contributing to a more convenient, safe, and environmentally friendly transportation.

The Emirai 4 is an open top, windshield-free, two-seater car. The Japanese automaker did not mention anything with regards to the concept car’s electric powertrain, but some of its technology include a heads-up display with augmented reality, that makes use of high accuracy locator, high-accuracy 3D mapping and positioning technology. Another new thing about this is that drivers can now drive safely in bad weather conditions and when visibility is minimal, as the system can still give directions.

Mitsubishi’s new concept does not look like a normal car, considering that it doesn’t have physical side mirrors. Rather than having those, it has a “crossed images display” function that will provide the driver with images of the car’s surroundings. It will also give easy-to-see alerts in the form of images instead of words or voice notes.

It is not just the outside that the system can monitor, but also the car’s interior. There is a wide-angle camera mounted inside that will ensure that there is a safe and smooth transition from automated to manual driving, and it can also detect “potentially dangerous driving behaviour”. Furthermore, it ensures that passengers have a comfortable ride as the system controls the audio and climate settings inside the cabin.

Another new feature that the concept highlights is what they call the “knob-on-display”, allowing the driver to select from a number of features without any distraction, with the unique sliding knob found on the base of the infotainment system. It also features an advanced predictive lighting system that automatically turns on as an illuminated indicator, projecting onto the road surface to inform other vehicles and pedestrians when someone is about to open the door.

For this concept, Mitsubishi has used all terms that are synonymous to the future of driving - from augmented reality, driver sensing, autonomous, and electrification. The Emrai model is definitely not the first that Mitsubishi has introduced. The intention of this concept is to make people aware of what’s to come in the near future, and to push the idea that drivers should not be afraid of artificial intelligence or fully autonomous cars.

Hopefully, we get more details of the Mitsubishi concept’s powertrain before the vehicle makes its debut on October 27 at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show. Stay tuned for more details on this.

Press Release

Mitsubishi Emirai 4 Concept

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) today unveiled its EMIRAI 4 concept car featuring next-generation driving-assistance technology, which is expected to help reduce traffic accidents and contribute to increasingly safe, convenient and environmentally friendly transportation. The EMIRAI 4 will be exhibited during 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex from October 27 to November 5.

Under the theme of "Feeling with you; convenient, safe and comfortable for each one", development of the new concept car has drawn on three specific fields of research: electrification, autonomous driving, and connected. The EMIRAI 4 features next-generation driving-assistance technologies such as human machine interface (HMI), driver sensing and lighting system. HMI innovations incorporated in the EMIRAI 4 design include:

- Heads-up display with augmented reality: augmented reality, using high-accuracy locator combined with high-accuracy 3D mapping and positioning technology, emphasizes road and white lane displayed on heads-up display to guide drivers safely even in bad weather and other low-visibility conditions.
- Knob-on-display: an intuitive sliding knob enables drivers to operate various functions without taking their eyes off the road. Functions accessible via the sliding knob can be easily amended and consolidated into specified groupings, helping to simplify the center interior.
- Crossed images display: a half mirror with diagonal LCD panel and vertical virtual image from another LCD panel provide clear 3D images of the environment around the vehicle and easy-to-see alerts in the form of vertical images.
Driver Sensing
A wide-angle interior camera monitors both the driver and the front passenger by detecting the passengers' heads and postures to alert potentially dangerous driving behavior and provides safe and smooth switchover between automated to manual driving. This system also provides comfort for each one by changing air conditioning settings, etc.

Lighting System
Sensors in the car body detect when a door is about to be opened on, which activates an illuminated indicator that is projected onto the road surface and another indicator illuminated on the car body, both of which help nearby vehicles and pedestrians instantly recognize that a door is about to be opened.

Source: Mitsubishi

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