Toyoda Gosei to introduce Flesby II concept at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on October 15, 2017

Rubber and plastic parts supplier Toyoda Gosei will be arriving at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show with a rubberized vehicle in tow. The peculiar Flesby II Concept is a compact vehicle designed for pedestrian’s safety and so it comes with a soft protective outer body.

Since Toyoda Gosei envisions the Flesby II as a vehicle from the future, the extremely compact vehicle is so advanced that it can alter its shape with the use of e-rubber technology. The highly futuristic material designed for 2030 allows its users to change the vehicle’s exterior using electric controls. Featuring soft absorbing layers, translucent surface and LEDs, the exterior conceptualizes a way of communication with the outside while providing utmost safety to the pedestrians and its surroundings.

The company will also showcase the Flesby II interior concept separately to give its audience better understanding of the features that come with each product. Designed to resemble the shape of an egg, the vehicle’s interior is made of soft-textured materials with LED lighting to bring a very relaxing and comforting ambience.

While in Tokyo, Toyoda Gosei will have several exhibit booths for other concepts aside from its rubberized vehicle. Among these is a communication lamp that lets pedestrians and fellow motorists know of the vehicle’s intent in advance. There is also the highly advanced front end concept featuring a plastic grille module with integrated millimeter wave radar and cameras that will be useful for autonomous driving--- all working together with the next generation steering wheel. These concepts will be presented to provide some ideas for safety, automation, and what electric vehicles will possibly bring to our future.

If you’re not familiar, let us offer you a quick glimpse of the company’s history. Toyoda Gosei was founded in 1949 with headquarters in Kiyosi, Aichi Prefecture Japan. They are known for making special rubber and plastic polymer based automotive products and LEDs. Its products were used for instrument panels, fuel tanks, brake hoses, drive train components, airbag systems and steering wheels. The company offers a wide variety of top quality automotive parts globally with about 100 factories and offices at eighteen different countries. TG Missouri is North America’s largest manufacturing plant under Toyoda Gosei with over 1,700 employees at present.

Toyoda Gosei not only provides environment friendly automotive products but is also working towards better safety. Its exhibit will include automotive LED products with improved environmental performance which also includes lightweight weather strips and improved air bags. The next-generation front grille and exterior communication lamps and plastic body exterior will be showcased altogether under one category. The next-generation cockpit module meanwhile will show some relaxing interior cabin spaces, highly advanced instrument panel, console box with human machine interface technology (or HMI) and steering wheel with sensing technology.

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Toyoda Gosei to Exhibit at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Toyoda Gosei, a firm that specializes in supplying rubber and plastic parts to the auto industry, arrives at the Tokyo Motor Show with the weird Flesby II concept. The bulbous vehicle has a soft exterior for protecting pedestrians.

The company imagines the Flesby II as an ultra-compact vehicle from 2030. Toyoda Gosei also imagines the body would be able to change shape through the use of e-rubber, which is a next-gen material that can alter its design via electric controls. The green globes on the exterior are soft for absorbing impacts. They’re also translucent and LEDS underneath can display messages for other drivers or pedestrians.

Toyoda Gosei has a separate concept for imagining the Flesby II’s interior. Soft-textured material would envelop occupants. This stuff would also have LEDs embedded inside of it for communicating information to the people inside.

The firm has two other concepts for parts of future vehicles. A cutting-edge interior for a semi-autonomous vehicle would have a steering wheel capable of sensing the driver’s condition. In addition, Toyoda Gosei has a front end for a car that packs what the company calls “exterior communication lamps” for indicating information about the status of the driverless system to pedestrians and other drivers.

Source: Toyoda Gosei

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